Live, Love, Leave.

You know,

Nothing in life

Comes for granted.

One moment

We are here

Amidst love

With your loved ones

Thinking of your lover

Giggling with people


One snap

And everything ends.


Of course.


Oh Yeah!

Who has seen tomorrow?

The sun when it sets

Doesn’t knows if it will meet

The morning rays again 

People we hug

Might just become

Little figments of 

Big memories


Sometimes, it gets one moment too many.

Sometimes, the end sneaks right under your nose

You never know which page is the last

If this is it,

Cherish the folded pages

Trace your fingers

On pages you highlighted

The memories your heart seals

Kiss the line

Where you wrote your own story

Feel the emotions

Where you first felt beautiful

In the end,

We never know

When one today

Never brings another tomorrow.

You know,

Nothing in life

Comes for granted.

You know,

Nothing in life

Comes for granted.

You know,

Nothing in life

Comes for granted.






There’s something about

Bathroom floors

Long coats

Tear stained eyes

Lost smile

A forlorn diary

Unwritten journals

Incomplete lines

An uncertain face

Memories locked away

So easy to go

So hard to stay?

unnamed (2)

The First Book

Time slips

A tad too fast.

Eyes blinked,

Moments gone.

What was once yours

Slips away

And you see it go

Moving away,

Hiding underneath

The tiny stars

That cover the 

Murky mind.

I hold on,

Clutching hard

My fingers have blisters

Because of the fierceness

Of my grip.

I cry

When I see

How easy it was 

For you

To let go.

I never saw

The tears that


Your beautiful face

As you wept

When you turned away.

We could’ve been

But shall never be

In our incompleteness

We lived

A tale so pretty

That ‘Love’ smiled

And said

“I once knew a couple

They didn’t stay

But they never left.”

The hearts still beat

The pictures still stay

On different ways

We stand

A billion words unsaid

As I tiptoe to the well

Dropping a penny,

Making a wish.

I close my eyes

And before I can whisper

The heart beats

My lips still utter

The only name

It ever really loved

“Keep him happy

Wherever he is.”

In another place

You wake up,

Smiling, rubbing the eyes


“I wish, we had more time.

I wish I could tell you

That I always wanted you to be mine.

I hope you’re happy

Wherever you are.”

Two hearts


Yet aloof

Life happens

When love fails.

I put down the pen

As I stare at the first letter

I ever wrote

Wondering if in the years to come

A new story will finish

What Destiny denied.

‘Stay’, I say

But, I am all alone.

Wrapped in wrinkles,

With three big cats

A big diary

I write down the words I never said

“I love you!”

Five years later

You pick my only book

And weep as you read

Every word of what I wrote

Was strummed for 


“You love me”, you say.

I smile because for the first time

There is no question there

Yes, I reply.

You take the book

From the wrinkled hands

Pick the pen 

From my frail fingers

And simply add

“I love you too.”

Two old souls

Too weak to walk

Too old to talk

Yet love makes them young!

Who said, books were unreal!

Romance is ALWAYS real

You find it in an author’s story

In the poet’s rhyme

In the singer’s voice

In the dreamer’s eyes

Because love lives, even when people don’t!


Old Lanes

Sometimes you just feel so mushy that you wish to lock the feelings before they slip away. It’s been ages since I wrote something but thankfully, life has been a bliss of late. Touchwood, I hope the good is here to stay.

Old days

Those moments

The little smiles

Unspoken words

Emotions inside

So much time

Keeps passing

How scared she was


Of how broken a tomorrow could be

Today, she silently smiles

At the beautiful present

She enjoys!

When the right person

Stands beside

Every wrong bids a goodbye

You don’t really need

A love that spans forever 

Sometimes, it’s little moments

You pick up every day

Those whimsical wishes

Which someone fulfils

Those little habits

Which someone picks

The cute fights

Which someone does

And you look back

And find

You dotted your diary

With hearts and love

A name can be subtly traced

Because every heart tells a tale

Live your love today

Forget about the winds of change

What begins will one day end

Let not the fear 

Wash away

The smile you

Could have worn today!

Draw the hearts

Color them up

Let memories be made

Yet again

So long, so good

Good it will stay

If not, remember; it once

Made you say

I Love The Story I’ve Lived

Some day again

You will finish

The tale, if it stayed incomplete

Rise in Love




fall in love


I swear, a happy one is waiting to happen! This one is for all those who find the need to vent but just can’t because you don’t really know what you want to say! If you feel so, it’s okay to feel that way, I know, I do the same. If you don’t, its okay too. I know I am very weird 😀 This is the second poem this month, So I promise to write a third one this June with a happy sappy love!

The pen holds her hostage tonight

She tries hard 

Harder still

To let go off the mighty hold

Yet, the more she tries

The harder is the grip

Words on lips

Ink on page

A little grin 

Ah, the evil face

Don’t spit it out

Keep it in

Tries too hard


The pen holds her hostage tonight

Is it so tough?

