The Light In The Night

‘Coz I love the picture a lot 🙂

A Shade Of Pen

sun in the night

A breathtakingly beautiful picture by Thomas. Please head to his blog to be mesmerized by the same. I loved this picture to pieces and this picture is his copyright.

The night had fallen

The demons

Were awake.

The nightmare came back

And restless, I lay

Tossing the sheets

Cursing in sleep

She was back

Looking at me

With eyes bearing shades

Of Blue mixed

With tinges of


She came in  near

Teased me with her charm


Slipped down the hill

Off she went

And down she fell


I stood still

Frozen like a rock


The night darkened

The screams returned

I had no clue

I could do nothing

As I let her


The night never ends

Sweat covers me over

And my eyes open

I head to the porch

This is the place


She fell as we lost control

I wait to get…

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’ve been getting a lot of responses by people asking me if I am sane.. Lol it makes me happy.. Here’s another of my post where I am pretty insane.. I want to know and hear from you as to what home decor ideas you use, and if I am up to any good… With a heavy heart, I have to say.. you can also say if you don’t like pink.. 😉 SHOW ME SOME LOVE.. lol

A Shade Of Pen

“Home is where the heart is.”

“Can home be a person and not a place?”

I have a beautiful collection of some of the best home quotes coz come to think of it, it is one place where I stay 24 x 7 and I don’t complain. I just love the feeling of being home and even the very thought of being away gives me the creeps. Yeah, am a big girl, independent and that, but talk of home… I feel three again.

Coming to the point, we all want to beautify our home. Don’t we? Imagine calling your friends for a pretty pink party (yep, we worship pink… it is THE GIRL SHADE after all) and when they compliment your beautiful home and the lovely decors, my height increases by a full four inches!! Lol definitely not literally or else I would be a ten feet giant by…

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Inside The Head Of a Warrior

This piece is the closest to me.. there are a hundred ways in which I could improve this.. but this is a piece I like as it is.. coz I never thought a word here… It fell from the pen…

A Shade Of Pen

I have never met any soldier in real life. However, I have read a lot of books where soldiers and military men go through tormenting nightmares. I have read accounts of how a war leaves them damaged and yet the love for the country makes them answer the call. I do not disregard the army men no matter which country you are from, you all deserve a salute. Yet, sometimes, Somedays it must be tiring to wake another day amidst battle… This poem is a tribute to the battalions and a wish that we all do something to make lives better for those men who die to keep us safe..! #worldPeace

The marching sound of feet
That ends up in an ear tearing blast
Cannons roar high in the sky
As I stand eye to eye with
The person who looks like me
broken reflection
He looks alien and is lost

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The Colors Of Love

❤ ❤ very close to my heart.. so here it goes again ❤ <#

A Shade Of Pen

It’s been quite a while since I did a poetry based on a picture.. For too long, I have been gazing through some of the brilliant shots by Al Forbes. I often murmured a few words and moved ahead.. The lines always came.. I was waiting for the perfect plot to hatch.. This picture caught my fancy and I knew instantly the way it will fly… He has some of the best shots and an awesome blog.. Most of you may already know him.. still drop to his blog and be mesmerized by his picture. The image is his copyright.

With grace so graceful
And eyes so deep,
She sat silently 
Staring at the world so big
With eyes that looked little

I flew so fast
I wondered if my wings would die
‘coz of the force I put 
As I wanted to sit beside
The “bird” of my…

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The Smell Of Happy Memories

“special”, “very special”

A Shade Of Pen

happy memories

Today, I am no longer the three year old kid who needed her big mama to dust her off when she puked. Today, I am no longer the five year old kid who coughed every time she entered a room that wasn’t clean. Today, I’m a grown up, a 23 year old independent woman who takes care of her own self and still craves and clings for the bygone memories because those were the moments that defined my life.

It’s been five years since I have been to my childhood place. As I pack my bags to start the journey to the place that signaled the start of my life, nostalgia covers me up. I have too many vivid memories that are making me squeal in delight at merely imagining my first steps in five years at the place that it etched in the memories of my heart.

En route…

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The Girl In The Mirror Cries

so close to my heart.. my heart aches for those who’ve walked these lanes …

A Shade Of Pen

I look into the mirror.

I see a shadow.

The person looks so similar

And yet there is a shade

That separates her from me

She seems broken

As she is tired

Of what the world did to her!

the end

I touch at the mirror

Our hands interlace

I feel a connection

Something stirs

I smile at her face

She cries..

I hear silent whispers

You’ve grown and so have I

And yet, a part of you died

I am the broken cracks

Of your once full heart

I am the unsung song

That stayed in your heart for long

Though, tears roll down my eyes

You must overcome the lies

Learn to smile and shine bright

So that one day, I too will fight

With the demons who took away my life

Just a single me...

They left me broken

They took away my soul

I stayed all alone

With no one to call…

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Magical Memories.. Told Untold

I’ve been here.. felt this.. love this and believe this ❤ ❤

A Shade Of Pen


A dear friend of mine Elaine shared this image with me long time back. today, as I stumbled upon it, these words came naturally to me. The lines are inspired by another friend as she spoke of how we live in books.

I heard a little whisper

There were some faint voices

I turned behind to see

Hoping to catch a glimpse of 

A man clad in jeans

With eyes, the perfect shade of green

I heard a little whisper

I heard the sound of feet

I felt someone came close

I felt the tramping of grass

I turned behind to see

Hoping to catch a glimpse of 

A man clad in jeans

With eyes, the perfect shade of green


And yet, there was no one

I was still all alone

The grass was silent

There was no foot to trace

No handsome man was near

And yet I…

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