More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of the zillion memories made on 
Nights short and long 
It takes you back to the time 
When you slept caressing
The pillow you called your own.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of the carefree times when you didn’t bother 
Thinking of the what ifs, why’s and how’s 
It makes you nostalgic of the times 
When you were still figuring 
How to figure the meandering 
Lanes of life.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of how life smiled even when it was pouring 
Of how you wore it all because 
Nothing looked gloomy, not even the murkiest nights.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of those tiny starts 
The leap of faith 
The endless promises 
The little moments 
The eternal memories 
The eyes with a hundred emotions 
The lessons you never knew you would have to ace 
The people you never knew you would have to leave 
The places you never thought would become surreal 
The moments you never knew would become rare 
The words you never thought that would get stuck 
The passion you could never imagine would fade 
The poetry you never thought would once turn to prose.



How Vitamin E Changed My Life For Good?

Often known as a wonder drug; Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that is a must for healthy survival. A fat-soluble vitamin, it is easily found in plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereal, meat, eggs and even wheat germ oil as well. The best thing is that it is also known to work as an antioxidant which means that it can slow down aging (think of staying young forever!) and also minimizes the damage done to the human cells.


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Now, I am not the biggest health freak on the planet, but as I was doing my research on vitamin E, and I was amazed at the kind of benefits which this wonder vitamin had. To enlighten you more on this, let me give you a comprehensive detail of precisely why this vitamin is hailed as the wonder drug and the umpteen befits which it can offer to your body.

Balancing the cholesterol

Having heart troubles? Want to live longer than what your cardiology hints? Hate those ECG machines beeping all over your mind? Vitamin E could be your best buddy.

As per some studies, it has indicated that vitamin E acts as a protective antioxidant which cuts down the oxidation of cholesterol, as they fight the damage done by free radical. They help in curbing the cholesterol oxidation.

Goodbye to the free radicals that are always troublemakers


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We all know that the presence of free radicals has the potential to do a hell lot of damage. I have headed to too many hospitals complaining about the problem and trust me you totally want to avoid it.


So, the antioxidant nature of vitamin E means that they will cut down on the free radical damage and even fight inflammation for you. What’s the bonus? You get to stay young forever because the free radicals have a lot to do with aging. So, say no to Botox and yes to vitamin E. I did so and the results have been so yay for me!

The thick mane

We all love that thick pony that looks absolutely gorgeous. I have fought with hair thinning problems too and guess what, who was my Dr. Saviour? Of course, vitamin E! It is known to promote the blood circulation to your scalp and also cuts down on the environmental damage too. You will also be able to retain a lot of moisture in your skin.

My tip: Totally go for vitamin E hair oil immediately and get the tresses that will make you the party girl!

For all those wild mood swings

Oh boy! Don’t even get me started on the perils of hormonal imbalance! The wild mood swings almost killed my wonderful married life. Once again, my vitamin E came to the rescue. I was battling mood swings, allergies, weight gains, anxiety all together until my husband took me to the doctor and got me my vitamin E fix. It is known to work both on the endocrine and the nervous system and relaxes the menstrual cycle too.

My bonus tip: if you take the supplement before and after your menstrual period, you are likely to witness reduced cramps. Sounds like heaven? It is!

Sight on fleek

Want to have the perfect eyesight so you could zoom in on the latest sale shopping deals? Once again, vitamin E can be to your rescue. It decreases the risks associated with macular desecration which is an age-related disorder. But, ensure that you top it with vitamin C and zinc as well because these together help in restoring vision.

Fitter and stronger

It is also known to bring about a change in your energy levels and the physical endurance too. You can find it doing wonders to your muscular strength as the problem of fatigue is likely to go away.


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This is not all as there are too many other health benefits too. I am going to make a short list for you so that you could skim and see why you absolutely need to work on your vitamin E content.

  • Reverses skin aging problem
  • Works as a cleansing agent
  • Soothes pain because of cold sore
  • Lightens the dark spot and blemishes
  • Treats the troubles of sunburn
  • Repairs the problem of split ends
  • Can help prevent skin cancer
  • Can help in Alzheimer’s and anemia
  • Treats blood disorder



Source: here

So, now that you know the benefits, let us see the main sources of the vitamin.

  • Avocado
  • Hazelnuts
  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried apricots
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Kiwi
  • Red or green bell peppers
  • Taro root
  • Turnip greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Margarine

Integrating into my lifestyle

Switching to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and being a pizza junkie, I initially faced a lot of problems. However, it was the enlightenment of how vitamin E could bring in a drastic betterment in my lifetime which gave me the impetus to go ahead with the changes lifestyle.

I made a chart for my diet and even consulted a dietician. I then made sure that I implemented the changes and honestly, it took a fortnight but the results started to appear.


