Make-up Tricks for Fall!

When Fall is about to arrive, certain glumness is natural. The harsh winds that summers left with them continue, however they are not so dreaded anymore thanks to the impending winters. Fall is a season of combinations. It is when you can afford to experiment the most when it comes to your make-up!

The layer of make-up would only come out impeccably once the base is strong enough. Make sure your skin is rid of the dead cells, damage and coarseness that it faced during the sweltering weather it had to face a short while ago. Use a good scrub to remove the upper most damaged layer.


Thanks to the autumn nip, you are now free to use the foundations you were not allowed to apply thanks to extreme temperatures and humidity. Cream based cleansers and good quality moisturizers are a must for the fall. Plus, you’ll be needing lots of them for the coming cold climes.

While you get to experiment in the Fall, it is also time to find your personal style when it comes to make-up. Whether you’re a fan of super poppy shades or subtle neutrals, the time is right to realize what suits you best, and what you’re most comfortable in pulling off. While the season puts no such restrictions on you, your complexion and confidence could. The make-up is your second skin. You have it carry it off with elan and poise.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms are the perfect combination of neutral and bold. The shades are both natural as well as fierce. Plus they will provide nutrition to your lips in the dry Fall. Keep your balms handy in your sack, even if you can’t afford to carry all your make-up with you. For your everyday look, basic kajal and tinted lip balms would work just fine.


Hide your blemishes and pigmentation with the help of foundation that the summer sun gave you, but avoid compact. For this basic make-up haul, you can always trust to offer you some of the best discounts on make-up products. From Maybelline Baby Lips to L’Oreal Matte Morphose pre-make up base, this online shopping websites has its stocks fully loaded!

The perfect reds are perfect for all season. However you can still stay minimalistic with pastel blush-ons. A soft blush with tinted lids but a bold lip would be a good look for your evening get togethers. Try hues like copper and lavender on your lips and eyes with mascara stained eye lashes. These shades bring color with them but do not shout for attention!

holding11 (1)

Want to try something new and offbeat? How about oxblood lips? Try plum and dark brown shades. In that case, keep every other feature of your face completely make-up free! So for that upcoming bash, your little black dress would find companions in dark lips and an updo hairstyle.


Matte makeup is allowed for the Fall but your skin should not feel dehydrated otherwise your make up would not be able to impart upon your face that much needed glow. You can’t turn back time, but you can always face it with make-up. Welcome Fall!


Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about travel tips fashion and beauty trends.


Makeup tips for the monsoon season

Monsoons in India are a mess and looking good takes a backseat when you have to handle umbrellas and bulky raincoats. It is also the time when humidity rises and your hair’s texture and skin’s oil secretion go haywire. Most make-up artists and stylists suggest a minimalist look. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your skin and hair in order even during downpours.

Cleaning the Skin

Keeping your skin clean during monsoons is very important as bacterial action and oil secretion rises around this time. Women with oily T-zones and combination skins are bound to experience a bout of acne. To avoid these problems, it would be best to use herbal astringents to get rid of the excess oil.

beautiful young woman with towel on the head

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You can keep a few wet and dry tissues to keep removing excess oil from the face. Those with dry and normal skin would do well to use ice on their face to remove grime and grease. Before going to bed, use a water based moisturizer from Lakme or L’Oreal. If you have oily skin, its better you use no night cream.

Creating a Makeup Base

Do not use foundation creams as bases for makeup if you don’t want them rolling down your cheeks after a heavy downpour. Instead, use face powder, only sparingly to create a light base. You should use only that much which will absorb the oil from your face.

Close-up portrait of young woman applying make-up foundation, studio shot

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A light BB cream from MAC can also be used but make sure it dissolves perfectly in your skin.

If you like using blush, go for cream blush which are water proof and add a rosy tint to your face.

Doing up your Eyes

Indian women love wearing kajal but this is unfortunately the season to put them away. Some brands like Faces have introduced water and smudge proof kajal which lasts long and you can try them out. Instead of kajal, you can go for waterproof eyeliner from Maybelline that is likely to last longer than traditional kajal pencils.


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You can also add to the beauty of your eyes by thickening the lashes with waterproof mascara. Brands like Revlon produce them with good quality waterproofing that keeps them on for long hours, till you remove them with a cleanser. A touch of pink eye shadow shall also brighten up your look. However, make sure it is only minimal as you don’t want to deal with layers of melting pancakes.


Come sun or rain, using a sunscreen is must because it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. They are available in various SPF ratings which offer different levels of protection. You can use a water based sunscreen from VLCC or Vichy can work wonders on your skin during this time.


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For completing your look, wear your hair in a tight ponytail or go short by trying out bobs and pixie cuts. Monsoon months lead to a lot of hair fall and shorter hair shall prevent it. Keep your hair clean by using mild herbal shampoos and conditioners to keep frizz and tangle away.

Author bio

Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Maxi dress: A summer must have

Style, comfort, versatile, chic, elegant, sexy, hot, vibrant, unique and flattering, you name it and maxi dresses have it all. When scorching heat of the sun is planning to make us all, suffer in Indian continent, maxi dresses or long dresses have emerged as an angel for all the chicas out there. This guardian angel of the fashion world is not just gorgeous, but it flatters all kinds of body type.


