A Letter, A Life.

It was one of those days when you just wake up and sense that something is not right. It is hard to put your hand on precisely what went wrong but there is a nagging feeling which makes your heart sink somehow.


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I dreaded the day and somehow even before it had begun, I wanted it to end.
With a half-hearted will, I got up and like always, my hand grazed my phone as it was one of those rituals that you never break.


There were 13 missed calls from Zarine and my heart sank as I saw that. She was never the one to call me so many times until it meant just one thing – trouble.

My mind dreaded all possible worst case scenarios.

She was my best friend since the time we both understood what friendship meant. Unfortunately, she had been battling a long war with fibromyalgia and for her, every day often felt like a battle. Sometimes, getting out of bed was a Herculean task for her. I had never met someone with such a strong willpower ever. She was in every sense my role model because whenever I saw her, I saw the kind of sheer strength and mind power she had in her.

I immediately hit the call button and when I heard her mom’s panic-stricken voice, my heart sank further.

“What happened aunty?” I asked with palpitating breath.

“Beta, can you please come here soon? I am sorry to bug you so early in the morning but Zarine is refusing to get out of bed and she only wants to meet you.”

I knew it was one of those days when even the toughest bones broke down. I knew that Zarine was fighting a lone battle and she too sometimes got tired. I knew that if I couldn’t be with her when she needed me the most, I wouldn’t just let her down but I would never be able to see myself in the eye either.


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I sprang from the bed and let aunty know that I would be there at the earliest.
I knew exactly what I needed to show Zarine and even though every passing second hurt me as I knew Zarine was hurting, but it was important for me to get that thing. I knew that it was exactly what she needed to win this day over.

When I finally reached her home, I couldn’t stop my tears. Zarine lay in bed and her eyes were teary. I could see the pain break her bone and I could feel how she was dying a little every day.

“You’re here!” She whispered and tried her best to smile. I knew even this simple act was terribly hard for her but my presence mattered so much.

“What happened, Zarine?”

“Alisha, I don’t have it in me anymore to fight: the pain is killing me a little every day. I just don’t want to get out of bed anymore. I want you to know that you have taught me so much but I just want to give up. So I wanted to see you one last time before my journey here in this leg of the story is done. “

I couldn’t believe my own ears. This was the Zarine who was the epitome of self-strength. I had sensed her breaking resolute since the last few days and this is why I knew she would need what I had.

I simply took out the letter and placed it in her hands.

“Dear reader,
Nobody has seen tomorrow. No one knows what we will run into. Yesterday, I had almost given up. I wanted to close this chapter of life but I decided against it. Today, my mom told me that I would have a little baby to play with soon and truly I have never been happier.
Today my best friend also planned a three day trip to the amusement park I have never been to. For you, these may be little things, but at our age, this is all we seek.
What I want you to know is that every time you want to give up, close your eyes and gather the moments wherein life strengthened you. Think of all those people who love you, who you matter to and fight; fight because this life is a gift which we are meant to cherish.

You are stronger than the thought that asks you to quit. I didn’t and I won’t let you ever because a life saved is a life made. “


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I showed it to her and she smiled knowing well that this was her letter that I had kept with me all these years. She wrote this letter when she first came to know that she had fibromyalgia and the pain had crushed her and so had the news. She wanted to quit but had stood her ground and had fought.

“I love you, Alisha.” She whispered and got out of bed and hugged me tightly.

3 months later.

As I stand at her funeral and the tears refuse to dry, I knew Zarine wasn’t a quitter. She fought till the last breath. She loved her full story and somehow it is she and her letter that helps me get out of bed every day even though I know that being a juvenile diabetic, my days here are numbered.

I will fight like Zarine did and so will you. Be the letter in someone’s story and save a life because lives matter and so do you.

I am living and loving. Are you?

This was the letter of #AHundredLittleFlames which has helped me be a fighter and not a quitter.

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We all grew up listening stories, didn’t we? Remember the nostalgic times when our granny huddled us close and sang us some wonderful lullabies and all those tiny tales which made us smile? Things have changed a great deal and these days, kids do not just want to hear stories, but hey they do the telling too!

So here I am going to take you on one such remarkable journey wherein the tiny tots at my home, made me a little toddler as they narrated me a story in their own little vocabulary which mind you comes packed with a lot of slipped words and cute errors!

It was a dark night and the thunder was blazing like a hot unruly mess. I came back home late and I was dead tired I was mentally wondering at the chores I still needed to do and I really wanted to untangle myself and de-stress and sip one cup of smoking hot coffee and get to bed.

