You know what they say 
Don’t let the thoughts scream 
Because it suffocates 
Slowly it will strangle 
The hold so tight 
You want to break free
But alas chains so terrible
They bound the free-spirited birdIMG_1235

If only I could fly 
And do all I desire 
The sullen heart too would smile 
The empty eyes would gleam 
With hopes of the paradise 
Where I had so often lived 
Why can’t I turn you back, Time? 
Why did you deceive? 
Lock me back in those lanes
Where I simply stayed 
Unaware of how precious 
Were those Tiny moments 
That has now passed me by

You know what they say 
People kill people 
Everything tumbles down 
The spiral gets messy 
The year is bidding a Bye 
Or is something else going away too? 
Bid adieu to another year 
Because it’s always yesterdays
That look lovelier than the tomorrows

One more time I will sail
In my yesteryears locked in memory lanes 
Let the good times wash over me 
Let the remembrance bring that same old smile
Which doesn’t worries of the ticking time 
Yes, let me be that kid again 
Who believed that Santa always came 
Because such is the pathos now 
Everything new is the same again




Let us go
A little somewhere
Between the stars
Amidst the twinkling dots
Sandwiched between the floating clouds
Draped in memories tonight
Let us not blink
Just stay
Stargazers and wanderers
Dreamers and lunatics
Entwined amidst fingers five
The lashes too begin to smile
Desserts and French delights
A moment frozen in time
Reflected from the sky divine
Places different, sharing the sky
The moon whispers our lullaby
A little somewhere
Between the stars
Underneath the lines
Our story resides
Beautiful beginnings
Begin to rhyme

  • -French Delights #1 (A new series)11372111_1649536588654139_857931583_n