Love Finds Its Way

This is a very special poem. I had long back promised a friend of mine that I would write a poem for her as she fell in love. The friend in question is extremely beautiful, she radiates vibrancy and reads like the books are her world. This poetry s a dedication to the type of love the two must share. I’ve tried etching her perfectness through the eyes of her love.

May the two of you live your own HAPPY EVERAFTER. Sejal Parikh, this one is exclusively for you :*

A hundred stars in her eyes

Dreaming with eyes open wide

Some loved stories, some adored poetry

But, she was the poem I had learnt

Every word so rhythmically poised

I wondered how God must have felt

To create a creation so dynamic

She looked at the sky

Like she belonged

Not just on earth

Every constellation I had ever known

Showed glimpses of the beautiful face

The expressive eyes that seem drunk

With the beauty of the world

The curved lips that smiled

The smile that told a tale

Of how things change

She was the novel

I had never read

And yet I could never part

One day, maybe we could fill

The song that the birds begin

As early as the morning sun

And our song will last

Not just for the day

We shall make the sky our own

Scatter memories that will glitter

With the shine of the brightest stars

All these dreams, I had kept

Locked in my little heart

Unaware of what would happen

If ever I let them slip out in the dark

What I never knew was

Apart from having the bond called friends

We shared the same dream

She saw in me, what I never thought

I too was her forever dream

She too felt me; in those song

She played too many times on loop

I too was her favorite book

She read once then again and again some more

She too ached to share

Memories, moments and even the life

When finally, we both shared our dreams

We looked at each other and smiled

So much we knew and yet so much we didn’t

Like the stars which we so often see

We think we know them

And yet they are so far, in a world of their own

We smiled and in that moment

Our smiles though separate

Shared the same dreams

Told the same story

Recited the same poetry

Ached for the same feeling

And we knew, this is the start

And for once, there will be no end

She was my favorite novel

And I was her favorite song

Together, we shall rock

The boat of each other’s world

Sometimes, love happens

Not like lighting

Neither like a blue moon

Nor like a wild flower

But, it grows a little every day

Until your garden is filled with

So many precious flowers

That you can’t help but

Fall in love with the goodness

Our story lives and grows

And the song plays like never before

We stare together at the sky

And all the fears melt away

A forever was written for us

And every day is a dream

That we see with eyes open wide

We’re together till the end

I will be by your side

And together we shall sail till the end of times

Your gorgeous face

Your beautiful heart

The starlit soul

And a hundred wishes

I may make

Yet, I thank the lord

For giving me the wish

I never thought I could have

With fingers entwined

We shall walk

And tie this bond

And seal the love

Until the big day finally comes

Let’s dream and walk along

in your eyes


Once In A Lifetime Love

This is a dedication post. It is not every day that people ask me to write something for them. So, when I received this, I knew my heart had gotten tremendously fat and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE writing this.


This one is only for you precious princess ❤




I wandered alone for too long

Looking for love in the forlorn walks

I believed in long lasting love

And I knew it would one day come.

However, it seemed to take too long

I was getting anxious every morn

And suddenly, I met you

And everything was bright and new.

Your eyes were the shade

I so effortlessly loved.

Your smile made me quiver

As I craved to be the reason for it.

You looked at me the way

I have often read in books

That people smitten in love do.

How I wished that it wasn’t a dream

Because if it was,

I would crave to forever sleep.

For once, my reality looked to me

A hundred shades prettier than my favorite dream.

You’re not the perfect prince

You didn’t come on a white horse

And yet, I would not have it any other way

Because you’re my truest hero

You completed the song of my life

Which I didn’t even knew I loved.

You filled the harmony 

In my life

That seemed to be  lost without

The touch of your music.

Every time I heard you speak

I defied the logic that

Love happens only once.

Love is NOT meant to happen once

Because every time I see you

Every time I hear you speak

I fall in love all over again.

We will ride through the testing times

Together we will sail through stormy nights

I shall lie beside you and gaze at the sky.

We will count our blessings and smile at the stars

And make memories when the world looks afar.

Together we will roll on ocean waves

And create a symphony from the sound 

That the river makes as it meets the sea.

Like the birds that fly so high,

We will smile in tiring times

Nothing shall stop the love we have

And forever we will stay the way we met

With love that multiplies every day

We will write our own stories

That may not have fancy rhymes.

Our poetry may not be immortalized

But, in your eyes, I shall drown

And live longer than forever lasts.

Because when love is true,

There are no demands.