However, as soon as I opened the doors to my home, I was greeted by a huge flashing projector. On the projector were some cute little pictures. I didn’t really know what they were; I tried to adjust my vision as the rest of the room was dark.

As I slowly tried to process what was happening, I saw all the tiny tots lined up near the projector and one by one, they came and told me the tale of one heroic mom who fought like a valiant soldier just to make sure that her kids were all safe and sound.

They had made use of some of the 3D pictures which were played on the projector and each one of them came up and told something about how women are the true fighters and why we need to appreciate them.

Mind you, the little kids at my home span all age group and they are from 3 year old who can barely whisper to the tantrum queen 16 year olds who often bury themselves in piles of makeup. Regardless of everything, each one of them came and narrated cutesy tales and I could see how vivid their imagination was.

I turned around and I knew that it was my sister who had planned the whole skirt but it was the kids’ who painted their imagination paint wild. The story finally ended with the message, “we love you” and I knew that I was in tears. There are moments that become memories and there are memories that define the life we live.

Often life rewards us with a lot of small and big moments that are made precious.  So, do your bit and spend time with the ones you love. Storytelling is an art and you need to excel in it. Let the little children be expressive and enjoy how their imagination gets vivid. With the Colgate magical stories, kids can do a lot more than simply listen the stories. There is a lot of magic in actually narrating them too.

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They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Every date tells


That transpired

Moments get locked

In little numbers

Sometimes, you recall

The things that happened

You murmur to yourself

Wonder of things

Said, unsaid

Perhaps, one day again

The calendar will speak

Happily of the date

That called to you.

Whoever thought,

Poems were made of words

Never ever knew 

Sometimes, numbers spring magic

Because there are so many tales

Locked in one little calendar

The day you were born

The day you walked

The day you smiled

The day you cried

The day your heart loved

The day your heart broke

The day you left

The day you grew

Finite numbers

Infinite tales


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.

Too sharp a memory

Too vivid details

Every single moment

That happened before

She recalls with a smile

And let tears wet her eyes

So much has changed

So much remains

Regardless of the fate,

You can’t help 

But love a few dates

Yours to keep

Yours to stay

Even when things change

The memories, the date remains!


They tell a story.


Yes, I bet.


Letters To The Unknown You: Part 20||The Last Leg

letters to the unknown you

Dear Unknown You,

My last letter to you was dated August 4th which shows the kind of time that has passed. It’s been more than half a year and I do not know how much time still awaits. If you really do detest reading, you can now paint a smile on your face. This is the last letter of the series unless something happens and I end up writing more.

I myself do not really know what made me type this letter up after such a helluva long time. When I started this letter series, I didn’t know what I was going to share or where it would lead to. A lot has happened since the time I wrote my very first letter to you and if you’ve sincerely read it so far, you might already know a lot more about me than perhaps my mind sometimes knows about itself.

We’re not perfect; none of us are because if perfection existed, there would perhaps be too many people flocking for the rare breeds. Definitely, I would not be one of them because I’ve always been an ordinary flaw. Sometimes, I think if it is okay to be a flaw. You know, I’ve met a lot of people who don’t really know me and they often ask me what makes me so happy. It both saddens me and makes me happy because while I do wear a happy heart, I am often the reason for my own mood swings, which by the way can be too terrible. Methinks, it should not scare you now because some of the letters gave you a first hand account of what my moods are.

I do not know where we are headed or where we will stand or what we are going to be like or what it is going to feel like. Right now, there are more questions in my mind than words in the Oxford dictionary but perhaps, it will all fall in place. I trust God to give me the story I deserve because good or bad, stories always tell a tale.

Yes, there’re a lot of things you need to know as the clock plays tick and tock, we shall share more than just time. If there’s one thing I am sure of myself, it is the honesty which the heart shall wear. We all have secrets, don’t we? There’re things we all go through in life; not all can be shared, but I am sure, something will come of everything.

I might not be making much sense, but you need to know this is the true sense. Sometimes, it is being senseless and knowing that you carry no sense which makes people see the person you truly are. I’ve always craved for my yesterday, the comfort it gave, the moments I made. Maybe, tomorrow shall someday be the yesterday I would relive on a today.

Letters speak so much more than the words typed in them because there is a story behind every line, a hidden tear or a silent smile. By the time we will know each other, maybe, I shall no longer need to type it all up or may be I will do because I’ve never written anything for someone I didn’t want to.

