Urban Cross – The New Hyped Car!

Whenever you are buying a car, there are so many things we all want to check and analyze because it isn’t just a goddamn car, it ends up being so much more. The Datsun Redi-Go is one of the much-hyped cars which seems to be all set to become the car of the year.

The manufacturers promote it saying,

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Does it really deliver all that it promises? Let me share with you three of its top features which make me crave to own this beast of a vehicle.

Killing it with the exteriors

The Datsun Redi-Go is surely a very well planned design. It comes with flashy exteriors that will make it look like the ultimate king on the roads. It has the forward styling that resembles that of a crossover. It breaks the conventional stereotypes and has its own modem and functional design. The silver touch further adds to its appeal.

Not only this, the D-cut Grille adds to the touch of quality which this vehicle has and the increased height of the stance surely adds to the comfort factor as well.

The interiors

If you thought that merely having great exteriors is not going to serve the need either, you need to know that Datsun Redi-Go comes with really impressive interiors as well. It is spacious and with a joint family like mine, it comes in handy.

The spacious design means that I would be able to take all my family along and we could have a whole lot of fun. For every music lover, the dash is worth dying for. It is nicely arranged and the tachometer too has the refined touch. The fabric seems to be inspired by the sport look and will give you the much-needed thrill as well.

The sheer bliss of comfort

In the end, one of the main reason as to why we all want to buy a car is because we crave for that extra luxury and comfort. The 5-speed manual transmission means that driving this car would be a piece of cake and definitely a beauty. To all those number lovers who are likely to check the statistics in one go, you have the drive right in front of you that will display the distance, mileage, fuel and whole lot more. Even the shift indicator is easy to use.

So, I definitely have my own reasons to bag this car and I can’t wait to own it. I know that the moment I would have my Datsun Redi-Go, I am going to take it for a ride to the Victoria memorial early in the morning with my cousin in there because it is about time that they can see what an excellent judge of cars I am.

I would test it for its amazing performance and design and would like to impress them with what an amazing pick I managed to have. Datsun Redi-Go is surely the car to watch out for.

To know more about this urban cross, check out the details right at this link here.


Good Times. Good Life.

I had recently been to Dubai this February and the memories of the trip are fresh and lively as always.
It was one of those trips which I am always going to cherish because every single thing turned out to be perfect in ways more than one.
It all started one random Monday morning when I was shit tired and extremely frustrated.
I told my father about how badly I needed a break as I was too tired of working day in and day out and I wanted to simply unwind myself and unleash the freedom within.
Dad decided that we might as well squeeze a tiny little vacation which could do everyone a world of good.

The plans

The next few days were really exciting as we raided the Internet to find the possible places we could go.
As I have always had a thing for hill stations, I suggested Bhutan. But, we had already been there when we were younger.
The desire to go somewhere else was really strong and this is when we landed on Yatra’s site.
Yatra has always been one of the best platforms when it comes to locating the ideal places for travel.
Almost everyone from our home uses Yatra because it is a brand we have grown with and the trust we have in its services is pretty high.
As we all sat down with our own requirements and specifications, we finally shortlisted three spots for touring – Dubai, Mauritius and China.
Mauritius was my top choice while dad wanted to go to China. However, my sister wanted to go to Dubai and as we explored the details and itinerary, we all came to the unanimous conclusion that we wanted to go to Dubai.

The shopping

The very first thing that happens after you finalize a trip has to be shopping! I know a lot of you may say it should be booking the international flight, getting a completely itinerary and a package, but the real thing for us has to be shopping.
We knew that as long as we could fall on Yatra, we had nothing to worry as far as bookings were concerned.
So, we settled on shopping first. There were so many new clothes to buy along with matching accessories, shoes, scarves, and so much more.

We spent nearly two weeks looking for the best stuff and the finest things which would look good on all of us.

