“The Sorcery Of Our Story” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

So, it is no surprise that I love habits and traditions. We just made it a tradition to write a duet every NAPoWriMo. I absolutely adore writing with David Ellis because he is a conjuror who brings words to life. He makes me sure that my fetish for British people is justified 😀

The leaves ruffle in the air

Even the wind seems to be humming our song

The melody carries me on the wings of angels

Straight to the first time

When my eyes fell upon you


A spell was cast that day

One of gorgeous light, dispersing the darkness

The veil had been lifted

Life had revealed a divine gift for us to cherish


A hundred thoughts

Buzzed into my mind’s honeypot

Was this all just a lucid dream

Woven into the fabric of space and time

Or a fragile vase poised to shatter

And break when I stir and awake


Too scared to know

I shut my eyes tight in anticipation

But you’re still there

When I find the courage to open them


We’ve both travelled so far but the journey is far from over

I remember how your touch made me blush

How it could move the tallest of mountains

I could sense your sweet scent from across the room

As I picture your perfect smile

My heart realises that it beats just for you


They say absence makes the heart grow even fonder

I have been found guilty of counting off the days

Since you left me standing alone at that fateful train station

Because deep in my heart, I still know

One day when your sunny disposition

Casts its light across the shadow of my empty life again

And you enter the room capturing my full attention

Our love will flower and flourish more fervently than before

I will make you mine, as we start our story’s next chapter

And I cannot help but fall in love

Each time we tell it to each other

It’s the story of our lives

forever pink


Together Forever

If there’s one person, I never get tired of telling ow much I love her, it has to be Angela@ Hasty Words. She is the one who got me back to poetry again and for that I will always be grateful. any poetry written with you feels so soo special 🙂  
This one, more so because we both meant our words here. Love and friendship is such a mighty feeling and it happens across boundaries and with people who may be entirely distinct and in different age groups. Be my right in the world of wrongs 🙂
It’s been forever
Since we last spoke
And such is the tug of this bond
That without words, we speak
I feel you are near
Although you are far
Because you my dear
Are simply
A very important part of me 
Even though there are
Uncountable miles between us
The smiles I so often wear
Have a lot to do with you
And when the world spins
Far too fast for me
I know you are there
To help slow it down for me
Proof that two can exist
Without a word or a nod
And still be as close
As if born side by side
We are connected in ways
Even the most beautiful
Words cannot explain
Because some people simply are
Meant to be
beautiful friend

It’s A Love Story

Once again, I am writing a duet after a long long time. I have to add this frontnote because this is a new duet partner and how he loves to be spoken about 😛

Karan@ The K- Factor is a kid, not yet 18, but BY GOD, he has such immense “knowledge” that he can put some of the best grown legends to shame. I must thank this little kid here as he edited the errors in my pieces and wove it beautifully together. No, I am not done praising you Karan.. wait for the footnote :*

Never before we had met, 
Never had I seen what it felt, 
When the smile curved the lips, 
And yet I smiled when he did.

Coyly we glanced, 
Coyly we talked, 
Words kept coming, 
As hand in hand we walked.

A million thoughts, a million dreams,
I had dreamt of this moment before,
And yet the moment our eyes met,
I felt like all the stars were burning alive.

This was so different, so special, 
It had happened never, 
I wanted it to keep going, 
To live in the moment forever.

And yet I knew what begins,
Will one day has to end,
Nothing is meant to stay forever, 
But sometimes forever is now.

The hand slipped away,
To be far away from mine, 
He didn’t look back once, 
Nor did he check if I was fine

The heart bled incessantly,
The tears didn’t stop at all 
Why did Destiny play so foul,
Couldn’t fairy tales forever last?

It was catastrophe,
It was complete disaster,
I had give him my reigns,

But he had been a bad master.

Silly heart still cares,
It still waits for the one,
Who ruthlessly threw it apart,
And I still wait for him to come.

The heart still waits,
The heart still weeps,
Why did he have to come,
If he wasn’t for keeps.

Life takes us through lanes,
There are too many bends,
Maybe this isn’t the end,
Because epilogues still exist.

I had to get up,
I had to be strong,
I needed a support,

But I couldn’t use the mocking throng

Sometimes, it is hard to walk,
I feel I cannot think,
I find it hard to blink,
But somehow time still ticks.

