Let us go
A little somewhere
Between the stars
Amidst the twinkling dots
Sandwiched between the floating clouds
Draped in memories tonight
Let us not blink
Just stay
Stargazers and wanderers
Dreamers and lunatics
Entwined amidst fingers five
The lashes too begin to smile
Desserts and French delights
A moment frozen in time
Reflected from the sky divine
Places different, sharing the sky
The moon whispers our lullaby
A little somewhere
Between the stars
Underneath the lines
Our story resides
Beautiful beginnings
Begin to rhyme

  • -French Delights #1 (A new series)11372111_1649536588654139_857931583_n


Prompt: Broken heart and sadness: Beauty in half stories.

They say poetry makes you feel, but sad poetry gives you feel.


Tonight, I am not going to lie.

I am tired of pretending

Everything is alright.

When I know

Every day is just another 


Which won’t subside

I am tired of trying

So hard that my knuckles

Almost bleed

It is about time

I see the same things

That I refused to see

I sometimes get tired too

Of trying too hard

Of chasing so fast

I trip and cry

No shoulder to hold me up

No hands to soak the tears

Missed chances and half stories

Too many, one sided attempts

An array of broken promises

I see the eyes of the people I loved

I let the sadness envelop me in a hug

I sit on the cold bathroom floor

And strum every harsh word I never spoke 

Maybe, I needed to see

How long I’ve been walking along

The silhouette I thought to be you

Had left me in lanes I had long crossed

I sit down on the road I do not know

Some day again, we shall bump

Maybe, that time the places

We shall swap

You would wonder of the caring eyes

The once upon a time

But by then this heart will harden

And nothing more shall remain

Or there shall always be

But, you will like always fail to see.

Often in life, you need to be

Your own goddamn hero

Because promises break and so do people.

I am not standing up

Not again

Because there is a beauty in fallen things

And for once I want to feel

What beautiful feels like

No silhouette beside

No memories aside

Just this long night

Oh, Dangerous Words

Strum me the same old lullaby

Break the broken heart tonight. 

Tonight, I am not going to lie.

Let’s romance sadness tonight.


Much lovies,


Hoping to alternate with a happy one soon.



One Last Time

One Last Time

She wants to see

That big glimpse

Of how life feels

One Last Time

She wants to know

What it is

To be a dream

One Last Time

She wants time to freeze

So that she could live

In those cozy yesterdays

Where every damn thing

Was the way it should be

Where people smiled

And said what they meant

Where love blossomed like the 

Red roses strewn on barren trees

Where hearts fluttered

Because it felt so surreal

Where dreams left her smiling

Because she believed it would stay

Where promises were made

To be kept

Where every new dawn

Brought a bright new ray

Of happiness that promised

Too many tales

One Last Time

She wants to be

Where every damn person

Speaks their truth

Where every single poem

Bears a name

Where people are not defined

By numbers and figures

But the amount of love

Which that little heart holds

One Last Time

Let her live

Let her smile

Let her breathe

Let her love

Let her be

Let her go

From where she came

Take her away

To another place

Where love has its way

Where her tears won’t stay

Where she won’t sob

Because of a tomorrow

That hurts

One Last Time

Weave this wish

One Last Time

Sing to her

Before all she is


All she was

One Last Time

Last Time




forever fever

Old Lanes

Sometimes you just feel so mushy that you wish to lock the feelings before they slip away. It’s been ages since I wrote something but thankfully, life has been a bliss of late. Touchwood, I hope the good is here to stay.

Old days

Those moments

The little smiles

Unspoken words

Emotions inside

So much time

Keeps passing

How scared she was


Of how broken a tomorrow could be

Today, she silently smiles

At the beautiful present

She enjoys!

When the right person

Stands beside

Every wrong bids a goodbye

You don’t really need

A love that spans forever 

Sometimes, it’s little moments

You pick up every day

Those whimsical wishes

Which someone fulfils

Those little habits

Which someone picks

The cute fights

Which someone does

And you look back

And find

You dotted your diary

With hearts and love

A name can be subtly traced

Because every heart tells a tale

Live your love today

Forget about the winds of change

What begins will one day end

Let not the fear 

Wash away

The smile you

Could have worn today!

