Dear Dad Diary!

Indian wedding is a sea of endless emotions.


On one side you are ecstatic at marrying the one guy who knows you inside out and can race your heart even in a crowd of endless people. But, at the same time, the pathos of leaving behind a family that made you who you are, the father who held your tiny fingers and shaped your ideology, belief, career, and character; the mother who nurtured you selflessly, stood like a rock when the rest of the world started to disintegrate and of course, the sister who was always your partner in crime, who was privy to all those dirty dark secrets and who nursed your heart when it was first shattered, who took all those endless trips to the mall to pick the perfect dress and who indulged in all your whims – you leave all of this behind only to know that your father will no longer be your morning alarm, your mother will no longer be the breakfast in bed service and your sister will no longer be your tissue box.

Yes, the adventure of a new life awaits but on my wedding day, the tears didn’t stop, not once, because the emotions were flowing like a river that had more water than what the banks could hold.

The emotions were on a high like the sky which pours as if on a mission to submerge every damn thing.

Leaving them behind, I felt a part of me break as if someone took away me from me.

My husband held my hand, comforted me, gave his strong shoulder to rest the wobbly heart but the tsunami of tears didn’t oblige. It still ached for that strong arms that held me when I had first fallen, it still ached for that sly smile mother gave when she knew I was up to mischief and the twinkling eyes of the baby sister because she knew even before I said what we were up to.

My husband is a patient man, he understood what I wanted and that regardless of the depth of our love, this was the pang of separation that had set forth the stream of endless tears and he did what I needed but didn’t realize – his shoulder and our entwined hands. The sobs started to ebb as the eyelids dropped and off I went in the land of dreams, still courting the childhood I had left behind.

1.5 years later

One and a half years have passed since my wedding and even today, a day doesn’t pass without me talking to my doting dad, darling mum and of course, the angel sister.

Today is one of those days when the memories have resurfaced much stronger. We have all grown in these years and made adjustments to the new schedule. I have settled at my in-laws’ place but on some nights, I want to cuddle up in bed, next to my sister and giggle without having to worry about waking up to the alarm. I want to sleep in my father’s lap as we reminisce all the old moments that are now gold.


Daddy dearest, the memories are flowing too strong.

There’s no occasion but the desire to meet him is on the rise. I call him up and then disconnect the call even before it goes through because somehow I know I will break down on the phone and he told me a hundred times that he can battle the toughest challenges but can’t bear the sound of my tears when I am not close enough for him to give me a magical hug.

I know exactly what would lift my spirit and I dig my laptop to find this precious gem.
This is not just a Selfie.. it is so much more, a million emotions wrapped in a single canvas of brilliance. There are a hundred reasons as to what makes this selfie a cherishable moment.

It was taken less than a month after my marriage as my father had come all the way near my in-laws’ place to surprise me. He told that he had gone too many days without seeing my face and he just wanted to once look at me and hug me and lock the memories one more time. I had smiled and cried and had NOT known what to speak.

We stood there amidst a crowd but for us, it was just the two of us – the dad and daughter duo. My sister stood right beside not wanting to break the moment.

He took me to one of my favorite restaurants and then to much of our surprise, he took out his phone and said, “what do you guys call this – selfie right?”

I and my sister looked at each other puzzled as dad struggled a little and then wham went the click and voila here it was – papa’s first selfie.

I knew he was missing me terribly and there was a part of him that regretted the time we would have to part all over again. I had always been the one to click a selfie and post it on Facebook. He found that nagging but he did both of it and once again the tears flew but I quickly hid them because I knew this moment was more precious and something I would always hold on to.

There are a million books that glorify the love of a mom and daughter but this selfie alone epitomizes the bond between me and my father because he is the one right in the world full of wrongs that can set every curve straight for me.

As I keep on tracing the contours of this picture and courting old memories, the phone buzzes one more time.

‘Papa’ it reads and I know that despite the 1.5 years of marriage, somehow our hearts are still connected enough for him to know what I want even before I tell him.


As I pick his call, he told me how he was missing me dearly and then I tell him
about what I was doing to remember the good times.

“You know I just read today about the new Mobiistar brand. I was wondering if you would like their new mobile as your birthday gift after all we all know your selfie fetish. It comes with a promising selfie camera as you can capture a wide 120-degree wide angle shot. Your selfie experience will definitely improve manifold as it has a front dual selfie camera. The moment I saw it, I remembered how I struggled to take my first selfie with you and you girls couldn’t help but giggle at me. Now, the next time we meet I am going to take a perfect selfie which will capture all of us together so that you two devil sisters won’t make fun of my camera skills anymore. Now that I know how to place an online order, I can get you Mobiistar on Flipkart easily for your birthday.”