To contain the thoughts

The wilderness cries

A little louder tonight

Nothing is amiss

The smile is in place

The mind has gone awry

Hunting for a prey

A loud cry

Is heard inside

RUN AWAY, says the heart

STAY, says the mind

Betwixt it all

The pen holds her hostage tonight!

Scared of the moon

Afraid of the sun

Oh Sky! Why are you so vile!

A billion stars

Shining in the light

Yet, the darkness engulfs

The happiness inside

Moments and memories

Unleash their hold

Wrapping like a blanket

On a cozy night

The pen holds her hostage tonight

Nothing has been told

She silently smiles

Words let out

Yet words stay inside

Don’t bare your heart

Don’t say the words out loud

A promise was made on one summer night


How much it had broken

The poet’s urge to write

The pen holds her hostage tonight

And yet

Strong she shines

Because she broke the pen

That once made her smile

So hard to tell,

If she won or lost

Because in the end

Silence reigned

Rightly said,

Silence is sometimes the loudest cry!

A shattered pen sobs

In the middle of the night

Unaware of how to vent

Not sure what is so wrong inside

Just that the little heart

Is wailing again

Asking others

Okay? Okay?

All the while, 

Silently knowing

It’s the insides

That have been crying

For reasons, it still doesn’t know

So, rather than tell

It learns how to hide

Let us smile


Sadness is so vile!

She now holds

The pen as her hostage tonight

Strangulaitng her words

Hiding the emotions

Because she is a pro

At faking a smile!

Maybe, some day 

Sadness too shall smile

Another night

A battle to fight!

She holds her pen hostage tonight!


Much lovies,


A Night Owl’s Tale

#300 ~Perhaps, the 300th published poem on this blog, WOOSSHH! *BIG GRIN*~

Some days the nights get darker

As she sits down to disambiguate

Reality from her fanciful imagination

Little thoughts prop

And they make her claustrophobic

As suddenly the air vanishes from the room

She clutches hard to things

She hopes will help her hold

But every little thing

Keeps slipping again.

She sees a free-fall coming

And she was always scared of heights

Dyslexic in her own being

Too chaotic to stay tied

She murmurs something incomprehensive

Wonders why such a fate

Will things ever improve?

Or the darkness will explode

So many unsaid words

Random thoughts that grow

Deeper in the abyss

That the world calls insanity

Maybe, she doesn’t belongs

To this land of mortals

Maybe, she is meant

For things that go beyond

They say you’re truly sad

When the soul too cries

For things that never were

Or things that won’t be

Every passing minute

The clock seems to chime

Little girl, wake up

The nightmare will subside

Every morning she wakes

Clutching the pillow too hard

The wrists don’t open

With marks the fingers left

As she screamed silently

When the nightmares made her bleed

One day, she will fly

To lands far and high

Sitting all alone

To the winds, she would chime

Let my wings fly

Don’t chain me here, Lord

Or else teach me dear

How to soothe my mind

Such wild is the mess

That her imagination and reality collides

Unaware what is happening

She sobs again in the night

But ask her if she is okay

And so smartly, she feigns a smile

The world loves the happiness she wears

Unaware that it is the mask that hides

But, God they say, just tests how much you shall try

Because, even God truly loves a happy smile.

Maybe, it is all just a matter of time

Every night, she prays

May things fall in place, tonight


 fall out f love

P.S. I miss writing random poems that sprout from irregular thoughts. I hope, I find what I lack to get the groove that once came so easily to me.

Not the writer’s block, but perhaps there is something lost, trapped in a few lines, not waiting to unveil. 🙂

Methinks, it shall be back soon 🙂

Much lovies,


I Choose Myself

The mist gathers around

A little closer around the doors

I dreamily rub those round eyes

I look around and smile at the sight

Happiness is a choice

I might not be the happiest person alive

I’ve thoughts that darken my mind

Yet, amidst the raging storm that 

Vows to drown the happiness within

I find the halo of angels.

More than one pair of wings

Stand by me to save

From the catastrophe that I am.

I could be the wreck I think I am

But, I will conquer all my fears

Today, I might not matter to you

It is so easy to let go of people

But, after I leave

When the time is done

I will still wear my smile

And people will wonder why

Because I am more than another dot

I won’t be defined by someone I am not

I shall stand tall

I will fight the odds

Maybe, you too shall see

The shine I wore

Maybe, it shall all be late

Maybe, there is still going to be some time

Maybe, people too know

Every heart that blossoms once did break

Every smile that always stays once went missing

Every girl who loves once had lost

And yet, we all stay

Huddle close

Because life is so much more 

Than one big bad day

I have a story

And I shall paint

The canvas of my own life

Too many shades

Too much love


I still recall the day

My dad looked at me 

And smiled and simply whispered

“Happiness is you”