The wall stood there,
It didn’t even try to shift,
I had to use it to get my feet,
And make sure I didn’t again ever drift.

For times longer than eternity,
I have now been standing here,
No one ever came to ask,
No one but me mourned the loss.

I wished I hadn’t loved,
I wish I hadn’t cared,
If I’d known love would hurt so much,
I wouldn’t have even dared.

Yet I don’t regret the memories,
Which I have managed to steal,
The beauty of the journey traversed,
Is sometimes better than the end we meet.

The only way out,
Isn’t to not get in,
Just offload the bad stuff,
And throw it in the bin.

I am done with my past,
No longer shall I hurt,
The rain washed away my pain,
As the sun shone down on me.

My smile returned,
And my heart danced with elation,
A happy future was all that mattered,
‘Cause now I didn’t care about that old relation.

Some stories didn’t end,
With the notes of “happy ever after”,
But still they weave their love,
Because hearts are meant to hurt.


Footnote: Karan, thank you so much for being a partner and writing this and this marks a start to the endless ones that await us. I don’t know why he finds me manly and calls me dude.. so I officially welcome him as one of my beloved poetry partner because very few people have the privilege of having a brother babe 😀 😀  I know I am HOLY AWESOME and so are you and so is HE 😀 😀 

Freshly Dawning

I’ve been very erratic as far as blogging is concerned. But, then what’s the point writing with half your heart. Thankfully, I found my cure with Hasty Words as we strum together another piece after what seems like FOREVER now. she knows how I LOVE her but it never hurts to tell again. I am mighty blessed to have known you and like I always say, you will always be one of the reasons I blog. 🙂 
Standing under the endless sky
The tears don’t seem to stop
As I try hard to wipe them off

The heavens too rain from above


Blurring my physical reality

And drowning me in my sorrow
I measure every quiet breath 

In short and shallow draws
I feel tired as every bone hurts
From the pain that never ends
Is there an end to the misery
Or like the rain, the hurt shall stay

I awake each morning hoping
That the sunlit rays will find me
Somehow I remain optimistic
That the clouds will go away
The ray of hope breaks 
And suddenly a smile springs
In the land that seemed barren
Flowers begin to bloom

A praise lifts from my heart
That causes it to beat again
Thank you for the new that
Follows the silence of the old
A new beginning always starts
Where the ending ends
All we need to do is believe
Fairy tales forever last

Poetry MURDER- I

Disclaimer: Don’t hate me after reading this and please don’t block me too, though WP has no provision for blocking 😛 😀

This post is going to be…. Trust me, I don’t even have words to explain. I LOVE poetry, but I just murdered it here.. and very brutally and ruthlessly too.. don’t hate me for this.. It’s just that I woke up happy drugged.. the type of drugged where I could drug drugs 😀 😀 ‘Nuff said.. here it is.. A duet with Murukesh who is blessed with rhymes but ended up quizzing his sanity with me 😀


 I’m up, I had my coffee..
Look at you poor baby,
Do you want a toffee?
You lazy poet..
You’re brimming with such violence..
Neither coffee nor a toffee,
My rhymes should bring you silence
 I seriously envy you..why oh why
Always a rhyme, sigh
The antonym, for live is die
Look someone’s giving it back,
But not with enough power..
Your arsenal shall bow before me,
Every second-minute-and-hour 
Today, if you rhyme any more
I swear, your mind will become sore
The best processor- intel core
Why don’t you just kill yourself,
Than kill me with your rhymes?
‘Knock-knock’ your coffin’s calling,
Didn’t you hear the chime?
I would make a smart monster
I am not a him but her
The second line made no sense
But, hello At least it had the right tense 
Jesus! Ram! Allah! Wahe Guru!
Look at the torture I’m going through..

