Teasing Memories Of My Dreams

Sometimes, I just sit alone
And contemplate at the roads
That life took me through

road of life

I have traversed a million lanes
And yet I do not know a single road
I messed up time and again
And yet I find you waiting at the end of the lane

I never knew if I could reach so far
I thought I would not last
Had I not met each one of you
I do not know where I would be now

where am I

I cannot imagine to travel alone
The solitude would kill me through
Yet sometimes, you have to sit alone
And wait and ponder and think along

I miss the moments that we had made
I miss the times we had spent
I am not what I was
And yet I know you love me still

I see You

Today as I see you walking along
You walk ahead and never look back
I wait and wait and keep waiting again
But you still don’t turn
You still don’t come

Tears roll down my cheeks
They smear my face that once
Spoke the tale of happy times
Things have changed a lot today


With one last look of your marching steps
I turn around with a broken heart
I doubt if the pain would ever escape
I worry if I will ever forget
The contours of your perfect shape
The lines that mark the love we shared

Sulking at the thoughts
Cursing the times
I curl in my bed
With the hope to sleep

I see you standing at the edge of the cliff
You speak the words I always longed to hear
Your face shines like I always loved
The memories knock me with full force


Once again, we unite and put differences aside
Once again, I realize my heart was never mine
Just as we seal the vows of love
Thunder rains hard from the sky
And with a pop my eyes open wide

I find myself alone in the middle of the night
Dreams and Reality do not collide in walk of life





Me, You And We

As the morning begins, the rays gleam
The light of the golden sun falls on your eyes
The sight stops my heart as it forgets to beat for a while
beat of my heart
Your angelic face looks even more princely
As you happily smile absently in your dreams
I am drawn near yet again as your eyes swim underneath

I want to see the movements of your eye
As you happily wander in your dreams
Can I be the reason you smile?


With lovely thoughts, I stir you up
The green ocean of your eyes
Knocks me down and leaves me weak

I slowly enter a world of my own
And together we enjoy the gleam of the rays
Lazily the sun sleeps too as clouds of rain cover the sky
It rains again with promises of love
And together we walk the grounds that are wet
In the open air, near the lush green trees
Together we tumble in each other’s green

tumble in each other's green
Our eyes mischieviously speaks the words
As the hearts silently beats into one

A Symphony so Sweet

There is stillness all around
And in the silence, I hear the words
As the river slowly flows
To merge finally into the sea

The rumbling sound of the flowing water
Echoes the beat of my own heart
I sing along the beautiful song
That seems to be one with the soul

I gaze at my reflection in it
I see lines of happiness on the contours of my face
As a smile spreads further wide
A ripple creates a symphony


I sit on the banks for hours on stretch
I wonder about things said unsaid
And in the darkest hours before the night
The jungle truly comes to life

With the crack of dawn, the cycle repeats
And with time, the lines on my face gracefully age
Today when I gaze in the same mirror
I find not just smiles but also see my life


We all have a tale to be told
We all are but stories in a play
You should simply play your part
And always listen to words of heart

The rumbling river calls to me
And I slowly become one with its symphony

one with nature

A New Dawn

I look back and turn the pages
Yesterday was full of light
And today I sit in the dark
Wondering who sucked the happiness from me

Slowly, the sun rises again
And promises to break the night
But, how do you clear the darkness
That sticks even in broadest daylight

I look for words of comfort
I seek a shoulder to fall upon
A hundred smiling faces surround me
And yet my heart sorrowfully laments

I would never see the smile again
I would never hear my own laugh
The darkness kills me one more time
Until I willingly embrace it in my arms
endless summer
Tired of putting a false smile
Tired of having a hollow laugh
I submit myself to the darkest hours
And willingly fall to the cave below

Kissing death and hugging eternity
I see the brightest burst of light
Am nearly blinded by the glow
Until I hear, “your new journey now begins”

Yes, end is nothing but a word
Because all that dies begins again
Spread your wings and fly now
Until one story ends to start the other

a new start

The sun shines brilliantly above
And soaks me in the aura of love
No hollow smiles, no empty laugh
Happiness kicks in a fresh start


