When You’re At The END

~~In the shoes of…. “I don’t really know what this feeling” is called~~the dark moon

The picture belongs to Al Forbes. I generally write poetry on pictures, but this picture just stood out… I couldn’t control my pen and I think I just could feel the words.. My heart goes out to all who feel this way.

I keep standing.. waiting for that one ray of light to feel alright.. for that one unheard whisper that tells me, it’s okay.. you can CRY..and yet the clock keeps ticking.. there’s no sound.. no whispering.. no hugging..It’s just me and my shadow.. and slowly as the sun hides in the tuft of white clouds that I once loved, the shadow too leaves me alone.. It feels screechingly haunted like someone came in and robbed me of me.. Am I really alive or in that one nano second, all the happiness just vanished and disappeared in thin air…



I walk the lonely miles.. I feel I am walking because the legs are moving but the mind seems to have stopped.. the heart doesn’t seems to register.. My eyes are strained.. I don’t know how long it has been since I blinked.. is it really necessary to blink? I see a mirror.. or I think it is a mirror.. there are ripples in it… might as well be a lake.. I don’t know.. my mind has alienated me.. the face that reflects.. It is a version of me.. Devoid and stripped of all the colors and the shades that made me who I was.. There are a pair of eyes but they don’t have any shine.. You can see hell in it.. I look hard and the shape doesn’t change.. no movement.. the face is still.. It might be a painting.. but then I don’t know what painting is.. Is it something that artists draw or is it a memory you lock forever in a canvas to hug close and never to let go…


No one is near.. No voices comfort me today.. far away an owl hoots.. perhaps he is looking for his wife, but who truly is a wife? they leave us too.. the deeper philosophical belief says, we come alone and we go alone and all the time in between is a break.. Is it really so? who thought all of this? How do we know the one who told this isn’t lying? I don’t know.. I will never know.. I just sit or I think I am sitting because my legs are not moving anymore…



I am TIRED.. the eyes are closing or I think they are closing.. I can’t see the clouds.. they seem too far.. The moon is shining high above.. There is a light but I can’t see it fully.. I feel blood, but I don’t really know what blood is.. I don’t know who I am.. I can’t understand what is going here.. I want to hug the eerie shaped moon.. I want to bathe in its light but my eyes can’t see anymore… Something is changing or I feel it is.. I don’t know.. I have never known… I Think I have to go..


I hear some words.. some whispering at last.. DON’T GO… YOU’RE STRONG… I smile or at least I feel, I smile.. if smiling is the movement of lips and fluttering inside the heart, I think I did smile.. I don’t know.. they are just the words I wanted to hear, but IT IS JUST TOO LATE.. The moon calls me.. the moon is my mate.. it heard my voice.. It wants me near.. forever and beyond, I have to go.. for too long, I stayed in a world that was NEVER my own.. Hurt, broken and scared.. IT IS THE TIME TO GO



Lifeless and dead

Alone she stood

Scared of the change

Hiding in a hood

To the moon she looked

The shine she loved

So long it was alone

She wailed and moaned

In the dead of the night

She committed suicide

The moon too cried

And it rained that night

Just a voice

Just one hug

Might have saved

A girl so bright

And yet no one came

It was too late

The moon still shines

But, only in the night




Making The Perfect Mausoleum


A lot of people believe in erecting mausoleums as it is one of the best ways of paying tribute to the people you love. Mausoleums are buildings that enclose the burial place and so if you want to erect individual mausoleum in the honor of the loved ones, you should seek help from agencies that are working in this field.

There are a lot of different agencies that have been helping people in making the finest mausoleums. When you are making the best mausoleums, you have to be wary of the price factor. So, if you are skeptical of the net expenses, you should check out mausoleum prices before finalizing the style and architecture of the monument that you want.

Some people opt for family mausoleum too as it ensures that you can pay a tribute to the entire family. Every time you gaze at the mausoleum, you are sure to remember the good times and wonderful memories that you made with the people you loved.

When a mausoleum is being built, there are a lot of details that has to be taken into consideration. The scale of the building and the architecture and style has a lot of variety in them and so you have to patiently explore the options at hand and seek expert help as well.

When you are making a mausoleum, most people pay a lot of emphasis on mausoleum crypts as it is the chamber which stores the buried remains of the individual. So, check out these points too.

A Tearful Adieu!

In Loving Memory

Funerals are one of the necessary ceremonies that must be planned efficiently. Funerals refer to the ceremony that is held after the death of a person. There are a lot of arrangements that one needs to make during funeral and thus if you are not sure as to whether you can pull a good one, you should seek help from the agencies that work in this area.

There are a lot of different Atlanta cremation agencies that have been helping people in planning the cremation ceremony. If you are looking for help, you should try to reach out to them and then seek their help.

