25 Notes Of Thanks

Hey me,

as the year comes to the close, I am sitting here and talking some old memories. I turned 25 this year (I never really understood why so many girls are apprehensive of their age, which is perhaps why some of my friends call me as dude. Okay, you can call too and I even have a little manly voice so they’ve their reasons) Damn I always go adrift when I use bracketed asides.


Regardless, this has been a great year just like the last one. WOOOOSSSHHH


I have been looking through my blog and I saw that I didn’t quite write as much as I’m used to writing. well, life has a way of getting busy, isn’t it? But,, I’ve known one thing we all take out time for the things/people we love., If someone has been too busy for you, know that you’re chasing the wrong roads.


this year has given me too many memories and I am sure they will continue to do so. I am grateful for finding some of the best gems who kept shining when the world got dark.


I am happy that I found people who stayed by me even when I gave them too many reasons to leave.

I am happy that I have a family I will cherish till the end of times

I am happy that I did something I wouldn’t have ever done

I am happy that I have a set of friends I could fall on even when nothing seems to be going right

I am happy that I have a fulfilling career life which keeps me busy on nights when the mind is a mess

I am happy that I have bene a part of half-stories, full memories, little starts and some must have happened goodbyes

all in all, it’s been a wonderful 2015 and I don’t know where 2016 is going to lead me but even if tomorrow isn’t as happy as today, a happy yesterday means that you can romance the good times you’ve had.

there’re a few very special people who know who they are and will always be so regardless of how many crossroads we reach and leave.

life is never meant to be perfect and if we can romance as it is, well, heck, every year would be a treat!


Much lovies to everyone who have tagged along with me so far and even the ones who once walked along but we drifted.

Meet soon in the new year.


A little warmth

In the red Heart

The flash of pink smile 

Which meets your eye

Happiness in the air

Romance the short life

Another year waves a goodbye

Every end marks a new start

Fresh stories, new people

Plot twists, old games

A little goodbye

Another hello

Too many memories

A whole lot of stories

Wishes made on winter nights

Fluttering eyes in summer times

Keep me close, don’t let me go

Do good December

Jolly January

what is time

But a calendar of smiles





Every night she looked at the sky and wondered if she ever made someone feel like she was a star that shined during his darkest night.

The silence and solitude she felt in the darkness of night answered her question and in the deluge of her tears, she sang her own lullaby.

In another corner, someone wondered the same and was afraid to say words that showed how much he cared!

unnamed (2)

#3 Line Story

What’s On Menu, This Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s week in full swing, we can find a lot of people drunk high on love. I am not here to judge anyone but I honestly do not understand what’s not to like in this day.
The world could always use a little more love, after all who doesn’t loves love.

No matter how many times your heart has been broken before; love will find its way. It always had, it always will.
Too many people who know me well, tell me that I have a very idealistic picture portrayed of what love looks like and reality is often a bitch. Sure enough, I make my own castles and rule like a queen because even if my depiction of love is just a dream, I am at least happy; I’ve no nightmares to haunt.

So, whether or not, you’re romantically involved with anyone, I would love to see you falling in love with love. Who knows, the adorably fat cupid might cull you the best pick you could ever hope to have!


Now that we know what my thoughts are on Valentine’s Day and how strongly I resonate for love, it is no surprise that my joy knew no bounds when I heard about this fascinating activity where I was to pick a person to whom I could send a lunchbox with a love note!?!?!?!?
Seriously?!?!? I’ve been pinching myself ever since I read this.


I often tell that some of the best people I’ve met are the ones, I’ve never met.

The ones you meet daily, they can read it in your eyes, see it in your gestures, feel it in that one hug you give whenever you both meet, but then I’ve got  friends good friends extra good friends, I’ve never had the chance of meeting and unless our stars have something really glorious up their sleeve, our eyes may never meet eye to eye.


So, I chose the person I chose because sometimes, in a busy life, with a never ending work life, too much on your mind, it is tiny little gestures like these which end up bringing a smile and saying every single thing a live meeting would.


The guy I picked is tantalizingly shy! (I know the two adjectives do not really go with each other but trust me, when I say he takes being shy to another level which sometimes make me feel tantalizingly manly, which okay I am!)

So, Cheeni (I know, it’s Cheenu, but I shall call what I want )
This one is for you! (I know you’re busy aww-ing because like always, you do not know how to react- dumb as me)

I picked you up because

You’re you 🙂
We may never meet.
The clock is ticking a bit too fast.
I am the wackier of the two of us.
And because
Friendship- a little less and a lot more!
I could perhaps write a lot more reasons, but it is not needed because sometimes choices are not made for a reason, but the reason is your choice!


