Katrina Manning- Author Speaks!

I love sequels because they not only help you revisit a memorable tale, but it can feel like visiting long lost friends. I had interviewed the author, Katrina Manning, in mid-2015 when she published her first book. She has since published a second, and I had the opportunity to read Lupus Obscurus. Naturally, I wanted to do a follow-up interview. Before we read her responses, here is a taste of what’s in the sequel:


Here is a great interview I had of her. Before you get a scoop into her mind, let me share the exciting blurb of her second book with you.


After an unexpected event, Claire and Marmalade move to South Dakota for a new job opportunity. As Claire gets acquainted with new friends, Marmalade starts to display specific aversions. Does Marmalade sense something Claire doesn’t? And, is someone after Claire?

Exciting enough? Let’s get her talking.

  1. Would you like to tell us about your new book?

This is the second book in The Marmalade Series. It follows Claire and Marmalade on their next adventure. In fact, it’s the first book to put a cat against a werewolf. You won’t believe the ending.

  1. What gave you the inspiration to write this book?

My cat, and my dream of writing books. I absolutely want to continue this series for at least three more books. After that, I’d like to start another series.

  1. Do you believe in the existence of the paranormal?

I believe there is more to our universe than meets the eye–I don’t know what that is though. I’m sure there is still plenty for us to discover.

  1. Your books have a cat as the star. Do you have a cat in real life? If so, how close are you to your feline?

I do have a cat in real life. His name is Marmalade, and he is eight-years-old. That is how I came up for the name of my first series. The cover images are of him.

  1. One reason why you would want the readers to pick your book.

I want people to smile–that would be one reason I would recommend my books.


  1. Share a favorite quote from your book.

Claire offered him a tight-lipped smile. “I think I can make it two blocks by myself,” she said. “I’ll catch you on Saturday.” “Not if I catch you first,” he said. His expression offered no sign of humor. Claire tossed him a wave and stepped out of the restaurant. In spite of the fresh air, Claire still felt a great deal like throwing up.

  1. What advice would you offer aspiring authors?

If writing is your passion, keep working on it even when you feel like giving up. You won’t be able to please everyone, so, the best thing you can do is to please yourself.


I’ve read the book and it is absolutely wonderful. Make sure to grab your copy here.

Happy reading and, of course, Merry Christmas!


About The Author:

Katrina Manning has written thousands of online technical and business articles under her name and as a ghostwriter. Currently, she is the editor-in-chief for Techandburgers.com. In addition, she is also a ghostwriter for a well-known global software company. Yet, it is her love of animals that inspired her to write her first fiction novella. When Katrina isn’t writing, you can find her reading, exploring a new hobby or talking too much on Twitter.


Tete-A-Tete With Katrina Manning

We all love a great book, don’t we? Every time I come across some great authors, it excites me immensely because there are few pleasures as great as meeting authors behind great books. I had the chance of going through Marmalade’s Exciting Tail by Katrina Manning. I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing her but before we get to that, let me share the blurb and a little about the author.

 katrina manning

Book Blurb:

Set in Menomonee Falls, WI, “Marmalade’s Exciting Tail” is a modern story of Claire Young, a web developer who recently broke up with her ex-fiance. Planning for a fresh start, she starts packing to move to another city for an intriguing job offer when her cat escapes and runs away. Claire cannot imagine losing her furry best friend, so she does the first thing that comes to mind—she asks her ex-fiance Kirk, to assist her in the heart-wrenching search. What happens next is a series of flashbacks, questions and a surprise ending that will leave you wondering the meaning of it all. 

About The Author:

Katrina Manning has written thousands of online technical and business articles under her name and as a ghostwriter. Currently, she is the editor-in-chief for Techandburgers.com. In addition, she is also a ghostwriter for a well-known global software company. Yet, it is her love of animals that inspired her to write her first fiction novella. When Katrina isn’t writing, you can find her reading, exploring a new hobby or talking too much on Twitter.

Doesn’t this excite you already? Let me now share the conversation I had with Katrina. It was such a pleasure talking to her.

  1. What made you write your first novella?

For me, it was my paternal grandmother who first planted the seed. When I was in high school, she had told me several times that I could write a good book. Now that I have been writing for over seven years, it was just a matter of finding a story I felt comfortable telling. What boosted my confidence even more was participating in Nanowrimo. After that, I eventually set a goal and met my objective.

  1. Your book revolves around relationship and involves an adorably cute cat. Why did you decide to make an animal such a core part of your very first book?

I knew that I wanted to make a book that most anyone could read. Being a cat owner and cat lover myself, it seemed a natural fit. My cat is the inspiration after all.