Love Never Dies

I don’t know how and why but I just find this one a li’l special…I put in my heart to write this one and i love it..it is a reflection of what a lot of us may meet in life…

Standing under the shade of the tree
I was gazing at the vastness of the sky
Life is so difficult and strange at times
When you cut the chords of hope,
Once again happiness begins to rain

love never dies

Lost in these thoughts, I was in a world of my own
Suddenly a voice urged me awake as I was caught unaware
Standing just beside me was you
With the golden dance your eyes made
It was hard to hear what you speak
Because I was falling hard and deep
In the ocean that went wild in your eyes
love never dies

You understood I had fallen hard
Perhaps, you had seen a lot of girls fall for you
Yet, you winked at me and at that very sight
My heart exploded in a million directions
I knew I would never be able to love someone else
I knew irrespective of what you do, I have already given my heart to you
love never dies

We wandered the woods together
Enjoying time and stealing moments
As we came near the house that was until now home
I dreaded never seeing you again
I hated the house that I had ever since loved
I hated to let you go
Yet I was scared of falling in the lane of love
not alone
Just as I thought to say something to spark an interest
You told something that stopped my heart, my life and the time
You confessed you were mad in love
I both laughed and cried
Because although you confessed of love,
You told you wanted me to help you win the girl

love never dies
Foolish heart got crushed yet again
I pushed back the tears because love is everything but sane
Although I could not win the story of love
Yet I vowed to help you smile
And so putting a false smile, I asked how can I?

love never dies
You asked me to meet the girl
And you made all the plans
It was harder than I thought it would be
Because seeing the person you love fall for someone else
Can kill the heart and beat it blue

love never dies

Yet, I could never say no to the words you speak
So, I dressed up to meet the girl of your dreams
As I entered the place to meet your girl
My eyes stung to see the pain you took to set the place
Lucky girl to have found a guy like you
At the door, I found you smiling
The angelic smile that had taken me in
The smile that made me fall in love
love never dies
Yet, I asked where was your girl
I could see the love in your eyes
And you simply pointed towards the right
I opened the door and went in
It was a room full of pictures of ME

Too caught in the moment, too stunned to speak
You held my hands and took me in your arms
And you whispered silently, “you are the girl of my dreams”
The dreamy eyes and the angelic smile
And I had lost all my mind for a while
You took away my heart from the very start
I wanted you to know what you mean to me
And you fell down on your knees and said “marry me”
free fall
So many years have passed away
And yet I remember every moment of the day
Life may not be a fairytale ride
Yet it is full of moments that are magical enough
To make you smile even in pain

Ever since I found my boy
I have been in love with my life
The memory is perfect to help me cruise
He is no longer here, he rests in peace
And still the days we were together were spent in bliss
unquestionable love
I have no regrets, I have no complain
I was blessed with love in life’s lane
I hug the memories of the good times
And sing myself to sleep every night

love never dies
When my life ends and I too die
I will meet my beloved and once again be his wife
Still going strong, I still wear that smile
Because true love happens once in a while

love never dies

Unquestionable Love

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 1.

If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.


I grew up with the promise
I grew up with the hope
I grew up with the thought

That Love always heals the soul
I never questioned this belief
I never questioned this thought
Because I was in love with “Love”

unquestionable love

I knew there would be a prince
Who would love me for who I am
I knew there would be a prince
Who would not question my belief

I knew the most precious Love
Is the one that asks no question
I knew the most adorable Love
Is the one that is unconditional

unquestionable love

When I first met you
I got drowned in the green ocean of your eyes
There were a million questions in my mind
And yet I knew the Love I feel for you
Is unquestionable…

Even when my brain asked me to reason
Even when my mind pondered “What If”
All my heart told is
“Remember, the greatest love is unquestionable”

unquestionable love

I gave all of me to you
With the hope that it will be mutual
Little did I know that 
Destiny was mocking me
For choosing heart over head

All the thoughts and all my hope
Meant nothing more than senseless words
As you broke my heart and still wore the smile
And left me bleeding on the roads of life

unquestionable love

I trusted you with all my heart
I believed in unquestionable Love
And you made my life an unsolved question
And trapped me in the lane of hurt

I trust no one any more
I no more Love to be in “Love”
The girl who once believed in unquestioning Love
Today asks a million things before even thinking of giving away her heart

