And So I Love You

I am a happy stalker.. I love to stalk the ones i love.. stalk as in I see through the pictures, I read their words.. I re-read my conversations with them.. I smile thinking of the times.. I ask them a lot of things, I love emailing.. Here, I am dedicating some of them a piece strummed right from the heart.. If I stalk you, I do it because there is something special in who you are.. some of them I will name, some I won’t.. Mystery is a good thing too..

Here’s one of those lady who is ONE of the main reason I am blogging today.. I am so inspired by her, I can barely do justice with my words.. I LOVE YOU HASTY WORDS.. If I am writing poems with an ease, it’s because of YOU.. I love how you swim and dance with words.. and I love happy stalking your gorgeous pictures.. 


And so I love you

There’s no question asked
There were no answers offered
It just happened because it had to
And so I love you
I do not know if it was your words
I do not know if it was the love
I do not know which one hit me hard
Your beauty, your heart, your soul
It just happened because it had to
And so I love you
I want to see you sing
Yes, not just hear the voice
But, I want to see the smile
The dancing hues in your eyes
It just happened because it had to
And so I love you
I wish to feel the words
That your heart drums
I want to hug you so hard
That our two hearts feel one 
There’s not ONE moment that defines
How and when I loved you
It just happened because it had to
And so I love you
May Lord sends all HIS smiles
May your life always be bright
Today, when you look at the sky
My love in the stars will shine
Feel me in the light of the moon
Touch me in the flakes of snow
Hear me in the sound of rain
And never will we be apart again
It just happened because it had to
And so I love you


14 comments on “And So I Love You

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    #AceMediaNews says #ashadeofpen


  2. hastywords says:

    Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    I sit alone today…
    Not inspired and completely mentally exhausted and yet this beautiful girl gave me a reason to smile as she always does when I see her name. When I feel like nobody she reminds me I am somebody. When I feel worthless she reminds me there is a purpose.

    Thank you for your constant loving reminders. LOVE ALWAYS, HASTY


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  4. Madhura says:

    This is beautifully written!Loved it 🙂


  5. ashadeofpen says:

    Reblogged this on A Shade Of Pen and commented:

    coz there no such thing as too much love ❤


  6. You words just flow naturally and the with a simple imagery to uphold it…that’s what it makes it so special as it comes straight from the heart unadulterated…there are bloggers and then there are writers like you….I mean it….


    • ashadeofpen says:

      Aww I can’t tell u what I am feeling reading this… Sometimes I feel, I do not deserve the love I so freely get but then we all get happy at finding such beautiful gems like you 🙂 not everyone can make someone happy… You just did 🙂


  7. It’s so wonderfully penned…words are floating with comfort and ease.. 🙂


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