  1. What makes this book so special for you?

I’ve lived in many cities throughout my life. There are some parallels within the story to my own experiences, such as understanding the stress that comes along with a move, owning a cat and yes, I have experienced a breakup. That is mostly where the similarities end though. Nonetheless, I wanted to put something out there that would give every reader hope.

  1. What is the message you would like to share with the readers with regards to your book?

I want the book to make people laugh, maybe make them a bit misty-eyed, but most of all, I want it to be a book that people feel better for reading it.

  1. Do you really think that sometimes pet can turn out to be the reason two people, once in love may get a second shot at life?

I think it can help if two people share a love of animals.

  1. How does it feel to finally have the first novel out and doing well?

It feels fantastic! When it finally got published, I felt this overwhelming wave of peace wash over me. Now, I’m working on my second book—so, the anticipation is back in place.

  1. Would you like to leave avenues so that the readers can connect with you?

I do have a Twitter account for the book @marmaladeseries. Readers can certainly follow and connect with me there.

I would definitely recommend her book to one and all. Trust me; you are going to love the teasing romance, the adorable adventures of the furry cat, the tryst of life and more. All in all, I would say it is a book that is going to keep you hooked.

In order to grab a copy from Amazon, click here.

To download this book from Google play store, click here.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the book and also get in touch with the author!




Life is a strange ride…you come across so many different people..some of them remain in your life for ages and still don’t leave an impact and some come way late and even then become the closest you ever had.

Blogging is one platform which is sure to help you learn a lot about life. You would come across good people who would become friends and you would find a few who like to be mean and snobbish just like that. Somehow, I enjoy both people because it is the other category of people who make me cherish the happiness of having found the first one even more.

Yes. All of you reading the post right now can relate with me. I have been lucky to have found quite a few lovely souls and here I will begin a small community wherein I introduce you to my fabulous blogger friends.. Friends I have never met and may never meet..but friends whom I love and can rely upon…
First up is the lady I call Cindrella…not because she has a Cindrella story but because her sweetness and simplicity would make you feel that life is still the fairytale book which my father read out to me when i was a kid…

She is Wendy Lee…the proud owner of Clouds and Cups

She cares immensely for her customers and everyone alike..she is the best and the most deserving winner of super sweet blogger..trust me you can get diabetic with her sweetness.
I chat with her regularly and she has helped me pick a few mandarin words too…her posts are just as brilliant and uplifting as herself…

I will be interviewing her shortly so that I can come to know more about her. Also, there is a lot of cross cultural gap and I intend to close it.

If there is a wonderful soul who can bring a smile on your face on your saddest day, feel free to fall back on Wendy ’cause sweet just got sweeter…

Along with being a fabulous friend, she also sells wonderful jewelry..no doubt, only a jewel can pick such fabulous  jewelry…make sure to read her blog and keep lots of coffee with you ‘coz the lady definitely loves CHEERS


Yes, u are next…drop me a comment or an email..and we can hit it off…just like Wendy, I see a friend in you…

Quoting one of my own lines…friendship can happen under the strangest of times..all it takes is one smile 🙂

Do head to her blog as well as her store as it is  a place you are going to fall in love with and make sure to say CHEERS 🙂

stay tuned for further posts in this FRIENDBLOGSHIP SERIES

Life From The Eyes Of A Kashmiri- The Second Look

Love is strange…Love is complex…Love is surreal…Yet love is home..!!

With these words , I hereby start the second look of life from the eyes of a Kashmiri…Those of you who have missed out on the first two posts namely prologue and the first leg can click on the respective links to head there.

Anyways, summing up in few words, today I shall unveil the second guy from Kashmir who would be baring his tale of what life was at Kashmir and what it is without it.

Kashmir has always been home for those who were born in this paradise. He hails from Indian side of Kashmir and yet you would smile because in a lot of ways, the love and sentiment that he has for his land are so strikingly similar to those which you have already read in the first leg…

Without much ado, let’s introduce the man whose first love is definitely Kashmir…





Sadly enough, he is not blogging at WordPress, so if you want to know more about the guy, you can drop me a question and I will make sure to get back to you…

He speaks very less and it was tough to get the words out. However, his passion and undying love for Kashmir could be spotted in the gestures and depth of the eyes….so, here is an account of what his life was and is…with and without Kashmir…the land he calls both home and heaven….