And not just the summer months, but with right accessories and fabric selection, maxi dresses (or long dresses as they are known among some of the dress lovers), you can wear these dresses in winters as well.

It is practically the only kind of dress which can cover your fashion needs from beach to a black tie event altogether round the year. You just have to ensure that the style you have selected flatters your body type.

Although maxi dresses or long dresses look great on every body type regardless of the popular notion that vertically challenged girls cannot pull off this style, body type consideration is a must to follow!

Free flowing garb, flattering structure and a sexy neckline, maxi dresses are divided into these three structures. While shopping for them, you can focus on these pointers and shop the one that emphasizes your good looks. Some of the maxi dress styles that are popular this summer season,

The Solid colored ones!


Entire dress has the same color and no prints at all in this most basic maxi dress style. If you have a slim body structure, this style will flatter on your body. Also if you are vertically challenged like me, a single color will make you look taller.

The Printed ones!

Yes, like all the springs and summers gone so far, SS15 has brought the prints trend back and with a bang. From footwear to clutch bags, everything you can imagine in the fashion world has prints on it this year so how can maxi dresses be left behind.


Although prints look gorgeous, they can bring in undue attention to your body. If you are curvy and have an hourglass figure, avoid large bulky prints. You can go with the small prints with a plunging V-neckline. This will focus attention to your neck, giving a streamlined structure.

The Boho Chic ones!


Boho chic style is making a comeback this year with a tad bit of hotness added to it. Loose, free flowing and adorned with wildest prints, with a touch of nature and earthiness, Boho styled maxi dresses are all about this. Wear them with Boho styled gladiator sandals or platform sandals with large hoop earrings studded with beads and rosy colored vintage aviator sunglasses!

The Asymmetric ones!


If you have tried asymmetric dresses and tops, it is time for the lopsided maxi dresses. Similar to its fellows, this one also has a lopsided or uneven hemline or neckline. With a plethora of prints, lopsided hemlines are a treat to wear. If you are looking for a beach perfect look, these ones in sheer fabric can be an option. Wear them with beaded necklaces, hat and colorful flip-flops to the beach or pool, whichever is closer to you!

The Sheer ones!

Aah the sexy and stunning sheer ones. These are my favorite when it comes to dressing seductively for some occasion, (if you know what I mean). Sheer fabric of these maxi dresses adds a glamorous feel to it.


Also, they are quite comfortable for the summer season. What else is there to say!

If you are vertically challenged like me, try out the overall sheer ones instead of the ones on the hemline only. These might make you look shorter, and we don’t want that!

Maxi dresses have been in trend for decades as a comfort wear, but with the new collection it has become an Haute Couture trend hot throughout the year. Style them with a sassy touch, flattering accessories and a touch of makeup to look fresh as a spring gale!

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion industry, she loves to write about latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Once Again- Guest Post

This is a guest post by one of my beloved friends Anshu Dhamiwal. She is a beauty. Not just with words, but she is blessed with pictures and a lot of other thing. We connected in a way words can’t explain. This is her picture and the beautifully articulated poem is hers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you Anshu and this poem is more beautiful in ways I can explain. Catch her blogging here. Show her some love because she deserves all of it and more.blogpoem

Will you break me into your arms?
Like the hands clutching
My spine
Your chest
Bandaging my lacerated heart…
Slash slash
Slash slash slash
You only tore it
As the sun
Swayed from west to east
And in the nights
It did rest bleeding to clotting
then brown,
did you see the fickle colors?
From blues to
Crawls of healing

Ready again to be torn apart
Once again
Every single morning.
Will you please heal me into your arms?
And not leave me
Not again
Not again
Mid way
Waiting from 23:00 to
The next evening,
Not again
Not once again…
Will you please taste my mouth
And pull
My soul ,
yes the soul
and let it stay curled up with yours
with yours
let my body die …
let me live in you
for once
for once
just once.
Will you please drink my tears?
Gulp them down slowly
Till these settle down in you
And not wasted ?
Will you please tear a slice
Off a loaf of dry bread
With your fingers and thumbs
And feed me
With your hands
Just once
Only once
Till my soul is contended?
Will you please complete my words?
My voice breaks
Midway in sobs
Please don’t leave
My poetry
When you can
Make love with my silence.

A Guest At My Home

HEYYYYYYY, I’ve a guestttttt at my home.. as in my blog… Meet my latestttt smart find.. Karan Sampat. If you have  a knack for some of the yummiest and not to be missed tales, must hop to his blog HERE. Trust me, I’ve a knack and a blessing for finding the gems and this one does SHINE really bright. Read this tale because it has its own tempo and what is even more awesome is the fact that THE GUY ISN’T EVEN 18 YET!!

HOLY GOD, he is a KID and a veryyyy smarrrt one too. I must say, I was glued till the end. Damn me, why do i have to be so awesome finding the best of the best all the time. The kid writes holy good. I must stop my blabbering here and gooo give him a read and send him your much love.