The tour plans

Once we were done with our shopping arrangements, we shifted our focus to the tour itinerary, flight routes, the places of interest and more.
Once again, it was Yatra that helped us out. I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by the immaculate details that they shared.
Dubai being a tourist destination has so much to offer. We knew we couldn’t see anything and everything and this is why we had to settle on the top place.
After comparing the tour details with the rest of the travel sites, we have been extremely impressed by the tour which Yatra offered. Let me share with you precisely what we did to make our trip complete in ways more than one.

The flight

We left early morning for Dubai via the Emirates Airlines. I have to say it was undoubtedly one of the best airline as the services offered were exemplary. Further, as there is no other airline that offers a direct flight from Calcutta to Dubai, this one was surely the best choice we had. Though there are plenty of Delhi to Dubai flights, we don’t have many direct ones here.
Once we landed at Dubai, we were immediately taken care of as we had our pickup guy ready for us who escorted us to the hotel.The hotel

The hotel

We stayed At the Gloria and it was amazingly brilliant. The view was breathtaking and as our room was on the 29th floor, we could steal the beauty of the skyscraper right from the confines of our room.
I would say that the service was better than we could ask for and there was absolutely nothing we would complain about.

Now, I am not going to bore you with every Mumbo jumbo details but I will let you know the key attractions point that we saw.

The Burj Khalifa


No Dubai trip is complete unless you have paid a visit to the Burj Khalifa. It is the most iconic building and the tallest skyscraper as well.
We took an amazing view of this building and it is connected with the Dubai mall.
So, we had an easy and quick trip to the Dubai mall as well. Of course, it is every shopaholic’s paradise but we didn’t get much time there as the Dubai mall is a place for so much more than just shopping . There is an aquarium in there along with a fountain show that occurs right beside Burj Khalifa .
Everything was so majestic that we felt like we were living a dream!

The Palm Jumeirah beach


If you love beaches, there is nowhere else you would rather be. This white sandy beach is going to make you fall in Love with it. The scenic beauty along with the majestic backdrop makes it one of the best places you can be at Dubai.
There is a sprawling sand beach and you can even enjoy water sports and surfing and sailing as well.

Look at some other pictures to experience the beauty of this wonderful place.



Gold Mornings!

I strongly believe in the saying that morning shows the day. I love beautiful mornings and I have a few habits which I adore. Like most technology crazed people, I too start my day by peeking a look at my phone.
I have a routine of first thanking God for gifting me a wonderful day and then I meticulously check my texts.  Some people start your day with a smile and add that extra touch to it just with their mere presence. I believe it is this special jazz of having the group of special people which turns a good morning into a gold morning. I have always believed that it is people who are precious and who make us happy.
Every morning, I believe it is upon us to make things pretty, to add that extra jazz, the touch of golden glimmer to what would otherwise be a mundane morning. I make sure to go that extra mile and pick my favorite people to start the day with. I always begin my mornings with a smile as it is one of the best ways of kick starting a day.
I believe that if you can get on with gold like morning which infuses a lot of positivity in you, you are sure to proceed to have an even better day.
I grew up reading that every time a guy texts a girl “hey beautiful”, it makes our day.
While I do believe in this dreamy romantic world, but I also know that it is upon us to make our mornings beautiful too.
So, I relive good times, talk to my favorite people, and thank the good God and start a new day on a high to have a truly gold morning.

When your morning is crappy, there isn’t much of a chance that the rest of the day is going to be any good. Being an advocate of good beautiful mornings, I love the new concept of #Colgate360GoldMornings.

We all need to have a pretty smile because a smile is one of the perfect curves which set all things straight. So, if you too are looking to have a gold morning and may be bring in the best smile in the life of the people you know and the peeps you love, it is time to grab the new gold toothbrush from Colgate.

I have managed to make my mornings beautiful so far. Now it is upon you to embark the same change too. Turning things into gold needs a little happiness, lots of love and the right decision. Colgate really got it right with their campaign. You should too!

