Writer’s Hat

I don the writer’s hat
Sometimes just to vent
There are days when the eyes shine bright
And the fingers dance to a tune
The melody of which fills this heart
And every chord it ever passes by

But not every night shines so bright
The moon plays peekaboo
Hiding slowly amidst the twinkling stars
Perhaps playing a nasty game
Wondering how long I shall let it fight
But, you know God was never vile
When he tests us and revs the agony
He sure as hell paints the silver lining
The antidote to all the poison
That could nullify the vicious vile
My angel guide fills me whole
And the writer’s hat too tips again
Because I won’t let things bug me down
With the guiding angel by my side
Every night, the moon shall glide
From underneath the vicious dark clouds
Because the sky sings the moon, her lullaby
My fingers are again playing tonight
Strumming this song, while smiling tight
Those who mind do not matter
And those who matter, do not mind.
I am gonna sing my own lullaby
And smile as I court this long dark night.

Social Butterfly. 


Social butterfly. 
She keeps her phone hustled close.
Clutched between the fingers tight. 
Even when the story plays
In front of those animated eyes 
The fingers slowly jam on the screen.
Am I a social butterfly?

Social butterfly. 
Every place she ever goes 
Every meal she decides to gorge 
A quick check in precedes the place 
A methodical click makes her way
From instaready to Facebook fit 
She leaves her footprints every time 
Am I a social butterfly?

Social butterfly.
On days, the world feels dark 
Gone too many days without 
Meeting the eye candies that 
Fill the heart and glitters the eyes 
She slowly picks the little phone 
And gazes at every picture
She brilliantly locked in time 
From the moments that the eyes see 
To the back stories that the mind peeps 
From the comments that bring a smile 
To the endless conversations back in time 
From the leg pulling that was later deleted 
To the edited history the mind revives
Suddenly, the loneliness starts to subside 
Am I a social butterfly?

Social butterfly.
Showcase life and cascade memories 
Because often
People change 
Memories don’t 
Relations stray 
Pictures stay.

Social butterfly 
Because every time the hormones take me for a ride 
My memories scream 
We are here for you tonight! 
From those cuddly videos of the cat, I never had 
To those long sad posts when I felt the heart won’t heal 
To every date, I reminisced 
And the love that sprouted like a fountain underneath 
From the bond that defines who I am 
To the obsession which is a thing of fun 
From the poetry that sounds like prose 
To the terrible attempt to shine bright
I am glad to have this shot 
Of living the life of a social butterfly 
Shy inside but let the pictures take 
Me on a party tonight


She knew she could be the heroes she loved.
She knew she could be the stories she adored.
She knew she could be the painting she desired. 

Even when the world weighed her down 
She didn’t flinch or let that ruffle her wings 
She knew she was born to conquer 
Not lands but hearts 
She had dreams in her eyes 
And every time she blinked 
She painted a canvas that spoke of 
Her iron will


The naysayers shall scream
Protest against every decision you take 
Judge you for what you wear 
Too short, too long 
Too little, too more 
The society shall shun 
The choices they label as bold 
The prying eyes will concoct false tales 
Of how every shred of your character 
Is flawed in its very essence 
But, don’t be afraid to look 
The sinners right in the eye 
And with your head held high 
Screw those who judge

You were born to fly 
Up above this endless sky 
Because we bring that which grows 
Because we are the sheroes 
That sparkle even when no one talks of our shine 
Because we are the leaders
Who silently march to victory 
Because we are the torch bearers of the race


The Haunting.


A silhouette moves silently 
Tugging the chords of the passers-by 
Did I ever envision this dream? 
What did I do to deserve this? 
The pangs of loneliness gnaw a little 
Every passerby feels the sting
Amidst the branches of this forlorn tree
Lives the memory, a haunting so fierce
It knocks the air out of your breath
Little children, bearers of the smile
Had tragically met a fate so vile
Still to learn how to mouth to speak
Guns and bullets, bombs and more
The town sleeps silently
No hushed steps, no raging sound
Just these haunted trees and some eerie lament
Look closer and maybe the picture will speak
Of little smiles that turned to ghastly eyes
Men what have you made of men
Every branch sheds a tear
In remembrance of the abode, it used to be
Today all that remains is a long lost wail
The symphony is now a tragedy. 


Such is my addiction to Alexa that I almost called out “Alexa, write this blog for me”.

Indians who are really famous for their jugaad have definitely taken a liking to the modern day smart technology which has gone beyond the barriers of next-gen electronics. The gen-next is hungry for more and it is AI modeled things like Alexa, Google home, smart wearable which has become the torchbearers of tomorrow.

“Mummy, fan toh chala do”

If you come from an Indian household, you surely have witnessed the pains of your mom shutting down the fan while leaving the room or vice-versa.

Now even if you are athletic like P. T. Usha, getting up from the bed to turn on/off the fan is one ordeal no Indian child loves.