She stood still as the flames raised high in the sky, and his soul left the Earth with the orange flares. She could not do a thing as he left her for the last time, but he would remain forever etched in her heart, as a memory, a gem of her past. With this revolving in her mind, she looked to the skies, and begged for forgiveness; she begged for him to be back with her; waiting for him to walk back from the flames to say that it was all a joke. The rivulet kept flowing down her cheeks, and she remembered the smiles he had brought on her face, and the happiness he had given her heart. And all of a sudden, she was all alone, no…his future, their future lay inside her.


She remembered the day when they had become one- a couple; the promises they had made to each other; it all remained in her brain. As the fire blazed in front of her, she could visualize that day- it all came back to her.


There she was, a magnificent glowing Princess, walking towards him. Dressed in the traditional red dress, she held her head low, but her eyes searched for him, her soul mate, from under the veil which covered her head. As the pandit said aloud the chants, she looked at him, to find his eyes fixed on her. Averting his deep eyes, she bowed her head again, her cheeks flushing red. At the other side, she could see her parents and also Anurag’s parents, smiling and reflecting happiness.


As the pandit called for them to stand in order to take the promises, she glanced at him, and he pouted his lips in a kiss. Shocked by his motion, she widened her eyes in anger, but her heart danced, in glee. This was the man she loved, and this was the man she wanted beside her forever. Walking the 7 circles, they held hands, and swore in front of the holy fire, the same fire which was tormenting her now.


He had hugged her tightly that night, and had repeatedly said that he loved her so much, but she had not replied; she could not as shyness drowned her completely. That was one of the only two days when she had not said it. The other one was the day he left- forever, and she regretted this day the most.


The fire in front brought her back to the present, and she dabbed at the stream falling down her cheeks. Her sister held her and led her to the car which waited patiently for them. Limping weakly to the machine, she stopped and looked back, and then up to the skies, which joined her in mourning the loss with their own tears. With a deep breath, Aditi ducked in, and sped off- towards memories, towards home.


The mementoes and his absence awaited her. As she went through the messages and calls, she missed him- she missed his arms around her; she missed his sweet voice and cheesy dialogues; she missed the whole him. Stifling a sob, she sank into the armchair he loved reading in, and she closed her eyes, tightly, as though to feel his presence. She wished she could change their last day together, she just wished.


The alarm clock shrilly cried out for the 5th time that morning, and Aditi ran back to shut off the hysterical screaming.


“Get up Anu! I got to go to office now, and so do you.”


“Nothing will happen if we skip a day honey,” he said as he pulled her down to sleep beside him.


“Fine, you don’t go, but I have to bye. If you wish then call me later. But don’t apologize.”




With this, Anurag went back to his slumber, and Aditi rushed to work, grumbling.


The clock chimed the 4th hour, and Aditi glanced again at the phone. This was the 15th call she was getting, but she didn’t want to talk to him. NO! This was the 3rd time he had acted like this in the week, but he had to understand that this did not work! She had wanted to tell him something in the morning, something very important, which would make him very happy. But his childish behavior had spoiled it all. She had had to wait for 12 whole hours to pass before she could tell him. Not that she was that pissed, but this did not work in real life.


“First I will shout at him like hell, and then I’ll quietly tell him the news. No wait, I’ll fire him from here, and then when we meet, he’ll woo me. Then I’ll tell him,” Aditi thought as she packed her bag to leave office. She was leaving early so she could get things set up for the news tonight, but her feigned anger had to reach him and she picked the phone. All she typed in was, “Stop calling me again and again. I never want to see you again.”


As soon as she kept the phone back, it rang, “I love you too. Get ready to leave; I’m picking you up in 15 minutes. I’m sorry love…L :’(.”


“I don’t love you at all. Get here soon, I’m leaving anyways.”


Putting her headphones on, she wiled time until he came. As the 15 minutes came to an end, she walked to the exit, and the phone rang- it showed it was him.


A curt voice started speaking before she could cut it off, and said, “May I know who I am speaking to? I’m speaking from the Police.”


“Well what’s wrong Officer? That’s my husband’s phone you are calling from? Is he in some trouble?”


In the background, she heard the man say, “Fill the name as Anurag, we have his wife here. Send a car and an ambulance to pick her up. Get going right now. Ma’am where are you? I’m sending a car for you, there is some bad news I’m afraid.”


With a cry, she fell to the ground in a heap, until the ambulance accompanied with the police cars picked her up. Anurag had been consumed in a high-speed crash, and as he died, all he said to the paramedic holding his hand was, “Just tell my Adi that I love her, whether or not she does.”


His last words came to her, and she repeatedly kept saying she loved him, as the armchair kept rocking back and forth, with the combined weight of Aditi and her unborn child.



Guest Author’s note:

To find more of Karan Sampat, get to his blog here. Still not 18, he pens some brilliant stories and his LOVE for haiku gives me “the jealous greens”. Not to miss are his posts where he drips sarcastic notes on movies, Bollywood and Hollywood alike.  His creative posts makes up for his lousy handwriting  and damn, how he makes me wish I too blogged when I was still not 18.

A blogger I am gonna stalk now.. a kid who knows how to get the ball rolling.