Regardless of the roads we walk

Together we shall march

And once in a while

I will look up at the sky

And thank the Gods

For the endless smile


Love makes the ride




P.S. May you forever be happy with your man ❤ I send my warmest regards to you and your husband to be. May the best times roll on your life and you make memories that will last a lifetime and more. I love having you here 🙂

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I LOVE Emails

Some people believe that email is very out of fashion, especially when you have social networking sites and even mobile apps. Now, I am not a 70’s kid, heck I wasn’t even born at that time, but there is something special about EMAILS. While I tend to delete my chat logs, I NEVER delete emails. 


I had the blessing to receive some of the most heartfelt emails ever since I started blogging. Here, I am going to share some of them.. not to show off the LOVE I’ve so freely received, but because most of them are things, we all can relate to. It is just a way of thanking each one of you, I’ve communicated with and the message is mostly applicable to each one of us, who doubts our own excellence or is sometimes trapped in a gray cosmos and robbed of the pink beauty. Trust me, I mean the words for you.. they might have come to my email, but such is the beauty of the souls, they would say it to everyone.. after all,

I too am just another SHE in this MILLIONS 🙂 🙂



“I hope everything is alright with you. Facebook is NOT the same without you. I wait everyday for you to be back there”


“Beauty is one of the most subjective words known to mankind. You may find endless guys telling you, you’re beautiful. DO NOT trust them ever. We are mostly jerks. I don’t mean to say, you are not beautiful. What I mean is that beauty is simply in the eyes of the beholder. If you do not perceive yourself as beautiful, I am sorry to break it to you, but it means your eyes lack beauty. We are all beautiful in our own ways and you do not need any makeup or the opinions of others to prove it. I know you define beauty; we all do because beauty isn’t a pretty face, beauty is a glowing heart and the ability to make others feel loved. Never tell again….you’re not pretty because beauty is HEART and yours is BIG and RED, the color of LOVE, the color of BEAUTY.”



“Hey beautiful. Miss you on fb on hope you are doing ok.  Find me if you need to talk. “


“I am hoping that this weekend gives you some respite and that it clears your head. What I do know though, is that any man who gets you, is going to be a very lucky person. I am here whenever you need me.”


“I have absolutely no words to tell what I felt. I read a lot and then I come across something that makes me tell my tale. I might have wondered, if you would like to hear it or not, but reading your words, I know, you WILL. Before, I start, I want you to know that I haven’t shared this story with ANYONE and when I say ANYONE, I mean ANYONE. I am sharing it with you- a random stranger because I believe in God Angels. We just meet some people, they are as human as the others, but for you, they are God Angel meant to resurrect our lives and you must tell them your story.. the story you NEVER told anyone else. As I tell you my tale, remember you must do the same with someone. You will know, you will juts know who the ANGEL will be.. Trust me, it JUST HAPPENS”


“For someone not even 25, you’re insightfully brilliant. You’ve written countless times that you’ve not been in LOVE, but that’s an outright lie because dive deep inside you, you’ve fallen in LOVE more times than you can count. LOVE isn’t all about having a boyfriend, beautiful… there’s more to love and you, of all people should know that. Be in LOVE and be happy to be in love.”


“Not possible that you ain’t 30 yet. Ouch, that looks bad.. No, I don’t mean you look old, but you seem to have LIVED a life greater than your age and that, my friend, is a wonderful thing. You’re one day going to light some dark life in such a way that God will be forced to smile.”


“If words could sing, you would make a best selling music album. Yeah, tried hitting and failed miserably. May be, you could teach me,. how to hit on people smartly. Oh, wait, I could just use a few lines of the endless love poems so beautifully penned”.


“You’re one of the most beautiful shades of the best pen ever known to mankind.. I am not talking about the brilliance of the verses.. I am talking about the LOVE you have in your writing and your heart”


“We’ve never met  but, it’s NOW in my BUCKET list because I want to see the one who has so much of free love to offer”




I can’t share some coz they are personal stories of people who trusted me enough to tell their tale… but what I really want to say is that



I often revisit my emails, when I find the need to. You all should. surround yourself with happiness and happiness shall come to you.

Feel free to email me ALWAYS and ANYTIME. 🙂



You’re MY Smile

Another of those whom I met in the blogging world and I just can’t express what he means. He is one of the brightest souls who has TRULY helped  me through thick and thin. When I was a mess and I didn’t know the roads to walk, he just listened me rant about things that perhaps made no sense and guided me to find the exact path that took me to where I am today.

I am a chatterbox in the virtual online world, but I am socially awkward and I do not like meeting people in person. However, You’re one of those I REALLLY want to meet because I know I can be myself and we will still roll, just like the way we do. I have no apprehensions with you.. I can be myself and I know you will still love me. That for me defines the BEST kind of people.