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I felt rejuvenated and strengthened and I could sense my body heading for a positive and healthier turn. Yes, I started exercising as well and timed my schedule to incorporate basic lifestyle changes. But, voila these changes made my life so much better and so I recommend “Evion supplements” because it surely is a rich source of vitamin E. it was truly a life-changing decision for me to incorporate Evion supplements in my diet. I achieved all these changes not just because of the diet changes but the supplements truly work wonders. #Evion is the savior that turned my life for the good. Check out the details for Evion supplements here.



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Are you starting your health march today? Don’t forget to let me know how you fared!


The Tryst With Numbers

For the 10th time this month, I got up on the weighing scale and found no change whatsoever. I was tired of putting in endless efforts every day and still seeing that there wasn’t the slightest bit of change.

I looked at the mirror and I was shocked at the reflection, not because I was overweight but because the girl who stared back at me was nowhere close to the confident-self I used to be. Somehow, amidst my resolve to shed down the extra pounds, I ended up losing my inner spirit.

I could see all those inner Demons baring their teeth at me.. I could feel the society lash out at me. Was it such a sin to be little more? Does being a little obese meant I couldn’t wear the clothes I loved? Did the weighing scale become my flashing identity? Was I no more than the pounds I weigh? Does nothing else matter except my waistline? Was beauty solely defined by what the weighing scale said? Does having fat thighs meant I always needed to conceal them behind over-sized dresses? Could I not dress up and feel pretty just because the weighing scale wasn’t my best friend? Should I let go of my confidence simply because I was not size 0?

A hundred different thoughts ricocheted my mind. I was scared of what society had made of me! Yes, my thighs maybe the size of Texas; my weight might be double that of a size 0 girl! I might wear clothes that have double XL label on it. I might be what the world labels as obese but none of it entails that I couldn’t live the life I aspire to live.

I have always been happy, confident and proud of who I am. The heart inside knows that beauty is a lot more than the number which the weighing scale says just like beauty isn’t skin deep; it isn’t wired by any boundary either.

I saw my own reflection once more and I realized I needed to be the change the world really needed. I wanted to be the poster girl for every person out there who is battling a battle every time they look at themselves and their overgrown body in the mirror.

Body shaming needs to stop and the biggest culprit is the victim itself. I realized then and there itself love is the only way out of the mess. I decided not to let anyone’s opinion bother me. A few extra pounds didn’t mean I couldn’t do what the vile society perceives as hot girls’ pleasure. It’s about time we killed the stereotypes and embraced with love the body we belong to.

Sure enough, I would love to have a fit body nonetheless, I don’t loathe who I am. Just because a weighing scale says a number that isn’t categorized pretty, I won’t let happiness disappear. I pledge to myself to love my body; to be happy in my own skin and to radiate inner confidence. I would no longer let other people judge me for my body size. I was done playing this little dirty game and I was ready to conquer the world with my large body that accommodated my bulky legs because isn’t it rightly said, ‘the bigger the better!’

Three months later,
I am fat but fit. We are a lot more than our weight. I am happy I chose this new direction because sabotaging my independent confident spirit simply because I didn’t fit with the world’s perception of thin is beautiful didn’t seem like the sane thing to do. I bet John Keats was right when he quoted, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”



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Today I am ready to fly even with all those extra pounds because all it takes is the confidence to love who you are and to seek who you can be and none of it has anything to do with the statistics that the weighing scale often speaks. Say no to body shaming and say yes to being you because there is no one who could be more perfect you than yourself. Life is a gift and every moment could be made into a memory. Stop shaming people because of the flabs they have because sometimes flab is fab!!

This was the spirit of #AHundredLittleFlames which has helped me fly high and soar higher.

This post is inspired by A Hundred Little Flames book which can be purchased here.

A Letter, A Life.

It was one of those days when you just wake up and sense that something is not right. It is hard to put your hand on precisely what went wrong but there is a nagging feeling which makes your heart sink somehow.


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I dreaded the day and somehow even before it had begun, I wanted it to end.
With a half-hearted will, I got up and like always, my hand grazed my phone as it was one of those rituals that you never break.


There were 13 missed calls from Zarine and my heart sank as I saw that. She was never the one to call me so many times until it meant just one thing – trouble.

My mind dreaded all possible worst case scenarios.

She was my best friend since the time we both understood what friendship meant. Unfortunately, she had been battling a long war with fibromyalgia and for her, every day often felt like a battle. Sometimes, getting out of bed was a Herculean task for her. I had never met someone with such a strong willpower ever. She was in every sense my role model because whenever I saw her, I saw the kind of sheer strength and mind power she had in her.

I immediately hit the call button and when I heard her mom’s panic-stricken voice, my heart sank further.