A lot of these agencies have their centers and offices in different cities and thus you can also find centers in cities near to your home. So, if you want to find the best Detroit cremation agencies, you should check out if the preferred company has its office in Detroit as well.


Seeking help from these agencies would ensure that they would take care of all the preparations and thus you would be able to plan the funeral meticulously. They are experienced and skilled and are aware of the fact that emotions run very high on such days. So, if you want to pay the best tribute to your loved one who has departed, seeking help from such agencies might be of help.

There are a few Las Vegas cremation centers that help people in pre planning their funeral too. If you have any such desire, you can communicate with them as well.


For The Sake Of Love!

Are you looking for mausoleums? Mausoleum refers to the building or a monument that encloses the burial place of a person and serves a remembrance for the departed soul. You can find a lot of different mausoleums all over the world as people dedicate these tombs in the memory of their loved ones.

When you are opting for mausoleum burial, it is often recommended to seek professional help because there is a lot that one needs to consider. Buying a mausoleum requires thoughtful consideration and it can involve huge financial investment as well. However, despite the troubles, it serves as a befitting tribute to the memory of the person you loved the most.

Life is a tough battle and when you lose a near and dear one, you feel the pain to be unbearable. You are looking for ways to mourn the loss of such a near one and at such juncture; the mausoleums can turn out to be of help. So, you should explore the different agencies that have been working in this field and seek their help to build a mausoleum for your relative.

The cost can vary significantly as it depends on a lot of factors including the size and design. If you opt for a grand tomb, you should be prepared to put in a lot of money. So, try to explore the cost of a mausoleum and then if you can manage the expenses, you should go ahead with the plan and build a mausoleum in the honor of the person you love.

Prepare For The Cremation Ceremony

Are you looking to plan the cremation services of your loved one who has departed and began his holy journey to the other world? Well, there are a lot of different arrangements that need to be taken care of and thus the cremation services cost can shoot very high and thereby cause financial troubles as well.

This is the reason; a lot of people these days are opting for the tried and tested services of the cremation agencies. These agencies are aware of the different preparation that is required in such tasks and thus they are willing to assist people.

There are a lot of agencies that provide excellent California cremation services and thus all those who are looking to ensure that the cremation ceremony can be conducted peacefully, should explore the work done by the finest agencies in this field.

By availing the help of such agencies, one can not only have a clear idea of the net expenses that would emanate but at the same time; one can grieve the loss of the near ones rather than being bugged with the preparations and arrangements.

Hence, if you are looking for the best Austin cremation services, try to explore the past work and track record of the different agencies that professes to help you out. If you can seek their help, you would be able to conduct the entire ceremony in a much more efficient manner.

A lot of people plan their own cremation ceremony in advance as it gives them the feeling that they would not be a source of financial burden for their family after they are gone!

Deal With Your Grief

When you are planning for the cremation services, you have a lot on your mind. The mental pressure of accepting the death of a closed one coupled with the different arrangements to make might be a bit too much to handle. Thus, you can look out for the best Tampa cremation services as it will help you in carrying out the process smoothly.

There are agencies that work in the field of cremation services and they tend to have their branches at different locations. If you are finding it hard to concentrate on any type of arrangements because of the emotional troubles that you are undergoing, it is a healthy decision to look for cremation services that can help you out. You do not want the day of cremation to be full of problems because it marks the journey of the deceased soul to the other world. So, check out the Ocala cremation services and then if you are impressed with the way they conduct the task, you can make the right choice accordingly.

Similarly, you have a lot of other cremation service centers. If you are confident that you can manage things on your own, there is no need for such services. However, most of the times, it has been observed that families find it hard to deal with such ceremonies as the pain of losing a loved one may be too much to bear. Thus, if you are facing similar problems, seek out the best Orlando cremation services and benefit from their help.

Preparing For Cremating Your Beloved Ones


Are you on the wrong side of seventies and staring at your own demise? Well, first of all, I would like to begin on a positive note stating that you are as old as you feel. Age is not measured in numbers rather it is measured in the number of beautiful moments that stole your breath away.

However, all these facts cannot erase the obvious detail that death is one of the necessary ends that is bound to consume us at some point of time. Thus, there is a lot of cremation society that you can find. These societies help people in cremating the ashes of their near and dear ones.

The cremation process can be mentally draining because of the fact that it involves a lot of arrangements and along with it, the mental trauma that families undergo may be too much to handle. So, all those who are facing such problems, they can seek help from such societies.

There are a lot of societies that would be ready to assist you. They are aware that the entire process is very sensitive and involves a lot of feelings. Thus, the right thing in such cases is to opt for the services of the best society who shall make all the arrangements and thus give you the space to grieve for the loss of your near ones.

Neptune society is one of the finest societies that is skilled in the field of cremation services, cremation memorial and cremation ceremony arrangements as well. Explore their services before making the final decision.