Yes, BELOVED MAYER(This is the nickname we both share because we’re both born in the month of MAY), this ONE is ONLY for you.

Make sure to hop over to his blog and behold some of the most incredible sketches that he has done. He is SERIOUSLY AWESOME and I NEVER get tired talking to you, regardless of what we are discussing and at whatever time in the day or night!! 

~~You Know what you mean to me, don’t you?~~

By chance we met
By chance it happened,
And you helped me smile
In the most testing times

I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

Even when we don’t
Speak for endless times
Even then I know
I sometimes cross your mind

I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

We’ve never met
And still it feels
You know me more
Than the ones I meet

There are things
Still to be told
There are words
That I still hug close
I will tell you all
The unwritten lyrics of my life’s song

I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

I am a mess
And I want you to know
Even when you’re not here
I can sense you near

Some bonds are made
Before we are born
And some bonds are made
Because of the Lord

You’re the one
Who stood by my side
When the world was painted
In shades black and white

We’re not lovers
As there are relations even deep
Brothers and sisters-
The bond to keep!!

I haven’t been so peaceful
for quite a while

I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

By chance we met
By chance it happened,
And you helped me smile
In the most testing times

I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

Blessed be you,
Forever you smile
Always in my thoughts
I think of you all the time
You will be happy
Your dreams will be real
God always stays
By the side of the ones He loves
Regardless of what
Tomorrow has  in store
I am fully sure
We’re never going to lose
The bond that is
Strong enough to defy
All testing times
I didn’t even realize
When you became my smile

You Know Who You Are

There are people who read the words you write..and then there are people who see in between the pauses of two words

There are people who see broken beauty in your poems.. and then there are people who know how you bled when you wrote those verse

There are people who MERELY promise to be there for you when you need them.. and then there are people you’ve never met and may never will and still they stand when you need the right shoulder to stand

There are people who come and go away from your life like seasons.. and then there are people who come once and you know, you just know that nothing will make their presence go away

There are days when you just feel sad and lost and trapped.. and then there are people who simply hear you cry, whisper a few okays and you feel the light

There are times when I question what friendship truly is, how real friends are, what life really means, what end will finally bring.. and then I find such souls that make all my doubts, all my questions, all my silly worries slip away.. because sometimes all you really need is that ONE EMAIL that says WORDS worth a MILLION BUCKS.


A brighter soul I may never meet

A lovelier heart I may never find

A friend like you is for keeps

Your words, the gestures, touch me deep

A million miles between the two of us

A decade or even more of gap in our ages

And yet, you hear the words that hide

Beneath the deep dark lines

No words are enough to thank the soul

That made me see the spot of hope

When I was badly slipping down the hole

I don’t have words to thank you enough

I wish you are forever blessed

If I ever have to define a true friend again

All I really need to do, is speak your name

And a better definition shall never be made

I was lost, trapped and yes felt nearly dead

I had no one to unload the pain

All you did was be right there

When I thought I had nowhere to go

Some people are meant to go

Some people always stay

I do not know what tomorrow has in store

Which path we will take, where we will go 

But, I mean the words and I will stick by them


If I ever have to define a true friend again

All I really need to do, is speak your name

And a better definition shall never be made


You know who you are.

T.H.A.N.K .Y.O.U.


Piece dedicated to Al Forbes because he is ONE REAL BIG SHINING STAR… you define friendship Al.. 

I’ve other friends who fill in the nearly same pair of shoes, and there shall be more of such heartfelt words.

Sincerely yours,

Shamelessly Happy Stalker.






A Tale So True.. I Truly Adore You.

~~Another dedication poem to someone who has really shaped who I am.. I recently came to know about his story and I have never itched more to write.. I strongly feel that I couldn’t do justice to the kind of beauty he has… I will update the name, so you too could visit and see for yourself the MAN who is BRAVEST of all I’ve met.. If and when he reads this, and should he be okay with it, I am going to add the update…  Some stories you love, some stories you hate and then there are tales that just T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.S… His real life story is one of those.. You’re a H.E.R.O. in every sense of the word and I can’t thank you enough for crossing path with me…

He lost his voice and he still blogs, still writes.. that for me is the best kind of person to walk on earth.

I would love to show the “beautiful” you to this ordinary world~~


HAPPY UPDATE: Meet the man behind the story: The true L.E.G.E.N.D

George  at


Sometimes, we stumble

Upon people


End up teaching more

About life

Than you


You ever knew.

