Making The Boat School Afloat!

For a nation to be developed, it is extremely important that the citizens are literate. Education is the key for the development of a nation. While India is progressing at a rapid rate, it is rather sad that a larger part of our population is still suffering from the clutches of illiteracy.

Owing to the increased illiteracy rate, the rate of development cannot be as quick as we want it to be. It is not that reforms are not in place, but one needs to take a vigilant part to ensure that things really set into motion. Children are in need of an ideal learning environment that would help them enjoy the lessons and give them the drive to succeed further.
However, sitting back and cribbing about things never helps because the need was felt to start the journey of doing right. This is why the concept of Varanasi boat school was founded by NGO Guria, under the smart leadership of Ajeet Singh.

What is the boat school?

This school has been designed with the aim of helping the aimless children who loiter in the streets of Varanasi. The school is all set to offer the right kind of learning environment and resources to the students so that they too can live a meaningful life. The children make it a point to spend two hours after their regular school day for studying, revising or even playing without any kind of pressure.

While the school has already laid the first foundation step, there is still a lot that needs to be done. The boat school is in need of a magical transformation as the school needs a makeover of the interiors, decoration and the perfect learning ambience as well. Apart from the ambience, the transformation will include the addition of resources like books, CDs, educational toys, library, stationery, computers and even painting kits for fostering the growth of creativity. This is important so that the students feel like they belong to an institute where they can carve a career for themselves.

If you really like this whole initiative, you can do your bit. Head to this Do Right campaign by clicking on this link here and you can make any contribution which you deem worthy. Every single effort counts and sometimes, it is the tiniest of efforts that bring in the best of changes.

Maybe, your contribution could fetch someone a #scholarship which can change his/her future. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such a noble initiative? Do your bit today. Who knows, the boat school may end up lighting the lives of too many innocent children. If this concept works, there could be so many schools in different parts of the country.

I did my bit, did you do yours?


Do It RIGHT- Your Chance To Be THE SMILE

I once read somewhere..

Fall In love with a writer, you will never DIE.

While I LOVE writers, I believe a little different. I believe,

Fall in LOVE with an artist, you will be immortalized. 

There’s something really touching about an artist. To see a picture and draw it and bring it to life, it takes a HEART OF GOLD. I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler, So I know that it takes- talent, R.A.W. talent to be an artist.. An artist is a creator, a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. creator just like GOD is.. the creator of the world.

I stumbled upon this story at IndiBlogger in their Do It Right  initiative and it tugged my chords instantly. I’ve written endless poems on love, but what love I truly have, if I didn’t share the story of those creators who bleed day in and day out to make masterpieces and can still barely make their ends meet. The heart bleeds at such stories and all they really need is a little help.

Confused, what I am talking about? PLEASE take out a few minutes from your schedule and see this video. I am sure, it is going to make you ponder, think, pause and reflect.


They aren’t asking for much. Are they? But, I totally understand that not everyone can afford to pay. A lot of us have serious money issues, but may be, once in a while, some angel can stop by and so it never hurts to try. Even if you can’t contribute, talk about it, share the word.. NO, I am not asking you to reblog it.. just talk about the story to friends who LOVE to be a part of such initiatives… You can share the link on your social media profiles

Here, is the story link:

After all, the world is full of brothers and sisters.

I’ve been to Bhubaneshwar and I had a couple of such art pieces at home. My granny used to visit the place once every year. She might not this year ‘coz of health issues, but if she did, I will make sure to tell my uncle to buy one.. because ART is GOD and GOD is ART.

I am not posting any affiliate links here. I never want to make money out of help, that is wrong on so many levels. But, if you want to contribute, I am simply adding the link here… Do what you can.. sometimes, a single penny makes the biggest difference after all, little drops of water make the biggest change.


I will do my bit so that on the day of judgment, I don’t have to hide my eyes from God.. I spend loads on clothes, I can afford a few dime for the ones who were born with blessed creativity, but thanks to the cunning business minded people, they are cursed with poverty. No, everyone has to do their business, I shouldn’t call them cunning, but we can at least strive to make a difference.