“What happened aunty?” I asked with palpitating breath.

“Beta, can you please come here soon? I am sorry to bug you so early in the morning but Zarine is refusing to get out of bed and she only wants to meet you.”

I knew it was one of those days when even the toughest bones broke down. I knew that Zarine was fighting a lone battle and she too sometimes got tired. I knew that if I couldn’t be with her when she needed me the most, I wouldn’t just let her down but I would never be able to see myself in the eye either.


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I sprang from the bed and let aunty know that I would be there at the earliest.
I knew exactly what I needed to show Zarine and even though every passing second hurt me as I knew Zarine was hurting, but it was important for me to get that thing. I knew that it was exactly what she needed to win this day over.

When I finally reached her home, I couldn’t stop my tears. Zarine lay in bed and her eyes were teary. I could see the pain break her bone and I could feel how she was dying a little every day.

“You’re here!” She whispered and tried her best to smile. I knew even this simple act was terribly hard for her but my presence mattered so much.

“What happened, Zarine?”

“Alisha, I don’t have it in me anymore to fight: the pain is killing me a little every day. I just don’t want to get out of bed anymore. I want you to know that you have taught me so much but I just want to give up. So I wanted to see you one last time before my journey here in this leg of the story is done. “

I couldn’t believe my own ears. This was the Zarine who was the epitome of self-strength. I had sensed her breaking resolute since the last few days and this is why I knew she would need what I had.

I simply took out the letter and placed it in her hands.

“Dear reader,
Nobody has seen tomorrow. No one knows what we will run into. Yesterday, I had almost given up. I wanted to close this chapter of life but I decided against it. Today, my mom told me that I would have a little baby to play with soon and truly I have never been happier.
Today my best friend also planned a three day trip to the amusement park I have never been to. For you, these may be little things, but at our age, this is all we seek.
What I want you to know is that every time you want to give up, close your eyes and gather the moments wherein life strengthened you. Think of all those people who love you, who you matter to and fight; fight because this life is a gift which we are meant to cherish.

You are stronger than the thought that asks you to quit. I didn’t and I won’t let you ever because a life saved is a life made. “


Source: here


I showed it to her and she smiled knowing well that this was her letter that I had kept with me all these years. She wrote this letter when she first came to know that she had fibromyalgia and the pain had crushed her and so had the news. She wanted to quit but had stood her ground and had fought.

“I love you, Alisha.” She whispered and got out of bed and hugged me tightly.

3 months later.

As I stand at her funeral and the tears refuse to dry, I knew Zarine wasn’t a quitter. She fought till the last breath. She loved her full story and somehow it is she and her letter that helps me get out of bed every day even though I know that being a juvenile diabetic, my days here are numbered.

I will fight like Zarine did and so will you. Be the letter in someone’s story and save a life because lives matter and so do you.

I am living and loving. Are you?

This was the letter of #AHundredLittleFlames which has helped me be a fighter and not a quitter.

This post is inspired by A Hundred Little Flames book which can be purchased here.

Messy Maze

The tangled maze of the tree
sometimes symbolize the mess inside
Aren’t we all a little twisted?
Aren’t we all looking to untie the #knots that complicate
Too soon too fast
Life rides at pace so Brisk
You wish you could pause and rewind
memories that have now become a lullaby



You know what they say 
Don’t let the thoughts scream 
Because it suffocates 
Slowly it will strangle 
The hold so tight 
You want to break free
But alas chains so terrible
They bound the free-spirited birdIMG_1235

If only I could fly 
And do all I desire 
The sullen heart too would smile 
The empty eyes would gleam 
With hopes of the paradise 
Where I had so often lived 
Why can’t I turn you back, Time? 
Why did you deceive? 
Lock me back in those lanes
Where I simply stayed 
Unaware of how precious 
Were those Tiny moments 
That has now passed me by

You know what they say 
People kill people 
Everything tumbles down 
The spiral gets messy 
The year is bidding a Bye 
Or is something else going away too? 
Bid adieu to another year 
Because it’s always yesterdays
That look lovelier than the tomorrows

One more time I will sail
In my yesteryears locked in memory lanes 
Let the good times wash over me 
Let the remembrance bring that same old smile
Which doesn’t worries of the ticking time 
Yes, let me be that kid again 
Who believed that Santa always came 
Because such is the pathos now 
Everything new is the same again


French Delights.

Whispering words
The eyes tell the story
Amidst too many words
Tied around the silent glances
Hidden amidst the smiles
Lives and breathes a story
All that happens
All that will
Shall together tie
The chapters abound
French delights
Drunk without wine
Promises till end of time
Two chapters blend
A story is made
The book is written
The characters play
The song they shall say
Shall set the heart ablaze
Music is indeed
The song of the soul