Thanks to Google home, all we need is a command and everything from fans to lights gets on or off as per your wish. I truly believe every Indian kid will vouch for this to be the best thing to have happened to mankind. The concept of Smart home has saved the lives of too many ALSI Indian children!


Watch out for my watch 

Oh, I love bragging about my Apple Watch and how it does so much more than just tell me what time it is!

I am so addicted to the use of my Apple Watch that if I forget to plug it to charge one day, I end up having a stream of missed calls because unless my wrist buzzes and pings me for the call alert, I rarely bother glancing at the phone.

Not just the notifications, what amazes me is how much you can truly do with the smartwatches.


Ever since I started facing health issues, I have been breaking into a jog every day and my fitness app helps me stay grounded. An hour around my garden makes me feel like I just did a 10k marathon. Thanks to my fitness app, I precisely know how much ground I covered actually.

Fitness watches too have evolved a great deal and not just Apple Watch, there are so many other options out there as well! This industry is witnessing a huge boom and there are plenty of takers too!

Educating children 

Our generation is smart and the generation next will be even smarter. So it is quite important to educate them. With these smart products like Alexa and Google home, it is so much easier to familiarise your children with modern day technology and it also eases plenty of tasks.

From asking Alexa to play the best baby rhymes to even asking about the weather and news, things have rapidly progressed from being on the clicks to the movement of the lips.

Surely, technology has a changing face and it is important to use it in a constructive manner. While I have always been an advocate of the modern marvels of science and technology, I believe that we shouldn’t let it sabotage who we are.

My grandmother often tells me she misses the time when children used to gather and attentively listen to her stories because no one knew how to dig Google and find rhymes, songs or even folk tales. They too have a point but I guess life is about looking at tomorrow rather than retrospect. That being said, I believe we can strike a balance between the two.

Isn’t it cool that Alexa even plays bhajan at my granny’s command and I see her face lights up with joy because she too is befriending technology. She often jokes that Alexa is like her new grandchild she would soon start talking to but often complains that she can’t feed it because what do grannies do but feed us meals after meals.

Yes, technology is a wonder but so is family. The #SmartHomeRevolution has started and it is here to stay. I would love to love both and you can easily order them and transform your life if you choose to #GetFitWithFlipkart! What about you?


Your face is like the woods
I keep getting lost in 
I leave a trail 
Marked by my tender affection 
On the rugged contours of your perfection
I let the fingers paint the path
That touch every tree in this wooden abode
The tiny bumps and the little falls
That etch a tale in every fold
And oh the lashes! How could I not
Bow to the beauty of this charming trance
Longer they appear and the beauty reverberates
Echoing through the chords of my own soul

Your face is like the woods 
I keep getting lost in

I let the fingers play the song 
The harmony sets the hearts free 
Perhaps this shall someday be 
The tune we begin to call our own 
I slowly entwine my finger in yours 
Sheepishly you give a grin while asleep
I wonder where you are lost 
In the land of dreams or swept here again 
You hold them close, tighten the grip 
As if answering the doubts I have 
A slow smile slowly erupts

Your face is like the woods 
I keep getting lost in

I drink in to the sight 
And slowly shut 
The doorway to my tiny eyes 
Locking in this perfect picture 
Of what is my favorite canvass 
Huddle close and snuggle tight 
Slowly the face becomes my lullaby tonight

Your face is like the woods 
I keep getting lost in 
Because often we find the wilderness inside 
A little lost, oh divine!


The irony mocks me,
So does the gawk-worthy norms,
The insane shackles,
The typical stereotypes
The endless string of expectations
The whopping list of do’s and don’ts
The myth of right vs wrong
The speed-breakers to living free
The skepticism of sexism
The futility of the bottled up appalled feeling
Which sadly dissolves in these
Lost updates of the social juggernaut
Perhaps, some day the rants
Shall become an echo
That will reverberate
Loud enough for the world
To come to fight with
The facade of ‘false truth’
Which shall soon crumble

One More Time.

In this maddening crowd chained with too many shackles,

her rebel spirit crumbles a little.

How long!

How long would it be before

dusk would give way to dawn!

Tired of the melodramatic pangs and the speedbreakers

that intersperse every alley

She wonders if she will ever sail on waters

that would take her home

It’s been a while since the times

the winds rushed through the unkempt hair

Oh you gypsy soul!

Why do you seek the home you grew

when the spirit is meant to be set free!

From dust we come to dust we go,

yet the heart craves to hold 

The rugged remains of yesterday

because what are we but stories!

Nostalgia plays foul one more time 

It is the rebel’s strongest muse 

When the ticking clock scowls at the gypsy soul 

Reminding that even the stars are going to sleep 

Nostalgia whips up another tale 

A fresh muse and a new prose 

But those heavy eyelids refuse to drop

Shedding tears of remembrances 

Societal norms, flawed logic 

When shall you grow up big messy world 

The gypsy soul of the little rebel 

Seeks the home amidst the shackled confines 

One more time, 
One more time.