Leave me alone, don’t give me this pain,
Pity this poor guy, don’t make him insane!
 If you were sane,
I might have tried making you insane
But, how on earth does a mad man get madder
To climb up, you need a ladder
 All your rhymes are super killer,
I die every time I read them..
If it goes this way for long, my brains and wit –
I’m afraid I might not need them!
How come you still type
When every time you die
Are you a ghost then
What came first- the egg or the hen? 
Your rhymes have a tinge of fun in it,
Not really the kind of rhymes we see..
A Shade Of Pen is how you’re known,
you’re unique – I must agree!
Like all other girls, I would say awwwww
A carpenter loves his axe and saw  
I wonder if you roll your eyes
The plural of mouse is mice
 Alright, here’s the deal – we call it truce,
Time to check this poetic loose..
You stick with your rhymes, I’ll play with mine,
A rhyme-master and his (virtually) bewildered muse!
The blue is he.. the Red is me 😛 😀
happy birthday
I know the picture doesn’t makes sense but hello half a month for my birthday.. let the PARTYYY BEGGGIINNNNN



There’s a lot more.. I will do a part 2 😛 😀 ‘coz too much of it in one post will have WP authorities slanging me 😛 😀


Don’t hate me.. you can facepalm obviously 😀 😀

Much Lovies,

Your Maddie



Shadows From Within

I had to coaxx a lot to make sure that Al wrote with me, but yessss the wait was worth it. He is currently one of my fave person at the moment because HOLY GOD, I’ve got a BIRTHDAY card from him.. Yes, yesss I will share picture very shortlllllyyyyyy… Here’s a duet that we two strum together and I hope, I’ve been too good a poetry partner for him so he won’t be scared and won’t run again 😛 I suck at humor, but heyy what’s wrong in trying 😛

He’s British.. that’s reason enough 😛 😀 Here it goes… the much awaited duet FINALLY!

The nights sometimes do not end
Even though the sun shines
Your sky still remains starlit
As the darkness will not leave

The shadows linger still
The moon your only light
Inner turmoil eating away
Silent screams no one hears.

Alone in the room of people
For times longer than eternity
A shadow is haunted, tormented and it cries
Seeking death, but staying alive

Sadness rips away at the soul
Tears creating streaks on the face

Nothing, no one can help
Solace, a joy long past and forgotten

But the shadows cannot stay forever
Hope ever on the horizon
Unseen whilst darkness surrounds
A glimmer, mistaken for a star

Reality is but an illusion
Nothing lasts forever
What is born, must die
The pain too must subside

Strength comes from within
As friends aid recovery
Life once again turns around
A light for all to see

brightness of light


Lo, Weird Me

DISCLAIMER: You’re responsible for what you read. This isn’t a NORMAL post. It is going to be WEIRD. You would need a li’l background before reading this poetry.
I posted a picture of mine (same as my current gravataar pic) and I know it is REALLLY WEIRD LOOKING. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being weird and we just fell in a rhyming chat. I wrote with Murukesh, who is handsomely blessed with rhyming poetry. I, on the contrary suck at it. You will be able to make the difference.
I’m such a cool nice guy,
Always appreciative of sweet and weird people alike!
Weirdness has its own perks 
 It keeps off jerks..
Rhyme rhyme sweet rhyme,
Weirdos singing vowel-chimes 
Sometimes, the words are hard to rhyme
I can think of nothing else other than a dime 
Leave the rhyming to familiar folks,
you’re better in the other areas of odes
One day, i too will know
rhyming words and the beauty they show
I did it, i did it.. ho ho ho
Yea yea lets see how far you go,
I’ll better my step every yard you mow..
I would be glad though if you excel in rhymes,
but I’ll still better you one more time
I tried, tried and tried some more
In the end too many pages I tore
I wanted to be witty and outsmart you
But rhymes, me, life.. PHEWW
Yes you did the undoable,
yes you touched the untouchable..
Seems like you got a hang of it,
it’ll take a while before your rhymes are a hit 
I will never be a hit
‘coz i was born to be a misfit 
 Oh c’mon, I’m sorry for having fun at your expense,
All those banters, I never meant sense..
You are a poet, a talented wordsmith,
You were born for a reason, never a misfit
All these words and all these praise
What they mean; it’s all a maze
Call me weird, call what you wish
Weirdly, I like being a misfit
 If that is how you want to be known,
There are some weirdos I know well known…
Partly weird, mostly sound,
Your rhymes are also standing it’s ground…
I think that’s a good problem to have,
To rhyme and to not, together we jive…
Yea, it’s a problem, not good, that we have,
At times I believe, it’s good to be bad…
P.S. the blue is He.. the Red me 🙂
Just coz you read something like this and you’re still sane, here’s the picture to help you laugh 🙂 🙂
I know I am W.E.I.R.D. but I REALLY like being so 😛