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

I share the love for words

I chat on and on

So often we spoke

And yet I never knew

While you too 


The words weren’t 

Out loud

They were sung from your soul

And so they’re even sweeter

Than all the ones I’ve read

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

Some people talk a lot

And then I am the one

Who talks even more than them

And I would really give it up all

To hear you speak

The world you’ve always wished

But, then I wonder

May be, you don’t need

To speak the words loud

Because your eyes must already

Bear the shine

That speaks more than

Words could ever speak

You’re stronger than

The wiods that blow

On the oceans and ruffle the waves

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

Your story is the one

I will narrate 

To all those who have lost hope

And believe

Life is an endless journry

Of sorrow and misery

Look at this man

And how he braved

Odds so odd

And yet he smiles

And seldom complains

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

Remember, my friend

I mean all this

I didn’t write to impress

I just wanted to speak

Even when you can’t say it loud

Your words have touched me deep

I see the world 

In shades so different

Thanks to you,

I know what it takes

To enjoy the life

And not feel the blues

Not everyone can

Do what you did

And this is why

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

I mean every word

Of what I wrote

You changed my life,

You shaped my thoughts

You’re more powerful

Than the strength I’ve known

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you

Bless be you

Be wrapped in smiles

You can’t speak

But you’ve the eyes

I haven’t seen 

The color they are

And yet I know

The magic they have

Nothing is more beautiful

Than the tale that speaks

Louder than words you love…

I really don’t have words

To tell 

How much I adore you


The poem is dedicated to yet another person I Happy Stalk… I am not naming him/her because sometimes, it is good to talk about someone and keep guessing.. there’s something good about mystery, still I will share a glimpse of why the person is good enough to be stalked.

I LOVE words.. everytime I read a good book/poem, I fall a little in love with the one who penned it.. and then there are stuffs you read that JUST CHANGES you.. you can see the whole picture in a  fluid motion painted RIGHT in front of your EYES and you do not question if it is a figment of a writer’s imagination.. you just know it’s REAL.. there is NEVER a question.. such is the writing of this person.. I can never be tired of reading it.. I re-read my conversations, I stalk his blog and the best of all- he DOESN’T JUDGE me because of that… I have told him some stuffs most people do not know.. I don’t know why I told all of it, but I just knew, I could.. I WISH WE COULD BE THE FRIENDS WHO REMAIN FRIENDS TILL WE ARE OLD ENOUGH NOT TO REMEMBER WHO WE OURSELVES ARE.. you don’t find a lot of gem online, but I am glad God chose to show me one.. Be Blessed and I am not explaining the title.. like the person, the title too is a mystery 🙂 I look up to YOU. OKAY?


I don’t know what 

You think of me

I don’t know what
I mean to thee

You don’t even see the
World like me

You don’t love the
Same things as me

Yet, it’s the words
That touch me deep

The pain in the cuts
Make me bleed

There is something in the
Unspoken words
There is something in the
Unseen smile

Everytime I read your words
I see a glimpse of pure love

You say you’re broken
But I have never seen so deep
You’re more capable of love
Than one can think

I don’t know you much
Except I do
There’s more to the story
Than what others see

There is something in the
Unspoken words
There is something in the
Unseen smile

I am still in my pursuit
To see your shades
Do you still feel red
Or are you full of gray?

Often I wonder
Often I visit
The words you write
And the ones you mean

I ask too much
I talk even more
But there are things
I wish I could fix

The battle is yours
And only you can win
But a soldier is a hero
Even if he fails to win

There is something in the
Unspoken words
There is something in the
Unseen smile

I don’t know what 
You think of me

I don’t know what
I mean to thee
And still I say
Come what may

I want to hear
Every word you speak
Tied by my love
For words so deep

Sometimes my 
heart does weep

I wish I was that one friend

Whom you could trust till the end

I break no promises
I don’t break trust

I am just looking for answers
To quench my thirst

Your words leave me rattled
They make me think
In ways, I didn’t knew
I could feel

The more I read
The more I feel
So much to ask
That I am scared
I might be reading
More in between the lines

And yet I know
The tale will unfold with time

Too many layers, you do wear
Too many colors, you don’t share

I don’t know what 
You think of me

I don’t know what
I mean to thee
And yet I smile
And at times I cry

Your words are magic
I feel they are mine

A story they say
A song they sing
For my unseen dreams
They give me wings

Blessed be you
Forever you smile
May the brightest light
Shine your darkest night

I am just another friend
And this is a bend
As these lines I write
I both smile and cry
It’s been some time
Since I realized

Some words make you feel
Happy even when you cry

Sometimes you should see
The world from my eyes
Pink it is and so are the smiles

I don’t know what 
You think of me

I don’t know what
I mean to thee
But all I would say is 

A friend in need 

Is a friend indeed