love of words

“May you fall in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”

-Michael Faudet

“I had practiced my goodbye too many times, perfected the art, learnt the lines, but every time you said “hello”, I forgot every letter I ever penned in the 377 goodbye letters I so far wrote.”

– Self



love of words

“You weren’t just a star to me; you were the whole damn sky”

-Source: Facebook Pictures


“If I were to write a poetry on what you make me feel, it would have just one word repeated all over in it- MAGIC”



love of words

“You asked me today to let you go.

But how can I let you go, my love!

When I never had you at all!”

Source: Bhavya Kaushik

“You scare me.. terribly.. because you make me crave for things I know, I shall never have. I am terrified of waking up one day and finding all the best moments to be a dream, but these thoughts only come when you’re not around. When you’re with me, I could be in a haunted house and still sing poetry. Don’t leave me. I and you are not meant to be, but we will still be. Let our middle last longer than any end ever had”



love of words

“I will bruise your lips and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible  and when I leave, you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.”

 -Source: M.K. Katrina


“She was not beautiful; she wasn’t ugly either. She was cursed with the worst curse. She thought she had a face that was so average that it was forgettable, yet her worst fear was being forgotten. Little did she know that she was a poetry waiting to be immortalized and the poet was born.. All that was needed was their path to intersect and a beautiful tragedy shall follow”




love of words

“You smiled at the stars like they knew all your secrets”

-Source: Facebook pictures


“I hadn’t known how much I have been in love with you, until I knew you felt the same about me. Love isn’t the easiest rides, but the euphoria it offers is so strong that the strongest drug will fail. Love is an addiction.. but it makes you stronger rather than weaker. Love changes you.. and the change GLOWS. Thank you for being my cocaine.”



love of words

“I will do things to your mind

You will wish you had strength to deny”

– Source: Facebook pictures



“Sometimes, words failed to describe the things you did to me. I could tell you made me weak in the knees or you made my heart skip the beats, but no matter how much beauty I inject in the words, somehow, nothing seemed beautiful enough to portray the beauty that I saw, felt and craved in you. You made me feel alive in the way no one could ever describe.”