Catch the details here.


In this era dominated by funky phones, stylish laptops and technology crazed world, I often feel that we have lost the true touch with nature. If somebody asked me, what real togetherness means, I would like you to sit with me along with a cup of smoking hot coffee and I shall pour my heart out.

Real togetherness means waking up in the morning to catch that perfect way the sun rises up and ends the darkness of the day.

Real togetherness means taking that occasional leave from office, calling up your long lost friends and taking that hike up the mountain so that you feel connected not just with your peeps but with nature.

Real togetherness means taking a break from your stressful schedule and planning a perfect romantic getaway with your partner and letting them know why they are the most beautiful thing to have happened in your life. Often, we get so busy with our work that we forget that life is so much more than one big fat paycheck. Sure, I love my six digit monthly salary but it took me a long time to realize that in my bid to pile more money, I was losing out on the real meaning of being together.

If you mean the promises you made, if you want friendship to stay, if you aspire that your love stays young, you need to go out more often. Don’t lock yourself up in that 4 x 4 cubicle and rely on those little texts and random calls. If you love someone, make an effort that matters. Write them a love letter and read it out loud in an open forest. Scream their names at the top of the cliff and watch the smile when their name reverberates in the open air.

Take your friends for a surprise vacation and enjoy the way they would hug you tight and say, “Man, this is what was really missing.” I am not asking you to abandon your work life, but being together is a lot more than chatting over a Whatsapp group! It takes two to tango and be willing to carve quality time.

Distance can be a cruel thing and sometimes you need to cut down the miles because being together is about entwining the fingers in each other’s hand and finding that perfect closure, about hugging the one person you would want to spend the rest of the life with, ruffling the hair and letting the wind play its magic.

Real togetherness is about making I and you as *us* 🙂

Watch this *aw* advert by Kissan to get a feel of what real togetherness is! Surely, Kissan hits us right in the feels! How would you define what togetherness means to you? Let me know your take!

Supremely Quick Internet 4G

I often find myself cursing the terrible speed of my internet connection. It is ridiculous to keep waiting for the internet to be connected and only to find out later that it is still going to be a painful unbearable wait.

This is why my joy knew no bounds when I heard about the 4G network and how it could bring an end to all my surfing woes. I have a lot of plans regarding how I would use the superfast 4 G network by Airtel in order to serve my purpose.

Video calls

I love seeing people who are not by my side. As I have always loved socializing on the web, I have friends located in almost every continent. It is not possible to travel to each of these countries and hang out with them; however thanks to technology; it is almost possible to see them.

I love video chatting with friends as the pleasure of seeing them live at the very same time gives me a very different kind of thrill. Of course, it leaves a lot more to be desired, but then again, something is better than nothing.

Shopping on the go

There is no such thing as too much shopping, right? I am a hard core shopaholic and I strongly believe that shopping is like a religion and my recovery pill too. Now, 3G isn’t bad for shopping experience but it does take some fun from my shopping experience when I need to wait for the products to load.

This is why with my smart Airtel 4G network, I could shop anywhere on the go. I would look at all those amazing products in the awesome online stores and in the blink of an eye, purchase stuffs to my heart’s content. It is like see, love, shop- whoosh! Voila, life looks so picture perfect, isn’t it?


Now, I am not really the biggest movie buff you will find but it never hurts to enjoy a little extra entertainment. This is why I am going to use my super fast internet speed to download music and movies and maybe a few games too. I love those games where you can challenge people in real time. Internet speed definitely plays a huge role in such games and I would love the lead with the lightning speed of the internet.

These are the top plans which I have in my mind and I aim to make the full use of my 4G network. No doubt, there are a hundred different ways by which I could utilize it too. What do you think would be an apt use of such a whopping speed? I have high expectations from Airtel and its supremely fast network, let me know about your plans and ideas too.

Let the internet take the world by storm! WOOSSSHH!