I laugh, giggle, cry and do what not because isn’t the perfect life a cascade of too many beautiful selfie moments?
Somehow I feel like I am lying on his lap and laughing like a carefree child just the way I did.

Guess what, I will wrap this post here because I am going home because

“Home is where the heart is.”

I love you, Papa.



PTE – The Key To My Career.

Ever since I moved to the secondary school after finishing my primary education, I had always wanted to go abroad to study. The very idea of studying at some of the top reputed universities with the best infrastructure lured me. I wanted to be part of the top alumni, the kind where I would be inspired to give my hundred percent and sometimes it is a healthy competition which ends up bringing out the best in us.

I had one of my cousins staying at the US and she was studying at the Harvard University. She often used to Skype us and narrated the tales of her universities. I wanted to be the same person. I saw how her parents always spoke of her with utmost pride and I wanted to emulate that.

However, one of the biggest hurdles that would come my way had to be the language. I wasn’t the best when it came to English. With the habit of conversing in vernaculars, I had a strong influence on my mother tongue. Now, don’t get me wrong; I do realize that every language has its own importance and we don’t need to run after one simply to ensure that we are better than the others.

But, when I dreamt of studying at Harvard or likewise, there was no way I would get an entrance with my tenses all going for a drunken party every time I tried to frame a little long sentence. It was later when I was appearing for my board exams that I heard of PTE and instantly I realized that this is precisely what could be my ticket to my dreams.

Of course, my hard work, commitment, and learning ensured that my hold over the English language was quite better but the tenses still sometimes took me for a ride because the present past continuous baffled me and was often one of my worst nightmares.

So, let us see some more details about PTE

What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson test of English academic and it is mainly a computer-based language test which helps the candidates in improving their proficiency in the English language. The best thing is that it has an international credibility as there are numerous PTE centers all over the world.

The test is a single 3-hour test and it comprises of a lot of different modules which makes a thorough examination of your English language skills. It is accepted for the study applications by thousand of institutes all over the world and 96% of the UK universities. Some of the top names include

  • AAAR Institute of Business &
  • Abbey College Australia
  • Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • British Columbia Institute of
    Technology (BCIT)
  • Capilano University
  • College of the Rockies
  • UNICAMP – University of Campinas
  • Trent University
  • University of Guelph
  • Zealand Institute of Business and
    Technology (ZIBAT)
  • Birmingham College
  • Birmingham College of Business
  • Birmingham Management Training
  • London College of Finance &
  • London College of Information
  • London College of International
    Business Studies

As I knew about it, I took up the PTE preparation course and so I got hold of the best online practice materials and started working diligently for it. There were a lot of different packages and I chose the ones that were best suited for me.

After putting in my hard work, I finally gave my exam and today I am proud to say that I aced my grades at the Oxford University. I didn’t go to Harvard but nonetheless, I am happy with my selection because I realized that we all needed to seek our own identity rather than blindly following someone else. #Definitely PTE turned out to be the true game changer for me.

Having the right language recognition is imperative or else you feel like despite having the right educational backing, you somehow lose yourself in the rat race called the career.

So, are you going to ace the PTE test today? Check out this video for more details. #DefinitelyPTE made all the difference to my life.

Also, grab hold of this link for all the info you may need to give the right shape to your career by making apt use of this English test.

Seeking HER!

I was four years old when I realized that I had no home. While kids my age were used to pampering, I learned the hard way round that some of us were meant to find our own stars albeit the journey might be clouded with darkness.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining and so it was for me. Growing up in a foster home, my mentor Shelley always told me that I was God’s child and God always had something good up his sleeve.



Source: here


She taught me a lot of things and showed me the world of endless possibilities. I knew that if I gave my heart to anything, I could achieve it. If I am anything today, the only person I am indebted to has to be Shelley ma’am. I was broken even before I knew what broken meant but she took it upon her to join every shard of mine and make a wonderful canvas.

She took it upon her to train me. I still remember the twinkle in her eyes when she told me, “Asha, there is a lot of me in you.”

I loved the way she could instill confidence in me and today, as I look back, I realized she did what seemed unachievable.