My letters are a part of me, they show who I am, they bear not just my words, but the thoughts that make me smile and even the ones that create a dark rampage in my mind. Life is beautiful, all we need to do is see it with the right pair of eyes.

I may be a mess at times, but I know, I will sail because good or bad, it all passes away. Somehow, the sound of the clock sometimes suffocate me, the winds of change do unsettle me, but maybe, when the time comes, it shall all look the way it is supposed to.

There’s so much more to tell and share, but the time is still to come. This series is now bidding you a final adieu with the hope that you shall know me much more. I believe very strongly in Destiny, stars and fate and we will all get what we truly deserve. Yes, some stories do not end, some do not even start, some we concoct, some we merely imagine and some happen and end..  Regardless, every tale tells, lives and remains.

They say, we should serve the daintiest last to make the end most sweet. I do not know, what this is; an end or a start? Methinks, I’ve always been bad at this.. spotting the colors and so I often end up being a fool; imagining things a lot more than what they are, being a fool too many times, Believing in promises that were meant to break, chasing things I knew would never stay, but then God made me and I guess He had a reason to do so. I am working on learning to love the Brand of Me which I am and Oh there’re days where I am so peppy that happiness could be me. So, we’re going to have a lot of stories to share.

An endless myriad of tales

Sits inside this tiny heart

Questions galore

Answers, there seem to be none

Yet, I feign a smile

Because I know

All that begins must end

Just like every end

Shall kickstart another tale

Sometimes, the smile I wear

Is brighter than the northern star

Not pretty, but an ordinary face

Like a tiny snowflake

Often unnoticed,

I quietly observe

Making more of things

Than what they are

Not perfect, by a long shot

Swinging at extremes

And with a big fat heart

The mess I am

Is hard to handle

I do not know where we stand

But perhaps, we shall go too far

Because, even when there is

The Fault In The Stars

The story lives for that brief span

Which is a second for some

But a forever for others

I wear my heart on my sleeves

And I shall try and smile

Even if it feels too dark

Now, you know a lot

May you know some more

When our paths do cross

Let us share the smile

Who knows what shall happen with time!

It’s both a start and a goodbye!

Signing off for the last time in this series,

Much lovies,




[October 29th, 2013 – March 3rd, 2015]

A series that spanned One and a Half Year and documented so much more than just words. My moods, my stories, some incredible moments, some half tales, some dark days, some beautiful times!

Life is so much more than a boring show!

My Journey- From an IT engineer to a Freelance Writer!

Getting settled in life can be an extremely challenging thing to do. When you have a well settled career but you somehow feel like you do not really belong in that line of work, it can be seriously upsetting for your rhythm, isn’t it? Trust me; I know this feeling all too well.

I had just graduated from college and ended up with a really great job at one of the leading MNCs in India. The pay was good, but more importantly I had my friends working together. The corporate world is known to be mean as a bitch because everyone is going to be so sugar sweet, but deep inside, everyone plots the others’ downfall.

Somehow I felt like I am in a stranger’s skin and regardless of how secure and great the job was; every day I felt like I was sabotaging my own soul. I used to work as a freelance writer back from my college days and though the writing job had nothing to do with my engineering degree, it kept calling on to me.

I wouldn’t say it was the easiest decision I took because working from the confines of your home still is relatively foreign to most people in India. Back in our country, a lot of people call them as freelance writer even when they do not really have much work to do. The reason is that you are your own boss when you freelance and so every time I would tell people that I am working as a freelance writer, it was likely that people would think I am sitting at home and doing nothing.

I had a huge dilemma and I didn’t know what would be the best way to handle all of this. I wanted to work as an IT engineer, but it wasn’t for my satisfaction; it was merely to let the world know that I was capable. However, after too many sleepless nights, I finally realized, I had to make a move, a bold one.

I should not work to please others. I am only accountable to myself and this is why I took the boldest decision in my life so far. I filed my resignation letter and decided that the job which doesn’t enriches my soul, which brings me sadness rather than happiness isn’t something I should work on.

I knew that regardless of what people will think, my calling was as a freelance writer and not an IT engineer. Yes, I have an engineering degree and no I don’t work as an engineer. Today, it’s been nearly 2 years since I left my IT job and I can’t tell you how happy I am for the choices I made.

I have a really good salary, a secure job, too many clients and above all, a career which I made from scratch. I am proud of who I became. It was one bold decision which shaped my life and if given a chance to replay, I wouldn’t change one damn thing about it. I managed to #StartANewLife.