The ART pieces are divine. I am in LOVE with them… I always LOVED them when I was a kid. We never had so fancy ones as seen in the video, but PURI, Bhubaneshwar is famous for these kinda art and we once had a lot of them. This story made me nostalgic and I will PRAY that the dreams of these artists are painted true. I know it will because GOD looks out for those who are HIS. Yes, he does. he always does, he always will.

Be a messenger, do it right.. spread the smiles and feel worthwhile.

We so often smile, here is the chance to be THE smile for someone. Trust me, it will make your heart “HAPPY FAT”

We All Have A Story To Tell

~~We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell~~

Once in a while, I come across topics that make me thankful that I am connected to some of the most wonderful souls in and around the world.

We are all so busy living and loving our lives that we forget the “children of lesser God”. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a roof over their head.

While you are crying over your Louis Vuitton heels, there are kids who walk barefoot in the scorching heat of the sun.. We tend to make more of our problems than what it is.

Once in a while, take out time and look out for those who need a little help.. Sometimes, a little help can bring the biggest change in someone’s life..

Here’s an initiative taken by Tata Capital.. I have been a part of this company(a part of TATA) and I know the honesty they abide by. So, if you have doubts about how legal and morally right the agency is, take my word for it… Dig the profile of JRD TATA and all your doubts are going to melt in thin air. However, I am not here to talk about Tata empire.. I am here to talk of the kids who need you..Here’s a short video of what the initiative is all about.

Now, there’s a story of few kids.. Who have dreams in their eyes.. They have a vision and a mission and all they seek is love and a little help..

Koshish which is a Hindi word that means EFFORT works for kids who are deaf and mute. They are offered training so that they can make something of this beautiful life. Two of these kids, Shahin and Chetan have been picked to be imparted photography lessons..what is the saying, a picture speaks a million words.. for those who can’t say the words or hear them, isn’t capturing the raw beauty of nature the perfect gift that could blossom their big heart? To help others “see” the world because they are not gifted with “words”, two cameras have been offered to the school. the foundation stone is set, all we need  is a little thrust and a little push in the right direction…

If you can’t offer money, share the message and inspire someone else to do it.. If you don’t want to share such stuffs, just pray that the milestone is reached.. sometimes, the most heart felt prayers are a bigger miracle than what monetary help can offer… if you don’t even want to do that, see their story.. so that one day, you would know life has all shades to it and you can appreciate the luxuries you have in your life…. Here’s a clip to see the half story which you can complete.. we can complete.. 🙂

I am not offering any affiliate links here.. You can check out the main site here and head there… No, you don’t have to make a contribution, if you don’t want to or if money is tight for you..

You can simply share this post.. I  am not asking you to reblog this if you don’t want to.. You can simply share the link of the half stories… Even if one of you or one of your friends make a contribution, some lives can change..

For you, it would be another five minutes of your hectic schedule or may be some of your hard earned money.. But for those little kid… It could mean an entire new chapter..

You can complete these half stories.. All it needs is one single step.. Sometimes, a little help. A single smile and the love can bring the brightest shine…

This is a competition.. I don’t want to fool you all, however the prizes are to help the ones who need… So, I am not promoting my own cause here.. THIS IS A CAUSE.. something that calls for humanity to wake up and rise to the occasion..

I feel moral once in a while.. The world is beautiful.. We just need the right eyes to see it.. Trust me, when you make a difference to someone’s life and they give you their gifted smile, your heart would get three sizes bigger… I KNOW that feeling.. PERSONALLY… my DAD always told me, the life of ours is a gift.. we are so busy piling money, we often end up forgetting to thank the GOD who gave us what we have.. even if you can’t thank him everyday, try and offer something to the ones who need you.. they are the EYES and SOUL of GOD..

I have never felt happier to have a blog.. Blogging for a cause… That’s what makes me a happy person.. Life is more than buying your fav dress.. Love and kindness can light the darkest caves 🙂 🙂

Regardless of what you do or you don’t


I am going to do a lot more half stories of this kind.. it feels good to be human.. What’s the use of talking, if our words can’t add to the peace and the smiles. I FEEL HAPPY tonight.. Do you?