I was thirteen when she left the foster home care and I still remember her last words, “I am never away, you just need to look at the right place.”



source: here


I was heartbroken when she had left and once again, I felt like I had been orphaned and lost all my will.  But, I channelized this negativity in the right way and soon began to paint. I painted a lot of things but somehow I never had the heart to paint Shelley. Her portrait was very vivid in my mind. I remember the exact way the lines on her forehead crisscrossed, but I could never get myself to draw her.

When I turned eighteen, I got my first commissioned job. A guy asked me to paint and he paid me a good deal of money. It was then that I realized that my hobby could also be my job and I started working more on it and in another year, I had established myself as a reputed artist.

However, I realized that there was something which didn’t feel right. I could feel an emptiness somewhere like there was a break in the entirety as if there was a hole which wasn’t getting filled.

It took me some time to figure out I needed to seek Shelley. She had gone out of the blue and even the foster care home didn’t say much. Maybe she needed seeking and I wanted to do that.



Source: here


I knew I had to travel the world. There was something out there which I needed to see. I would need a lot of money so I decided to first develop my career. It took me another year but I soon had my own brand out there. I became a well-known artist in my city and the paychecks kept coming, my work was exhibited at some of the top meets and there were plenty of buyers.

There were three of my paintings which always exhibited but I never sold them because they were very close to me. One of them was of the silhouette of Shelley and me when I was all of five years old. It was a candid moment; much like that of a child and a mother and one could feel all those emotions in the frame.

The other was that of three hands that entwined each ether and yet somehow they were all separate. It was a reflection of who I was. I had no clue who my parents are but somehow I could feel them within me. The third was that of the Eiffel tower. I had never been there but somehow the books Shelley read out to me was so vivid that I could feel like I stayed there for too long. When I had first drawn it even with my imperfect skills, Shelley had taken one look and said: “one day Asha you will grow to be the painter the world will admire.”

As I had been an orphan all my life, my worst fear was being alone. When I decided to take a trip to the world to seek not just my mentor but my inner soul too, I realized I would have to take this journey alone. It was unbearably hard for me but I had to do it as I felt my inner voice urging me to go ahead.

I still remember when I took my first flight to Dubai, I kept my eyes shut the whole time. I was not afraid of flights that I was afraid that there was no one there to hold me.

It took me seven days to adapt to my plan of going solo. I went to different countries, met various people, spoke to them, took their ideas, saw their perspective of life and in every country, I drew something; taking a part of theirs and making it mine.

I didn’t know where exactly to find Shelley. I had taken my first trip to France via Dubai because, in my heart, I felt it would be Eiffel tower where I would meet her, but when I stood there, in front of the Eiffel tower, I realized it wasn’t Shelley who was lost here. But it was me.

There was a part of my gypsy soul that was locked here and standing in front of the massive structure, I took out the canvas and drew the monument that somehow manifested my emotions.


I went to as many as fifty-seven countries and I haven’t found Shelley yet, but you know I kind of found her too. I realized what she meant when she said I am never away you just need to look at the right place.

As I stand in an exhibition with only my works and a tale that traverses from one country to the other, there is a little of Shelley everywhere. She is there peeking from behind the Burj Khalifa, she is there as a shadow beside the Eiffel tower, she sits with her back facing the camera near the leaning tower of Pisa. She is there on the white sandy beaches of Greece and she is there holding my hands in this auditorium where there is no one but me and my works.

She never left me. Shelley made me who I am. She gave me the wings that helped me fly the world and I found not just parts of her but even parts of me all over the world. I realized I was meant to be an explorer. I had a gypsy soul and it took another gypsy to find that out. I know she too is out there traveling, exploring, and helping another Asha open the eyes to her dreams. She is like one of those angels who are born to direct and then they fly into the world helping another lost lad.

I have art centers in all the fifty-seven countries now where I went. It is set to help people like me who feel they are broken but are stronger than strength. An artist lives even when he dies. Shelley lives in each of my painting and every person I met in my journey of traveling the world while being open minded, lives with me in my mind.

Being open-minded to the world taught me that in order to live, you must feel and love the world. Let the soul speak the language you may never understand and the canvas would be filled with colors that would make even the blinds smile – because the world is beautiful and so are you!

Lufthansa Airlines recently launched a great video talking about #SayYesToTheWorld. Here is the beautiful video and here are more details about their campaign. 


Boss, Its Bose!

Hey you, my little 13-year-old self, how are you doing?

The future is exciting and so yay! S, even if you are feeling a little nay, be peppy and chin up because I have something so amazing to tell you.

Dude, you have to give in your hundred percent to science because technology truly is talking in our times. The future is here and it is mighty exciting for us music geeks who love to get lost in our own little world cocooned by the right flow of music.