I hope the food finds your tummy (which btw will grow an inch by the end of 2015) and the note finds your smile!


Talking of his favorite food, uhm this is what I know is your fave one.

Oreo. ( I love them more, esp thick Oreo shakes. )
Maggie (The only thing you know to cook, but you made omelet, I hate when you kill cute chicks 😦 )
There’s one more but I guess two works fine after all one of the two of us should stay thin!


I had a lot of fun writing this as it makes me feel all mushy inside. The whole concept of sending over a love note in a lunch box has been used in the award winning movie
LUNCH BOX which you can catch up on &Pictures

They’ve woven a very beautiful story which makes an excellent watch. I am not a movie buff, but I am so infected with happy love that I am going to take a look very soon!


Regardless of where you are and how burnt or blossoming your heart is, share it with someone because sharing is caring and you always care for the ones you love, even when people are complete jerks ( Yes, you’re too!)


Valentine’s Day is more than being with someone who will be your husband/wife.

Love is not an emotion, it is who we are, what the heart is!

As long as you live, LOVE! You never know who might be dying to hear that one love filled poem made for them, that one glance which tells love happened, that one message that changes the meaning of the word!

Don’t have to date, love LOVE and love shall find you!


Did you get diabetic with all the sweetness I poured? 

Catch ‘The Lunchbox’ Premiere on Valentine’s Day at 8 PM on &pictures

You’ll fall in love with love and life shall feel a lot less lonely and much prettier!


To all of you reading this, smiling, wondering, crying, recalling, dreaming,

A very happy Valentine’s day because someone told me
There’re all kinds of love and never the same love twice. Share love because Valentine’s day celebrates the spirit of love and does not marks the absence of a date 🙂
Here’s the note I sent over because poetry always cuts down the mile.

 We haven’t met
But we felt
The tug of the bond
That will last so long
33 years down you shall say
Come what may
Every hiccup is another bend
Our middle outlived the end 🙂 

For me, there is no bigger gift than being written for. Costlier than diamond because diamonds may rust/break; the imprints of a poem never fades! 
And YES, I’m a girl and I shall still pick poem over sparkling jewels because memories stay, when people don’t.


 Much lovies,


As we were talking of gestures of love and gifts, I must add a special shoutout to Al Forbes because he sent me a birthday card, all the way from England and we do not really rank gifts, but trust me, the card means the world to me.. From continents apart, my birthday got a whole lot happier. Another shoutout to Lacie Jay who too sent me a birthday card, all the way from Florida.. it didn’t reach me 😦 because of my customs (ICKY CUSTOMS SERIOUSLY) but like we say, it is the gesture that counts, right? Finally, the third shoutout to Bhavya Kaushik for writing me a poem and the only co-authored story yet.

These are three people I’ve never met and yet some gestures last longer than diamonds; which, as the advertisements say, lasts forever!

Visit their blog, if you haven’t yet and you won’t be disappointed. 

There’re too many names I could name because a bond is so much more than a present, but once in a while, we could make someone feel special with special shoutouts. Plan to do a lot more of them! After all, the world feeds on LOVE!


Signing off second time because once is too mainstream,

Shroots.( 2nd nick name 😛 )

Trash Coffee, I Will Wake You Up!

You don’t need coffee, if you read this. This is an eye opener post because you will seriously be left wondering in the end as to why on Earth you read it 😛 That opens eyes? Doesn’t it? Okay, sorry, you can have your coffee and then read it.

It must be a good sign that I am giggling even before my fingers fell on the keyboard. YES, it is going to be one of “those”posts that used to feature a long time back, where I used to talk utter nonsense and try “DESPERATELY” to make you laugh. None of you batted an eyelid and I pretended that I was the clown of clowns and self proclaimed MISTER JESTER because come to think of it, more people call me dude than dear.

So, I asked myself  why was I feeling so happy this week? Perhaps, I got no answer except it just felt happy being happy. January of the year is about to bid me bye bye, okay not just me, it is bidding everyone bye bye but hey i can pretend to be special and don’t you judge me; do you know WHY?

You absolutely MUST know why?

Still don’t know?

Don’t break my heart, puhhleaase.

It is because, well

Why should I say when I have the perfect image stored since more than a year and repeated more times than humanly possible in previous blog posts.

I know, none of it is making sense and you are rolling your eyes so hard that the pupils might have lost some weight. Sigh, even my pupil are fat and refuse to shed the extra pounds. One of my very dear friend calls me fat eyes and that was supposed to be a compliment so it’s okay my pupil, I love you too. When I said pupil, i meant the pupil of my eye, but okay, peeps and pupil ( 😛 ) reading this post and wondering why on earth you are doing so, I love you too; uhm, girlfriends and boyfriends of my blog readers, don’t be irked, i love them in the way readers are loved because HELLOO, if someone is patient enough to read something which I am not even sure what should be termed, you can’t help but fall a little in love with the innocently blessed soul of theirs.