Yet , I met someone today
Who jolts my heart yet again
As I think of giving away my heart
I question the future of this Love

Afraid of the bleeding heart
I prefer to end before things start
Oh, pity, pity..Destiny smiles
Because this was the boy meant for unquestionable Love

Dare I

Some love do not last


Yet, this time I am the one to break his heart
Another end to unquestionable Love
The next time he finds a pretty girl
He too will question the musing of his heart

I moved on ahead in life
But the ocean of the green eyes
Where in I tasted the first brushes of Love
Still haunts me day and night…

i gave a part of me

In another corner of the world..
The other boy whose heart I broke
Muses over the irony of life
Because he still is trapped in my brownish haze
As he wishes to clear this maze

Both of us now question Love
Is is true that “happily ever after” is a fairy tale
Dreams may never come true
Because life is a puzzle that must be solved

While I am drenched in all these thoughts
Somebody knocks on my door
Confused as to who would come so late
I hurry down to answer the question

unquestionable love

There I see you standing
You flash your angelic smile
And all you say

“I grew up with the promise
I grew up with the hope
I grew up with the thought

That Love always heals the soul”

I blink my eyes time and again
I look to the sky and smirk at Destiny
You play so bad just to win
The boy whose heart I so badly torn
Was the one who believed the same as me

unquestionable love

We don’t ask questions
We don’t clear doubts
We leave all that which is left behind
As together we say

Let’s begin our unquestionable love

Time freezes as we drown in each other’s eyes
Crushing Destiny, Love flies high
No more questions, no more thoughts
No nightmares, no broken hearts

We promise each other the perfect love
And still goes strong unquestionable Love

unquestionable love

Dare I

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 1.

If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.

Dare I…

I live in a world of my own..
I make my own rules
I have my own standards
I do not let people in..
And yet someone is here to upset the flow…

He asks…”Dare I?”
I do not make changes to my rules
I do not let my guard slip
I have never let people in
And yet I cannot forget the green in his eyes..
When he asked “Dare I?

Dare I

I look in your eyes

All the rules and all the standard
Got crushed with the single question
God I was always so strong
And yet it was the confidence and smirk that did me in
When he asked “Dare I?”

Dare I

Can I ask you to be mine?

He was the one who could see through the barriers..
He knew the rules even before I explained
He knew he could charm me through
And yet he chose to ask rather than conquer..
As he asked “Dare I?”

My guard is slipping away fast
What if I let him in
What if I break all my rules
And yet if I do not do so
I would lose the peace of my heart….

I read in books time and again
Love may happen when you never expect
It was the twinkling green eyes and the curvy smile
That made me fall for the two words I only heard him speak..
Dare I?”
Dare I
He dared to break all my rules
He promised to take me on the journey of life
He promised to dance in the rain
He promised to tag along all the lane
And yet he was willing to wait
Until I was sure to play the dare game..

He knew I was scared to give away my heart..
He knew me in a way I could not believe..
He gave me time to think and ponder
And yet I fell for him the instant our eyes met
And so I finally say..”You may”
happily everafter
For too long, my heart was encaged
The green in your eyes have unlocked the bird
Higher and higher it will fly
And kiss the wonderful colors of the sky..

You challenged my rules and broke it too..
I give the whole of my heart to you
It was not easy to win the duel
And yet, the hope in your question ensured that
I lost the battle of the “Dare
Only to win the peaceful smile…

Dare I

Give love a chance to grow

Today, walking along hand in hand..
With the one who helped me be free
I look at heavens above and smile
I shout out to Despair, Hate, Fate and Destiny…
And say..
You broke me once..and I lost the zeal..
my Lord sent this angel to make me whole
And now I am not scared of what tomorrow would bring
Because I live in the present and will make you weep…

All the while, my man smiles..
And silently looks up to the sky…
With confidence brimming from his eyes
He says
“Yes, I Dare  to defy your might..
No longer you would terrify the heart I own..
No longer would the rules encage her soul..
Despair, Hate, Destiny and Fate..
I not only Dare your power but I will beat you too
Nothing can beat the power of a love so strong and new”

Together Till The End

Together Till The End