A snapshot of life from the eyes of a Kashmiri…

Born in a beautiful town in Srinagar, I always knew I was very lucky. Lucky because God gifted me a paradise, lucky because I felt love the day I was born, lucky because I was at a land that is sensuously beautiful and could make me smile during my toughest times.
We are a close knit family and along with some really good friends, I grew up the way most people do. Yes, we do not have the skyscrapers like those in New York, yes we do not have the high end casinos of Vegas, yet we have what I loved the most-the bliss of peace.
If I were given a chance to relive my life all over again and choose one thing to remain the same, I am fairly confident; I would choose growing up in Kashmir.

life from the eyes of a kashmiri

Kashmir- my own land !

Yes, there are a few regrets, after all life is never about perfection anyways..! We have a beautiful paradise, but if you want to make it really big in the corporate world, you don’t have a lot of options here. The land is majestically beautiful, but there is not much on the lines of employment and job and still one needs money to fulfill the different necessities and luxuries of life.

It was extremely tough for me to take the decision of packing my bags because in my hearts of hearts, I knew leaving Kashmir would change my life, and the heart silently whispered…will it be for the good..??

The beauty tugs my heart even today !

The beauty tugs my heart even today !

Yet, I had a career to look forward to. I had earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering…I had worked hard for it and we were always taught, make sure to channelize the knowledge in the right sphere. So, when I was offered the once in a lifetime chance of being a part of a big mnc, I could not say no even when my heart was not in the words but I still had to say YES

I came to Kolkata which was no where near similar to Kashmir…oh yes the people are friendly, I made friends, I met a lot of good ones, I got good salary too..Yet my heart still longs to be there where I had left it…

While I was packing my bags for heading to Kolkata, I left a part of me there…a part that that belongs to the land of Kashmir. Even if I fall in love, even if I meet the one who can fulfill my life’s course, yet


It has been my first love and will forever be…till death does us apart, I am indebted to the land I call my own…

life from the eyes of a kashmiri

Kashmir- Redefining beauty

I know not when I will return to my place, but every night I visit it in my dreams. I am making a career…but Kashmir I will soon be back…to hug you close…because it is truly God’s abode…

Whoa…what a view…definitely life from the eyes of a Kashmiri is a sight that made me plan my own trip…

Both Peerzada Ubaid and Hamad Khawaja are deep in love with the land they call their own.

The love for Kashmir ties them together, although they are from nations different, their life intersects in ways more than one…

Next up would be tete a tete with the two of them..Let’s unravel more of fun…more of drama…let’s know what these Kashmiri think like…

Do come for the third break with this awesome duo….
Hope you liked the second look for life from the eyes of a Kashmiri….I personally enjoyed the treat and both of them make me wish I too had memories like this…. 🙂

P.S. Make sure to drop to Tree TV as it is there that I got the initiative to do this cover interview…

Life From The Eyes Of A Kashmiri- The First Leg

life from the eyes of a kashmiri

As I had promised you in my prologue for life from the eyes of a
kashmiri, I would be interviewing a guy from kashmir who would bare
his tale, the mission has begun…welcome all to the first leg of LIFE

I had a little change of plans because I got a better prospect.
Somebody had told that the world is small and it truly is….because
just like that on my blog post..I found a potential
interviewee…before iIdivulge further details, a little background
for those who are unaware of the tryst of kashmir

During  the independence, Kashmir was one of the worst sufferers
because it got split between two nations..India and Pakistan…
I have not been to either lands and yet I am cent percent sure that
there is no difference between the Indian kashmir and the Pakistani
kashmir except for the fact that they now belong to two separate

The spirit of nature, the beauty of the place, the imagery, the
hospitality of the people and love that holds people together are
same…yet they are now tied to different nations…

life from the eyes of a kashmiri
Here, I will interview two fellow..one who is from the Indian side of
Kashmir and the other from Pakistani side of Kashmir. I will ask them
the same set of questions to them and the answers will help you see
that the love for Kashmir is the same, irrespective of the country you
reside in.

Without much ado, I hereby unveil the tale of a Kashmiri from
Pakistan. His life has been eventful in ways more than one. It is not
a fairytale ride, there have been a few ups and downs and yet he loves
Kashmir from the core of his heart….

Below is an account of his life with and without kashmir…..read the
tale and feel one with the story because this is the first chapter for
life from the eyes of a Kashmiri…

Wear your seat belts and brace for a ride…my heart goes out to all
of those who have suffered and are yet cruising along cherishing the
moments that we call life…







A picture speaks a million words…So, presenting the man who helped me out of nowhere and for no reasons. I am truly indebted to you for taking out time to help me in covering what is definitely one of the best journeys I have ever witnessed.

” I’m from Pakistan side Kashmir ( Azad Kashmir). I dont belong to the
one held by India.