I just remembered, I was supposed to add an image and answer something. Damn me and my teeny weeny brain and fat fat heart. Just now, I realized that the only thin thing about me is perhaps the brain of mine. Good God seemed to be in a very jovial mood when he was making me.. at least. I am sure he laughs at his own creation seeing me trying so hard to be funny. Come on, it doesn’t costs you.. tell me once. Oh Shruti, you tear me up with laughter. I will try and send you a bunch of roses. If you hate roses, (who even hates anything RED), I will try and send you uhm, something RED, if not rose 😛 If red was a person, I would have a crush on it. 

 Okay, so here is the image I am talking about.. should add it up, before I forget.

happy birthday

YEAH 😛 😛 😛  that time of the year when my happy birthday chants are back.

I am thinking of some changes to this teeny weeny baby. It is time, I let the baby grow.. Have been away much from it and it seems the happiness inside this fat heart wants to share the sparkles with the baby that was with it. when the fat heart was soaked in tears as well.

Look forward to a lot more happy blogging love sharing and birthday chants and mad rants.

Keep well,

Hoping to be back with a lot more love, madness and perhaps poetry too.

Much lovies,


YES,, wish me happy birthday please! January is almost gone, May isn’t far

3rd May, Happy Birthday To Me 

Special shootout to a dear dear blog bud KARLY… she is so young and still has so much love.

Karly, I LOVE YOU and pray for you to become the lady you must become :* I now know this post has successfully made someone smile. YAYE ME. YAYE YOU. YAYYE US 😛

Signing off second time

and then signing a third time because well, 3rd MAY, happy birthday 😛


Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!

May you get all that you prayed for and more!

If you’re fumbling for the right words to use for wishing your near and dear ones, here’s what I stumbled upon. CLICK HERE

Loved reading the messages here on Touch Wording. Pay a visit and spread smiles on faces that you love!

Hope to share a lot more this year!


Much lovies,


Hey YOU!

Hey you,

How’s the weather tonight? Do you feel the blues? Is your heart fluttering red? Did you find a green eyed guy? Is the rainbow smiling down upon you?

So many colors, so many shades and just a single you!

Do you still wonder at the roads you took; the turns you missed, the lanes you left, the people who are no longer yours, the ones you miss, the ones who miss you, the ones that never stayed, the ones who still stand by your side?

So many questions, so many puzzles and just a single you!

Do you still think of memories you made? Do you smile reading the old conversations? Do you talk to the people you did ten years back? Are you in touch with the ones who once touched your heart and left footprints that you thought would never fade? Did the touch of love blossom the flowers inside you?

So many doubts, so many memories and just a single you!

Are you happy? Is your today beautiful? Is yesterday still your home because you’re scared that you’re falling in love with your today? Are you still scared like you were back when you first started?

So many fears, so many regrets and just a single you!

Has your favorite book changed? Is HE still your favorite author? Did you find a new favorite poem? Is red still your favorite shade? Are rains still your favorite feeling?

So many changes, so many options and just a single you!

Yes, with time, a lot of things change.

People will come and go.

Happiness comes, stays ad leaves. Sorrow does the same, but time never stays. Passes us along, touching us, caressing us and making us a person who is so same and yet so different.

This letter is addressed to my former self which is the current me for the times to come. I’ll read this when I’m 42 (I’m 24 now) and wonder how much has changed in my life.

Read it and talk to yourself of all the things that you thought were permanent but they left and you didn’t!

Life is so much more than few perfect promises. Life is believing the promise even when the people you made them to, no longer stay. Life is loving the sameness even when things have changed. Life is living your today even when yesterday is your beloved home. Life is smiling as you recollect memories that can never again be a reality.

I’ve met people who may or may not stay in my tomorrow, but I know, the memories of them will never leave because favorite poems, stories, people and even shades do change, but footprints left deep in the heart are locked for times no clock will ever measure.

Life was beautiful. It is beautiful. It will be beautiful.

All you need is the eyes that you need to borrow to see the shine.

Some people fall in love and others make you fall in love with life ❤

I do not know how long the feeling stays, so for as long as it does, I chant the rhythmic murmurs of heartfelt love. because miracles are people.

When I’m 42, I would still think of few things which I did when I was(am) 24.

Age is just a number! Life is a story.

Hey you!! Smile. Love. Live.

Much lovies,

(A happy RED) Shade.