Can you even guess what I am talking about? Well, dear 13 year old, I bet you can’t but boss, it is Bose! The power-packed quiet comfort 35 II wireless headphones from Bose is here and that too with a bang. You won’t even believe the features it comes packed with and it is surely going to blow your mind away like it might even seem sci-fi to you because it’s THAT good and advanced.


I know, you may be wondering how I can be so gaga over a headphone, after all, at the end of the day it is just a HEADPHONE! Oh wait, you judgmental prick, let me get down to the basics and you will be craving for that time machine (which sadly has not been made yet) to jump to my time and get hold of these monster of a technological wonder.

Fancy talking to a headphone and getting things done? I know, you may be rolling your eyes and wondering that the crazy storytelling art of yours hasn’t faded even in 2018, but, sad to break your bubble, I am not concocting tales here, my little 13-year-old self.

The Bose headphones actually come with a built-in Google assistant. If you are familiar with the Google assistant feature, you would know that how tech-savvy it really is to just chip in with commands and get the tasks done. Feels like having your very own personal secretary, isn’t it?


I know, because you are my little one, your curiosity might be at its very peak. So, I am going to familiarize you with my current obsession and make you jumpy with excitement for the big thing of tomorrow.

The best form-fitting features

The headphone has been built with a soft cushion ear cup. So, it doesn’t even make you feel that you have a headphone on. It also comes with Alcantara cushion which makes it fit for day-long wear. Not only this, it has been designed to handle high impact and rough use because it is made corrosion resistant too.

So, even for users like us who keeps it rough, the headphone is made to last.

Google assistant

This is by far the best feature of the headphone. It has been programmed to use the Google assistant. So, you can do a wide multitude of tasks like

  • Playing music
  • Receiving texts
  • Managing the daily tasks
  • Getting answers

All of these can be controlled merely with your voice. All you have to do is hold the action button and the assistant is active and ready to take orders.

If you are not a Google user (By the way, I switched to Apple 2 years back making all your iPhone dreams come true), you do not need to fret. The action button helps you adjust the noise cancelation level as there are three settings available which can be chosen based on what level of optimization you want.


The noise cancellation

So, you, my beloved 13-year-old cranky teenager need to know that it is so easy to tune out the outside world and get lost in our favorite tracks now. The rest of the world will cease to exist and you can do all of this and more with the flip of a single switch.

The headphone comes with an acoustic noise-canceling technology. This headphone will measure, compare and react to the outside noise and it cancels the outside contradicting signals. So, adjust your noise cancelation levels amidst three varying levels and enjoy the best of music.


Charge up

I know how hard it is to stay stuck to the charge point all the time. Guess what dude, the Bose makers have heard you. You can enjoy up to 20 hours of listening. Simply a charging time of 15 minutes will give you another round of 2.5 hours, but, if you are still caught sans the battery, you can use the cable to plug in and the music shall roll on.

The best of clarity

In the end, be all set to enjoy excellent charity at all volumes. For music lovers like you, there is nothing that can get better. You even get volume optimized EQ which offers the right kind of stunning performance.

So, even when you are running on a bustling street like you always do when headed to your school; plug in your headphone and enjoy your good time.


So, dude are you not craving to head to 2018 right away? Well, wait till I let you know of a time turner or the time machine. Until then, I am going to get lost in this amazing world of music with the perfect Bose headphones.

Love you,

Your older 26 year old self.

You can get more information about the headphones here

Images source: here

How Vitamin E Changed My Life For Good?

Often known as a wonder drug; Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that is a must for healthy survival. A fat-soluble vitamin, it is easily found in plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereal, meat, eggs and even wheat germ oil as well. The best thing is that it is also known to work as an antioxidant which means that it can slow down aging (think of staying young forever!) and also minimizes the damage done to the human cells.


Source: here

Now, I am not the biggest health freak on the planet, but as I was doing my research on vitamin E, and I was amazed at the kind of benefits which this wonder vitamin had. To enlighten you more on this, let me give you a comprehensive detail of precisely why this vitamin is hailed as the wonder drug and the umpteen befits which it can offer to your body.

Balancing the cholesterol

Having heart troubles? Want to live longer than what your cardiology hints? Hate those ECG machines beeping all over your mind? Vitamin E could be your best buddy.

As per some studies, it has indicated that vitamin E acts as a protective antioxidant which cuts down the oxidation of cholesterol, as they fight the damage done by free radical. They help in curbing the cholesterol oxidation.

