Holy God, My Baby turns ONE

I am such a bad parent.. which parent forgets their child birthday..??? I am soo sooo soorrryy.. I thought my blog was already a  year old until I signed in today and saw this wonderful message greet me.. voila look here


happy birthday

I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays and today my little princes, my blog baby is turning 1… I am OVER THE PLUTO because hello being on the moon doesn’t even equate to the kind of happy I am.. Now, I have to dress up, order one big fat cake and cold coffee and have a total blast… I thought I had missed my blog baby’s birthday but heyyyyyyyy it’s today.. so from now onwards, i am going to celebrate Feb 20th as my ONLINE BIRTHDAY.. all of you’re invited… come with loadsa love and leave with even larger love…

I have not enough words to thank those who helped me blog… One of the biggest inspiration I’ve here is Hasty words.. I used to write poetry back in school but then life just got in way and I stopped midway.. It wasn’t until i stumbled on her beautiful blog that I once again fell in love with poetry and i started writing too. If you’re reading this, I want you to know how much I love you.. you’ve made a really big difference to the way I use the words.. I have met too many beautiful souls here.. i am in LOVE with WordPress because it has helped me LIVE life in some of the prettiest shades.

I am not going to name one and all because frankly there are too many names to count and I am scared i will miss out on some of those names that truly mean the world to me. I’ve found a true brother here with whom I can talk at three in the night. I’ve found a lot of sisters, some of the prettiest girlfriends and yes, a lot of gooooddd friends who have helped me when life seems to drown me… my baby also has a GODMOTHER.. we don’t talk a lot these days. but once a GODMOTHER, always a GODMOTHER.. I will tag her on twitter and let her know 🙂

Then. there are people I’ve met because of blogging but they are not regular readers.. does this make me love them any less? Hell no. I love each one of them who I am associated with the blogging world.. I stalk a lot of bloggers.. the happy kind of stalking.. If I stalk you, you’re seriously awesome because trust me, stalking takes a lot of energy and my definition of stalking is different.. i will explain in another blog post… lol

I am rambling a lot but heyyyy its happppyy birthday.. wish my little baby a big birthday and wish me tooo because my baby is a part of me… 

Love loads

smile more

Wish me again and again

May my baby live as long as I do and even beyond

For the love of blogging


P.S. thank you Sean Bidd for giving me one of the prettiest nicknames ever.

I really am itching to mention a lot of names,. but if you’re reading this, you ARE special. I can’t thank you enough. A big CAKE to you from me.. If we EVER meet, the treat will be on me and I mean it. yayyiieee baby is one finallyyyy!! I got to go because I MUST ORDER A CAKE


Time for Thank you for the love and awards..!

Last year, I started my blogging venture and it turns out that it was one of my smartest moves in the entire year. I have been bestowed with various awards and no matter how much I extend my thanks, I shall still fall short of words because I love to be given awards by fellow blogger friends.

First up is clouds and cups, who gave me the sunshine blog award. Trust me, my excitement knew no bounds, I am posting this post very late because I was bugged down with office work.

My answers to your question are as follows.

Between the sun and the moon, which one would you choose to be and why?

I choose the moon because it speaks of love.

Will you be satisfied with only half glass of water?

I am generally happy with whatever comes my way.

Which one can you do without? TV or PC?

PC definitely, I am not much of a TV viewer.

Thank you Clouds and Cups again for bestowing such a wonderful honor to me. I see you as one of my amazing blog friend.

Next up for my list of thanks is Mann Alexandra as she gave me the very inspiring blogger award. There are no questions to be answered; however, I extend my heartiest thanks because there is something special in being hailed as inspirational. I started blogging purely for fun and making friends and lo where it has taken me today..! Once again, I have found another friend.

Next in line is organized clutter. I was given the versatile blogger award. Yet again, no unanswered questions, but this too is a special mention as it is one of the praises of the highest order. Thank you Organized Clutter, you too have a wonderful blog my friend and I really look forward to your posts all the time.

I would further like to extend my thanks to Pzycoders for their wonderful December bloggies awards. They have praised my blog and I am really grateful for their words. Once again, I too look forward to exciting blogs from your side, bunch of coders!

Further, I have received two stars for blog of the year by Hasty Words, who has been an inspiration for me. She has helped me pen some of the most beautiful poems and I am always in the lookout for her works as she is an artist that makes me wonder at her depth. The second star was given to me by I am for change. Your blogs are always inspirational and I typically like the way you express your words, always full of honor and affection. Thanks to you both lovely people.

Last but not the least; I extend my warmest regards to the godmother of my blog, Monica Callangian for bestowing leibster award as well as Gargie award. You are a special friend and you know that baby.

As of stating facts about myself, I have given a detailed account in my first award. Click here to know more.

As of the nominations, each one of you deserves it and so feel free to comment and earn a nomination, I believe all bloggers deserve such praise and nominations.