Oh Honey!

Ever since I was born, I have been blessed with extra layers of baby fat. My mother often jokes that not many people took me in their lap because even at a very young age, I was too heavy to be carried; of course, she tells she is serious and I pretend it’s a joke.

Anyways, being born on the chubbier side, I have grown up with my share of suggestions regarding the diet to follow, the food to eat, the ones to miss, the need to skip food entirely and what not!

Sometimes, I get really irritated when people pop their expert opinions and animatedly tell me, “Hey you should look at the food you eat! Calories are a big thing!”

I feel like telling them to shut their big mouth and mind their own business but mostly I end up depressed and contemplate if crash dieting is the way to go.

However, thanks to my ability to read and write and taking a little liberty, I should add think and understand as well, I soon found the right way to go.

To all those gorgeous women with curves, crash diet takes you nowhere. Trust me, it doesn’t! Your body is a temple and you shouldn’t disrespect it. There are so many ways to staying fit and crash dieting is certainly not the way to go. The better and wiser approach is to choose balanced diet. I stumbled upon the perks of opting for a honey diet by Dabur because honey is a remarkable food which can do wonder to your body. Honey aids in better digestion and is a good sugar substitute as well. It will give you the much-needed energy and helps you stay in shape.

When you are following a balanced diet, you won’t really need to fuss about other things.
Your body needs the right amount of nutrients for the sake of having a healthy growth. If you do not offer them these minerals and nutrients, it will lead to degeneration of the muscles and it can harm the overall growth of your body and its functioning as well.

So, your main aim should be to find a diet which will have the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. When you are not over indulging and eating it right, you will be able to ensure that your body will be well toned and it is going to help you shed the extra pounds as well.

Dabur’s Honey diet is one of the best way by which you can succeed in accomplishing your goals. So, if you want to live a healthy life, the right thing to do is explore the details of Dabur’s honey diet here and put in a little exercise as well.

Bats, Balls And Date!

Are you a lover of the game? Has it ever occurred to you as to how many times someone you loved ended up ditching your plans at the last moment because a high-voltage India-Pakistan match was being played?
I still remember how terribly frustrated I was when I called up my friend to talk to him about the pitiable state of my life and after blabbering for a long 10 minute all he told me was, “Damn, the Yorker was too good. I truly wish India wins today; it would break my heart to see them lose after such a wonderful streak in the tournament so far.”
I had slammed the phone hard and would have broken it if it was not my beloved shit of technology! I mean here I was, nursing a broken heart and there was my friend going gaga over a Yorker!

Did you ever find yourself feeling frustrated because your best friend ditched you at the last moment because they wanted to see Virat Kohli bat! I mean it’s okay to see the game, but I often wonder if people need to stop all their plans for the sake of the game. As I was looking for what could be a possible solution, I stumbled upon how UC Cricket is the thing to use.

UC browser understood the need for a cricket dedicated segment because India is a cricket crazy nation. When the world cup is on, suddenly the office sees a remarkably low attendance. The turnout at colleges is pretty less because who even misses their favorite players in action. I remember sitting in a class of 5 people because everyone was busy being glued to their TV seats.

So, with UC Cricket, you can now keep tabs on the scores of the game. Not just scores, getting real-time updates is a lot easier too. You can know about the latest events; catch up with the latest news in the field of cricket and do a lot more. I called my friend to tell about this. He told that now, he can help me heal my ever incessantly breaking heart and still romance his never ending love for cricket.

I have been so excited ever since I heard of it that I have been calling all my cricket crazy friends and letting them know that they can now still keep their plans and enjoy the game to the fullest as well.

This is an amazing opportunity and I am so excited about it. The next time there is a game going on, I will drag my friends to our hangout zones and give them the UC Cricket extension to enjoy the game and have my awesome company too. This is seriously one of the best ways to get the best of both the worlds. UC cricket, you’re awesome!