Goodbye to the free radicals that are always troublemakers


Source: here

We all know that the presence of free radicals has the potential to do a hell lot of damage. I have headed to too many hospitals complaining about the problem and trust me you totally want to avoid it.


So, the antioxidant nature of vitamin E means that they will cut down on the free radical damage and even fight inflammation for you. What’s the bonus? You get to stay young forever because the free radicals have a lot to do with aging. So, say no to Botox and yes to vitamin E. I did so and the results have been so yay for me!

The thick mane

We all love that thick pony that looks absolutely gorgeous. I have fought with hair thinning problems too and guess what, who was my Dr. Saviour? Of course, vitamin E! It is known to promote the blood circulation to your scalp and also cuts down on the environmental damage too. You will also be able to retain a lot of moisture in your skin.

My tip: Totally go for vitamin E hair oil immediately and get the tresses that will make you the party girl!

For all those wild mood swings

Oh boy! Don’t even get me started on the perils of hormonal imbalance! The wild mood swings almost killed my wonderful married life. Once again, my vitamin E came to the rescue. I was battling mood swings, allergies, weight gains, anxiety all together until my husband took me to the doctor and got me my vitamin E fix. It is known to work both on the endocrine and the nervous system and relaxes the menstrual cycle too.

My bonus tip: if you take the supplement before and after your menstrual period, you are likely to witness reduced cramps. Sounds like heaven? It is!

Sight on fleek

Want to have the perfect eyesight so you could zoom in on the latest sale shopping deals? Once again, vitamin E can be to your rescue. It decreases the risks associated with macular desecration which is an age-related disorder. But, ensure that you top it with vitamin C and zinc as well because these together help in restoring vision.

Fitter and stronger

It is also known to bring about a change in your energy levels and the physical endurance too. You can find it doing wonders to your muscular strength as the problem of fatigue is likely to go away.


Source: here

This is not all as there are too many other health benefits too. I am going to make a short list for you so that you could skim and see why you absolutely need to work on your vitamin E content.

  • Reverses skin aging problem
  • Works as a cleansing agent
  • Soothes pain because of cold sore
  • Lightens the dark spot and blemishes
  • Treats the troubles of sunburn
  • Repairs the problem of split ends
  • Can help prevent skin cancer
  • Can help in Alzheimer’s and anemia
  • Treats blood disorder



Source: here

So, now that you know the benefits, let us see the main sources of the vitamin.

  • Avocado
  • Hazelnuts
  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried apricots
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Kiwi
  • Red or green bell peppers
  • Taro root
  • Turnip greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Margarine

Integrating into my lifestyle

Switching to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and being a pizza junkie, I initially faced a lot of problems. However, it was the enlightenment of how vitamin E could bring in a drastic betterment in my lifetime which gave me the impetus to go ahead with the changes lifestyle.

I made a chart for my diet and even consulted a dietician. I then made sure that I implemented the changes and honestly, it took a fortnight but the results started to appear.


Source: here

I felt rejuvenated and strengthened and I could sense my body heading for a positive and healthier turn. Yes, I started exercising as well and timed my schedule to incorporate basic lifestyle changes. But, voila these changes made my life so much better and so I recommend “Evion supplements” because it surely is a rich source of vitamin E. it was truly a life-changing decision for me to incorporate Evion supplements in my diet. I achieved all these changes not just because of the diet changes but the supplements truly work wonders. #Evion is the savior that turned my life for the good. Check out the details for Evion supplements here.



Source: here

Are you starting your health march today? Don’t forget to let me know how you fared!


How Fitness Brands Like Gympik Are Changing The Way You Look At Fitness?

Health is wealth.

This is the age-old adage we all grew up learning but most of us don’t even pay heed to it. This is why the stage was set for someone to be the harbinger of change and it came in the form of fitness brands like Gympik.

They have spearheaded a new revolution in the fitness industry by offering never before offers for the price-sensitive crowd and even the provision of a personal trainer. Often, it is the reluctance to go find the right gym that makes people recluse. With Gympik, people can spot

  • Gyms
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Dance centers
  • The fitness studio and what not!

The ease that technology has offered can be put to the right use. These fitness brands have latched on to the perks of technology and incorporated it in our day to day life to make our health better and life more functional.

The corporate world, in particular, is grieved by the number of employees that fall ill every year. The fitness levels have been remarkably low. It is this segment of the crowd that is willing to shell a few bucks if they can get a fitter and leaner body. With the advanced technology-driven features, great deals and budget offer by Gympik, people all over are now willing to give their body some love and stay fit.

