Again I Fall

Sometimes I still miss the times
The times when we were together
The times when you were mine
And the times when the world was pretty

staring in your eyes

It was me who cut the chords
I realized you are not the one
And yet today I still cling to your memories
Because I still want to be with you

Stupid heart never understands
The meaning of love and hurt
Despite being crushed once
It still yearns to take another chance
where am I
I am tired of questioning my judgment
I am tired of thinking of what ifs..
I am tired of being scared to think
For once I want to live this life
For once I want to take the ride

I may end up hurt again
I may be left bleeding blue
But if I do not take the chance
My heart will die a silent death
love never dies
Yes, I will once again be with you
This time I will not fuss over the future
I will live each moment as and when they come
And wait to taste the bliss of peace

I do not know how long it will last
I do not know if you will take me back
But silly heart refuses to accept no
As it is already again in love with you…

free fall


A Part of Saturday Poetry.


Naturally Soulful

a duet with Hasty Words.. her words heal my heart and she helps me when I need her comforting words the most…there are parts in the poem that echo where we truly stand…I am blessed to have found her at WP ..

Sparkling stream reflects

The yearning of my soul

I sit and watch the water

Ripple to and fro

 Dare I

The images that appear

Echo things told untold

Every scene reminds me

Of the words we spoke


I love to sit and think

How stunning nature is

How every living thing

Has beauty built within


As the breeze blows

I picture you sitting close

A hundred different stars in the sky

And still I can spot the dazzling you


A connection of energy

Holding us together

Like glue we cling

To time ever after

 unquestionable love

We are miles apart

And yet we share the same sky

I smile looking at the moon

Because in it, I see you

I see You

 The voice of our mother

A daily painted picture

A landscape of love

Greeting our open eyes

I love you