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The Immortal Story

I have always loved stories; be it the ones loaded with moral value which my grand mum told me when I was little or even the ones I hunt in the morning newspaper or the endless novels I read. I have always craved for stories because they make the world a little happier and a whole lot lovelier.

While I am not an avid traveller thanks to my distorted road sense, I had the fortune of meeting some of the best people and coming across some of the most inspiring stories on occasions more than one. Of all the different stories I have seen, heard or even been a part of, there are a few which are very close to my heart. I will share one such here and recapitulate the beauty of the whole moment which is still etched in my heart.


Bhutan, also known as God’s own country remains till date one of my favourite places of all time. It is the kind of place where you feel that you are one with your soul and the feelings that cross your own mind are so divine that it takes you to an entirely different aura. I loved the kind of camaraderie people have. They smile at random strangers and are always willing to help you with directions or more.

We had the pleasure of meeting one such person who was hauling whopping amount of woods all alone on his back and his little daughter was tagging along. We stopped the car and asked if he would like to be dropped. He hesitated and said that he could manage because it is what he always did. However, he had his little daughter with her who was limping and so he agreed to take us up on the offer.

As we sat down together, I could not help but look at the little girl. She looked wonderful as her eyes danced to the tunes of her soul. Not only this, the kind of smile she had could make you fall in love with a child a million times over and over gain. While she wasn’t conversant in either English or Hindi, She chatted nonstop and kept smiling. I felt like she was the happiest person I have ever met and I wanted to know what made her so happy.

It was not until we had almost reached our destination that her father told us that she was terminally ill and the doctors are not sure if she will make it. I was shocked because the girl in front of me looked like she would live a million years. Her happiness was infectious. I asked if her daughter knew about it and he nodded.

When I asked as to how she could be so happy, he told, “She wants to make the most of her time with us. She is too little to understand what life or death exactly means but every time she laughs, it lights up my whole world. God loves everyone and I am sure he must have some reason for this story he chose to give us. I don’t know how long I have with her but I make sure to live very moment and make it a memory I am not going to forget. Who knows, she might just make it after all miracles happen. She is nothing less than a miracle for me and if she is meant to live, she will shine. She won’t die because you always keep a part of people with you; regardless of where they stay.”

With this message, he dropped down, thanked us and the little angel blew us all a kiss as off they went. Sometimes a little incident teaches a mighty lesson! Hope can move mountains. Till date, somehow I believe she had a miracle written all over her face. The next time I go to Bhutan. I am going to search for that little face in the beautiful valleys because like the guy said, you always keep a part of people you love in your heart. Some mortals are immortal.

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The Truth That Stirred Love

Too often we find ourselves lying simply because we are scared of what truth would do. Little do we know that truth has the power to heal your soul! Truth is one of the strongest virtues that can set wrongs right. 
Once upon a time, I spoke the truth after hiding in a pool of lies and today as I look back, I know that is all the difference which it made.
I can vividly recall the day when he asked me if I had fallen in love with him. Fear got the better of me. I knew we were very different.

He was too popular; I could count the number of people I knew on my fingers.
He hogged the limelight, I preferred being on the sidelines.
He had been in love a lot of times; I was yet to savor the taste.

Like every other girl, I was scared of being rejected. It never mattered much to me as to what other people thought of me, but somehow it really bothers you what the guy you love thinks of you.
I had written about him thinking he was never going to read it, but he landed on my journal and ended up asking me if I meant what I wrote, if I saw him more than a friend. His tone looked menacing and I couldn’t lose a friend. Fear got the better of me and I lied rubbing it off. We chirped, laughed and my little heart somersaulted because I felt he didn’t love me.
I was happy that I saved our friendship at least, but the guilt of my lie was weighing very heavily on my conscience. I wanted to tell him how he had made my heart captive, but every time I tried, I failed.
One day, he told me about a girl who confessed about her feelings to him but he couldn’t reciprocate. That was the day I knew, I had to say the truth. I must not lie or else I shall have regrets for the rest of my life.
What was the worst that could happen? He would not love me and that is what I thought already was. Summoning all my courage, I told him how he was the name my heart sung all day.
What happened later was nothing but a miracle. He reciprocated my feelings and we started a story of our own. That was the day I realized truth has a lot of power in it. If I had chosen to lie and kept my feelings hidden, my love story would never have kick started. I have never loved someone with the same intensity before and it all happened because I trusted truth, I didn’t lie about what I felt. Trust truth, it works magic!

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