The touch of personalization

There is no doubt that having a personal trainer is wonderful for the body. A trainer studies the body and understands what’s best for it. It is these fitness brands which convinces people the need for such trainers because even a million dollar paycheck cant help you stay fit if you do not take the initiative yourself.

With the growth in popularity of such fitness brands, it has been seen that even people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 citifies have started participating and caring about their health and fitness. There is a zeal among youth to have a body that exemplifies fitness.

No doubt, fitness is sexy and having ripped and sculpted muscles surely give you the X factor which is a craze among the youth. These fitness brands know well how to target the youth and with their smart marketing, they have grown to become the giants of the industry.

Initially started in Bangalore, the company has grown manifold and set its base in umpteen cities in India. No doubt they have eyes set on bigger goals. To make India a true champion, we need fitter people who are ready to take up the challenges that life often throws on our face.

Being fit isn’t merely about exercise; it is also about diet and lifestyle as well. Gympik also offers the best fitness tips and reading materials which will program your mind to adapt to the world of fitness.

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly remarked, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gympik is setting the right example which the rest of our country is slowly following.

I have taken a pledge to be fitter by the end of the year, did you?

Note: This article is written as a part of Gympik Fit-A-Thon contest and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

The Tryst With Numbers

For the 10th time this month, I got up on the weighing scale and found no change whatsoever. I was tired of putting in endless efforts every day and still seeing that there wasn’t the slightest bit of change.

I looked at the mirror and I was shocked at the reflection, not because I was overweight but because the girl who stared back at me was nowhere close to the confident-self I used to be. Somehow, amidst my resolve to shed down the extra pounds, I ended up losing my inner spirit.

I could see all those inner Demons baring their teeth at me.. I could feel the society lash out at me. Was it such a sin to be little more? Does being a little obese meant I couldn’t wear the clothes I loved? Did the weighing scale become my flashing identity? Was I no more than the pounds I weigh? Does nothing else matter except my waistline? Was beauty solely defined by what the weighing scale said? Does having fat thighs meant I always needed to conceal them behind over-sized dresses? Could I not dress up and feel pretty just because the weighing scale wasn’t my best friend? Should I let go of my confidence simply because I was not size 0?

A hundred different thoughts ricocheted my mind. I was scared of what society had made of me! Yes, my thighs maybe the size of Texas; my weight might be double that of a size 0 girl! I might wear clothes that have double XL label on it. I might be what the world labels as obese but none of it entails that I couldn’t live the life I aspire to live.

I have always been happy, confident and proud of who I am. The heart inside knows that beauty is a lot more than the number which the weighing scale says just like beauty isn’t skin deep; it isn’t wired by any boundary either.

I saw my own reflection once more and I realized I needed to be the change the world really needed. I wanted to be the poster girl for every person out there who is battling a battle every time they look at themselves and their overgrown body in the mirror.

Body shaming needs to stop and the biggest culprit is the victim itself. I realized then and there itself love is the only way out of the mess. I decided not to let anyone’s opinion bother me. A few extra pounds didn’t mean I couldn’t do what the vile society perceives as hot girls’ pleasure. It’s about time we killed the stereotypes and embraced with love the body we belong to.

Sure enough, I would love to have a fit body nonetheless, I don’t loathe who I am. Just because a weighing scale says a number that isn’t categorized pretty, I won’t let happiness disappear. I pledge to myself to love my body; to be happy in my own skin and to radiate inner confidence. I would no longer let other people judge me for my body size. I was done playing this little dirty game and I was ready to conquer the world with my large body that accommodated my bulky legs because isn’t it rightly said, ‘the bigger the better!’

Three months later,
I am fat but fit. We are a lot more than our weight. I am happy I chose this new direction because sabotaging my independent confident spirit simply because I didn’t fit with the world’s perception of thin is beautiful didn’t seem like the sane thing to do. I bet John Keats was right when he quoted, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”



Source: Here


Today I am ready to fly even with all those extra pounds because all it takes is the confidence to love who you are and to seek who you can be and none of it has anything to do with the statistics that the weighing scale often speaks. Say no to body shaming and say yes to being you because there is no one who could be more perfect you than yourself. Life is a gift and every moment could be made into a memory. Stop shaming people because of the flabs they have because sometimes flab is fab!!

This was the spirit of #AHundredLittleFlames which has helped me fly high and soar higher.

This post is inspired by A Hundred Little Flames book which can be purchased here.