Draw the hearts

Color them up

Let memories be made

Yet again

So long, so good

Good it will stay

If not, remember; it once

Made you say

I Love The Story I’ve Lived

Some day again

You will finish

The tale, if it stayed incomplete

Rise in Love




fall in love



They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Every date tells


That transpired

Moments get locked

In little numbers

Sometimes, you recall

The things that happened

You murmur to yourself

Wonder of things

Said, unsaid

Perhaps, one day again

The calendar will speak

Happily of the date

That called to you.

Whoever thought,

Poems were made of words

Never ever knew 

Sometimes, numbers spring magic

Because there are so many tales

Locked in one little calendar

The day you were born

The day you walked

The day you smiled

The day you cried

The day your heart loved

The day your heart broke

The day you left

The day you grew

Finite numbers

Infinite tales


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Too sharp a memory

Too vivid details

Every single moment

That happened before

She recalls with a smile

And let tears wet her eyes

So much has changed

So much remains

Regardless of the fate,

You can’t help 

But love a few dates

Yours to keep

Yours to stay

Even when things change

The memories, the date remains!


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.



On this mother’s day, I want to extend my thanks to my mom who believed in me when the rest of the world saw me with doubt in their eyes. When I was a title kid and could barely separate red from yellow, it was her meticulous choices that guided me into understanding as to what colour would suit me the most.

I still remember vividly how she dressed me up lovingly for school. I remember how she told me to pick the red dress against the blue one for my 7th birthday and today when I am 25; my favourite colour is red and I really don’t like blue today, I know that the expert in her sensed the beauty  and my choices long before I knew what I really liked.

Life often puts you through a lot of crossroads and often being inexperienced, I didn’t know the way to walk. Being a mess and chaotic confusion, I hardly knew what right thing to do was. However having my mom by my side meant that I never had to do anything alone. She was always there beside me to guide me just when I needed it the most.

I have too many memories with her and some of them are very personal as well. I would not share them here but at the same time, I know what it feels like. Mom is the word that brings a smile to a sullen face. Mom is the word that makes you wonder about the beauty of love. Mom’s love is unconditional. I remember my mom scolding me for my first mistakes and I remember her kissing me again to make up for the tears I had in my face.

I remember my mom cajoling my dad to give me the gift I have wanted and I remember my mom asking me not to pursue unwanted things because it is important to justify the things we do. So, mom for me will always be the special person I can’t do without.

This post is a part of #MyFirstExpertStory in association with Godrej Expert, the expert for hair color.


“The Sorcery Of Our Story” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

So, it is no surprise that I love habits and traditions. We just made it a tradition to write a duet every NAPoWriMo. I absolutely adore writing with David Ellis because he is a conjuror who brings words to life. He makes me sure that my fetish for British people is justified 😀

The leaves ruffle in the air

Even the wind seems to be humming our song

The melody carries me on the wings of angels

Straight to the first time

When my eyes fell upon you


A spell was cast that day

One of gorgeous light, dispersing the darkness

The veil had been lifted

Life had revealed a divine gift for us to cherish


A hundred thoughts

Buzzed into my mind’s honeypot

Was this all just a lucid dream

Woven into the fabric of space and time

Or a fragile vase poised to shatter

And break when I stir and awake


Too scared to know

I shut my eyes tight in anticipation

But you’re still there

When I find the courage to open them


We’ve both travelled so far but the journey is far from over

I remember how your touch made me blush

How it could move the tallest of mountains

I could sense your sweet scent from across the room

As I picture your perfect smile

My heart realises that it beats just for you


They say absence makes the heart grow even fonder

I have been found guilty of counting off the days

Since you left me standing alone at that fateful train station

Because deep in my heart, I still know

One day when your sunny disposition

Casts its light across the shadow of my empty life again

And you enter the room capturing my full attention

Our love will flower and flourish more fervently than before

I will make you mine, as we start our story’s next chapter

And I cannot help but fall in love

Each time we tell it to each other

It’s the story of our lives

forever pink