As promised..one of the first nominations for leibster goes to Mareesa Martin as her post dementia has me ticking:)


Liebster Award..! Yippee

Well, I have been pinching myself really hard because although, it hurts yet I find it hard to believe that I had my first blog nomination..a Leibster award nomination!!!! Phew, I feel cool, great, wonderful, smashing, amazing, and ecstatic, out of the world, ultra happy and a hundred other emotions.

At the onset of my blogging career, I had seen a few posts where people had what three or four different awards and I felt like Wow I would love to be a part of such community too…who doesn’t likes an award and that too if your fellow bloggers are nominating you, it makes the ride worthwhile.

So, before answering the questions, a million zillion thanks to Natalie. I am really pleased, honored, gratified, amazed and grateful to you for considering me worthy for the nomination.

So, as a nominee, I have certain tasks to do as this award has its own rules. They are as follows.

1) Post eleven facts about yourself
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated
3) Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) Remember, no tag backs


Here, goes 11 weird details because no doubt I believe I am a weirdo in ways more than one.

  1. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I celebrate birthdays every month. My birthday falls on 3rd of May, however, I have a record of cutting cakes 4 times a year with a very special birthday cake that had the message “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME” plastered on it. So, bloggers out there….wish me every third…it feels specialJ my friends always doJ

 2.  I have the strange gift of predicting things before they happen. It does not always result in good outcomes as courtesy to my random ramblings, I have contributed to the following things

A friend got measles.

Another friend got caught making caricature of a teacher in the class.

Yet another friend had to go office on a Saturday morning!

Phew, quite a reputation…some things I can’t help.


 3. I have a very lousy road sense. I can practically get lost between ten steps..!! Trust me, I am not exaggerating.


 4. Somehow, cooking and I were not meant to be together… I can barely spot the difference between the millions of different vegetables that people eat every day. Except for the colors, they all look so alike.


 5. I am scared of small things…if I see a stray dog a kilometer away; I jump from one side of the road to another.

 6. I always desire to publish my own poetry book someday.


 7.  I have a fetish for Irish names and some non Irish beautiful names too like

Callahan O Shea

Etienne St. Clair

Maximilan Gallus

Tim O Hallara

Francis James Xavier Cahill

(All are characters from different romance novels!)


8. I am working in a MNC and I still don’t know to be happy or sad about it.


9. When I talk over the phone, I cannot sit down on the bed, I need to walk and walk and walk.


 10. I believe that if god gives you one reason to cry, he shall provide you two occasions to smile.

 11. I have a very ringing and loud laugh that can be too loud….as it was once embarrassingly mistaken for a ringtone..!!!!


Yep…that’s me…plain weird…but hey…I am not complaining because what’s life without a pinch of salt..!

Time to answer Natalie’s question.

1.If you could have ANY super power what would you have?

I would like to have the power to fly because I want to feel the zing of flying with open wings and looking at the tiny world beneath. I have the belief that all worries escape when you are soaring in the sky.


2.What is your favorite movie?

I am not a movie buff at all…as I have a reputation of sleeping in movie halls….but I guess I can recall the last harry potter movie..: P

 3. Would you get plastic surgery?

A big NO because I am too scared of hospital to go in there!!!

 4. What is your favorite season?

This is easy…winter and rainy…I bet I am crazier than you can imagine when it starts to rain.

 5. What country would you like to visit the most?

There are top three in my list. They are

  1. Australia
  2. Ireland
  3. United kingdom


 6. Do you prefer long or short hair?

Mid size does it for me!

 7. What band do you like the least?

Not a music buff but I do not like hard rock…they are ear damaging for me!


8. If you could change/fix one thing in the world what would you choose?

I would want to ensure that people reciprocate love and care and do not turn their back for no specific reason! There is nothing that can hurt a person more!

 9. Do you think an engagement ring should be a surprise or should the woman pick it herself?

I love surprises!

 10. What is your favorite childhood memory?

A lot of beautiful memories are still vivid but I guess the times spent with my siblings would top the list.

 11. What makes you really happy?

This nomination, good friends, appreciation from the people I love, rainy season, chilly weather and green eyed beautiful people!



11 fellow bloggers in nominate for sharing the euphoria of this award are…:

1. Hayley’s lil world

2. The haze is gone

3. Nocturnal Drift

4. Valuel

5. Unshakable Hope

6. mann alexandra

7. i read encyclopedias for fun

8.  senior citizen 101

9. echoing images from soul

10. french wellness

11. wise at 21




11 questions for people I nominated.

  1. Have you felt the brush of love?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What did you first feel when you saw the nomination?
  4. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
  5. One advice you would give to me as a friend.
  6. What does this nomination mean to you?
  7. Reading or writing- which suits you more?
  8. What is the best and the worst pick up line that you have got?
  9. If you could choose your moment of death, how would you wish to bid goodbye?
  10. Have you ever betrayed a friend?
  11. Finally, if you had to choose between friend and love, which would you pick?


I really look forward to answers from each one of you and I hope I have not scared you with my weirdo facts..!!!


Thanks Natalie again for the wonderful wonderful nomination…

I shall keep pinching myself all month through..!!!