Beach Please



I am more of a hill person rather than a beach but this one on Goa – The Morjim beach was a true beauty in ways more than one.


The endless blue water, the wide horizon, and the soothing sea – what more could one ask for.


Good Times. Good Life.

I had recently been to Dubai this February and the memories of the trip are fresh and lively as always.
It was one of those trips which I am always going to cherish because every single thing turned out to be perfect in ways more than one.
It all started one random Monday morning when I was shit tired and extremely frustrated.
I told my father about how badly I needed a break as I was too tired of working day in and day out and I wanted to simply unwind myself and unleash the freedom within.
Dad decided that we might as well squeeze a tiny little vacation which could do everyone a world of good.

The plans

The next few days were really exciting as we raided the Internet to find the possible places we could go.
As I have always had a thing for hill stations, I suggested Bhutan. But, we had already been there when we were younger.
The desire to go somewhere else was really strong and this is when we landed on Yatra’s site.
Yatra has always been one of the best platforms when it comes to locating the ideal places for travel.
Almost everyone from our home uses Yatra because it is a brand we have grown with and the trust we have in its services is pretty high.
As we all sat down with our own requirements and specifications, we finally shortlisted three spots for touring – Dubai, Mauritius and China.
Mauritius was my top choice while dad wanted to go to China. However, my sister wanted to go to Dubai and as we explored the details and itinerary, we all came to the unanimous conclusion that we wanted to go to Dubai.

The shopping

The very first thing that happens after you finalize a trip has to be shopping! I know a lot of you may say it should be booking the international flight, getting a completely itinerary and a package, but the real thing for us has to be shopping.
We knew that as long as we could fall on Yatra, we had nothing to worry as far as bookings were concerned.
So, we settled on shopping first. There were so many new clothes to buy along with matching accessories, shoes, scarves, and so much more.

We spent nearly two weeks looking for the best stuff and the finest things which would look good on all of us.

The tour plans

Once we were done with our shopping arrangements, we shifted our focus to the tour itinerary, flight routes, the places of interest and more.
Once again, it was Yatra that helped us out. I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by the immaculate details that they shared.
Dubai being a tourist destination has so much to offer. We knew we couldn’t see anything and everything and this is why we had to settle on the top place.
After comparing the tour details with the rest of the travel sites, we have been extremely impressed by the tour which Yatra offered. Let me share with you precisely what we did to make our trip complete in ways more than one.

The flight

We left early morning for Dubai via the Emirates Airlines. I have to say it was undoubtedly one of the best airline as the services offered were exemplary. Further, as there is no other airline that offers a direct flight from Calcutta to Dubai, this one was surely the best choice we had. Though there are plenty of Delhi to Dubai flights, we don’t have many direct ones here.
Once we landed at Dubai, we were immediately taken care of as we had our pickup guy ready for us who escorted us to the hotel.The hotel

The hotel

We stayed At the Gloria and it was amazingly brilliant. The view was breathtaking and as our room was on the 29th floor, we could steal the beauty of the skyscraper right from the confines of our room.
I would say that the service was better than we could ask for and there was absolutely nothing we would complain about.

Now, I am not going to bore you with every Mumbo jumbo details but I will let you know the key attractions point that we saw.

The Burj Khalifa


No Dubai trip is complete unless you have paid a visit to the Burj Khalifa. It is the most iconic building and the tallest skyscraper as well.
We took an amazing view of this building and it is connected with the Dubai mall.
So, we had an easy and quick trip to the Dubai mall as well. Of course, it is every shopaholic’s paradise but we didn’t get much time there as the Dubai mall is a place for so much more than just shopping . There is an aquarium in there along with a fountain show that occurs right beside Burj Khalifa .
Everything was so majestic that we felt like we were living a dream!

The Palm Jumeirah beach


If you love beaches, there is nowhere else you would rather be. This white sandy beach is going to make you fall in Love with it. The scenic beauty along with the majestic backdrop makes it one of the best places you can be at Dubai.
There is a sprawling sand beach and you can even enjoy water sports and surfing and sailing as well.

Look at some other pictures to experience the beauty of this wonderful place.




Have you ever looked for a home?

And found yourself wondering

How would  the walls look like?

Would you paint the ceiling red

Or leave it white like the rest?

Will there be one extra window

To clear your mind

On stormy nights

Will you have tall walls

To help you when

claustrophobia hits you hard

Have you ever looked for a home

And found yourself wondering

If you will ever find one?

I’ve done all this and more

spent too many nights

Trying to find

That one home

Where I could be

Who I am and break free

Of every insecurity

Yet, it took me a long time

To know

Lover alone can make a home

No fancy walls,

No specific color

The heart that calls your name

Is the home you will crave to stay!


Picture credits: Quotes Codex

The Scar Story

I stumbled upon this picture on THIS BLOG and it was originally posted HERE


Both these blogs are hosted on Tumblr and for my life, I couldn’t understand how to do a reblog from Tumblr to WP… but the picture is good enough to be posted. Trust me, this is going to move EVEN the ROCKS.. I felt bad at seeing it because I am cursed with the curse of asking a bit too many questions all the time.

scar story 2tumblr_mo4x0s4kzW1qe8dgto2_500 3tumblr_mo4x0s4kzW1qe8dgto3_500


scar story

I am sorry to all those for all the times when I asked something that I shouldn’t.. I NEVER meant bad, I am just clouded with too many whys, whats and ifs.