You’re My Poetry

for the love of words

“What is so special about poetry?”

“Prose though brilliant is always a story, but poetry; “

“Isn’t poetry, though spectacular, always a poem”

“Yes, it is, but”

“but, what? No good ever comes out of a but”

“But, poetry is sometimes a person locked with love in words”

“And prose? Can’t prose lock a person with love?”

“Yes, it can but”

“But again”

“But, when a prose locks a person with love, it becomes poetry. Poetry is love and love is poetry.”

“Are all people poems?”

“Yes, some are sonnet, some ballad, some are couplets, but”


“But, there is only one who is THE POEM you will never forget because your favorite poem tells your story :)”






love of words

“May you fall in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”

-Michael Faudet

“I had practiced my goodbye too many times, perfected the art, learnt the lines, but every time you said “hello”, I forgot every letter I ever penned in the 377 goodbye letters I so far wrote.”

– Self

The Closed Door


“Have you ever looked at a closed door and wondered if you wanted to be inside? I’ve been inside and trust me, it is not a good place to be. However, if there is one thing that sucks even  worse is when someone chooses to shut the door on your face and leaves you outside.

I have been at both places and somehow the pain hurts even when the doors and windows are open today. Memories, they say, is both a blessing a curse. You are often caught unaware by the intensity of some words that were spoken long before but suddenly you are hit by the force which is so intense, it strangulates you.

Be very careful of what you speak; not just to others but yourself because some words last a lifetime in hearts of those who heard it.

I am still trapped in pages of the book which I long ago burnt.

It suffocates and kills and hurts. May be, tomorrow would do good. 

Nothing lasts forever, not happiness, not sorrow and not us.”


love of words

“I will bruise your lips and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible  and when I leave, you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.”

 -Source: M.K. Katrina


“She was not beautiful; she wasn’t ugly either. She was cursed with the worst curse. She thought she had a face that was so average that it was forgettable, yet her worst fear was being forgotten. Little did she know that she was a poetry waiting to be immortalized and the poet was born.. All that was needed was their path to intersect and a beautiful tragedy shall follow”




love of words

“I always thought you’d be here, thought you’d be by my side. But everything happens in seasons – And you’ll always be my favorite summer”

-Source:  Bhavya Kaushik, Author of “The Other Side Of The Bed”


“The stars always sing to me, the moon always smiles at me and yet I crave for the sun, but all it does is burn. My days are as dark as night and my nights- well that is the only time I shine. Some love stories are always like that, wrong when it ought to be right and feels right though it is wrong”