Anyways, kashmir is kashmir on this side or the other. I was born in a
village near the Loc located in distt. forward kahuta,Haveli AJK.
poonch City(Indian kashmir) is the city most close to my village
across the LoC.  My village is beautiful place.

life from the eyes of a kashmiri
Lakes,waterfalls,glaciers,mountains,plains,streams. it is truly
life from the eyes of a kashmiri
My village was heavily bombarded in the 90’s by Indian army.

Shelling and loc cross fire was common.

There was a long-range rocket attack over the cease fire line which destroyed a mosque in killing 19, in which many of my relatives also died.

It was during this period my father took us to the US where he was already working.

Anyways I came back from the US after 10 years and lived in
Muzaffarabad the capital of AJK.

I would come and go to my village also but studied in muzaffarabad.

Life was normal and kashmir was just home then. Muzaffarabad was also a good place.

Being the capital it had everything and was still kashmir.

Then in 2005 the big earthquake happened. 

I was in muzaffarabad then. I some how managed to survive the earthquake as my school was of then luckily. This was the worst tragedy of my life. I lost friends,relatives and everything was at its worst then.

Even after the earthquake my family was to go back to the US but we decided not to abandon our city and home just because of an earthquake. I think that was the most proud decision that our family ever made and so did many other families, thanks to which Muzaffarabad till this day is still populated even after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 33,000+ people dying in muzaffarabad alone.

(I salute the spirit too..because it is tough to begin after an end..!)

After college,I really wanted to get out of Kashmir to the big cities
in Pakistan and that’s what happened.

I moved to Pakistan to study. But it wasn’t as i thought it to be.

After a year i got fed up with the city. I traveled all over to different places, but it was then

I realized that nothing in the world could beat Kashmir.

Even if Kashmir might not be the most developed, i then realized the true importance of Kashmir.

My recent years out side of kashmir were the worst.

Living in kashmir is the best.

No doubt, the tale shows how much people have suffered because of the reckless fights. The bond of love can bring two of the most different souls together and the love for kashmir may still have the power to turn souls in one…in my next leg, I will unveil the tale of another guy from the Indian side and you can pit them side by side to see how life is so
differently similar…!!!

Truly, it was a treat to see life from the eyes of a kashmiri….

life from the eyes of a kashmiri

Make sure to head over to Immature Fruit to see wonderful sketches and poems by a man who truly redefines the SPIRIT OF KASHMIR.

I have interviewed him already and the questions and answers were interesting enough for a conversation. Make sure to drop in next time. If you have questions to be answered, comment it here and i will make sure to get back to you.

P.S. Make sure to head to MY TREE TV as it is there that I got the initiative to do such an interview. The world can be made green if you plant a tree. Have a treetastic day..! stay tuned for a profile interview of the next guy as he too will show you LIFE FROM THE EYES OF A KASHMIRI

To read the next part, click here.

Prologue For “Life From The Eyes Of A Kashmiri”

Have you ever seen nature in its raw form? Have you ever given thought
to what paradise looks like? Do you have a faint picture of what
heavens should feel like?
These are some questions that are open to the interpretation of people
and yet if you have ever been to the land called India, you would be
given just one answer….KASHMIR
It has often been called as HEAVENS ON EARTH..the beauty of the place
would tug your hearts in a way that shall leave you captivated,
enchanted and enthralled..

The raw natural beauty of this place makes it abode of GOD..sadly
enough there has been a few terror activities owing to the Indo-Pak
rift that has taken some sheen off from this fabulous paradise.
Nonetheless, Kashmir still tugs the chords of your heart.

I shall hereby list a few pictures..go through them and identify the
heart hugging beauty of this heavenly abode. People who have been born
here have a hard time living life someplace else because no land can
bring them as much joy as their own.

beauty of kashmir

Austere beauty of Kashmir

beauty of kashmir

Snow Clad paradise on earth.

beauty of kashmir

the lush green paradise

beauty of kashmir

Birds And Flight..

If you would like to look beyond, stay tuned for a feature story on
life from the eyes of a kashmiri“. I promise to take you through the
topsy turvy emotions which people from Kashmir feel when they have to
pack their bags and bid goodbye to the soil that they have loved since

The ties of nature is hard to break and Kashmir is so much of it and
more. Remember, you can make a difference. Plant trees, spread the
message of world peace and let the spirit of Kashmir be free….
Presenting a few more shots that are a treat for the eye…

beauty of kashmir

The Place Nature Calls its Own

beauty of kashmir

The Scene of Love

beauty of kashmir

A treat for the eyes

beauty of kashmir

lets walk to explore more…

Hoping that you would come back again for the interview of a fellow
from Kashmir who would bare his tale of life with and without the
natural bliss of Kashmir..signing off with the signature line..
Have a treetastic day..!

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