Walk, O Dear

*When you’re away for too long, you come to know who cares enough to still stay. #Comeback post*

Walk a little, O Dear

Even when you are scared

To simply move.

Let the lonely roads

Speak out to you

Let those tall dark trees

Sing the same song,

Which the little heart

Always hummed.

Let the blowing breeze 

Complete the tale,

Which you have often 


On empty nights;

When you slept alone

Hugging the comfy pillows

That remained your only friend.

Walk, O Dear

Because you never know

Who would wait

At the next bend

To save you from 

The unwanted end!

You’re not done

The story will live

What was once yours

Shall always be

Walk, O Dear

And let the memories rise

Because it is just a matter of time

Until the darkness shall cease

And the sun will shine.

Walk, O’ Dear.

I am beside.

Always here.

Too far, yet near.



I’m My Own Light

Why’re things so strange?

For how long should she wait?

She talks to herself all alone

Murmurs words in her sleep

So afraid was she of the dark,

That when she saw the light come near

She couldn’t help but kiss the light

And so she shone too bright

She knew it wasn’t who she was

But, how she craved to fit and belong

For too long, she let herself believe

That she too is a part of this

But, one fine morn, she woke up again

Gone was the bright light that shone her way

And once again, she knew it right

Like seasons, people come and go

Nothing will stay, which is not yours

If she really needed to find the light

It will only be found deep inside

Regardless of how bright is the day,

If the light is not yours, it will not stay

Everyone who came had to leave

Her happiness was only hers to give

It will be hard and she will bleed

But, once again, she would learn to speak

May be not today, but there shall be a tomorrow

When she will hug her own light

And whisper hello rather than a goodbye.

07-11 Lisa K Fox

The Battle


I whisper silently to the air

The winds brush the puffy cheeks

The rain is falling again

The water drops cradle my fingers

I let them slip and down they fall

No sound accompanies them at all

The wind grows strong and makes a sound

I am a little scared and look around 

With no one to help me 

With no fingers to entwine my hands

I have to fight a lone battle

The rains are my only savior

They make me smile

When the storm torments

But, some battles are already lost

You know you would never meet the end

Yet, it is a victory to last long

And so I fight 

And die with a smile

Plastered on the lips

As the rains alone

Kiss the puffy cheeks

And yet I smile

Because despite the tragic end,

I wouldn’t trade my story

Because I did all I should.

She Killed With Her Goodbyes

~~In the shoes of women who are too broken to ever mend.. love which doesn’t stays.. stories that never complete and dreams that turn nightmare.~~


Nothing could convince her because her own heart was her biggest enemy. She looked at herself in the mirror more times than she should. Every time she did, all she saw was the flaws. She has been called pretty, but which human didn’t lie.


There was nothing, absolutely nothing remarkable about her and she had learnt not to trust… never trust the ones who called you pretty but couldn’t prove it. Some people are not born to be pretty, some people are born to just fulfill their part in someone else’s story.


No, she had to stop thinking all of this. She woke up with a strong determination not to let someone else become the reason for how the day went. She will rule the world on her own terms, at least her own world, if not the entire kingdom. However, all the 3 o clock resolve, all the 2 o clock sleepless night determination, once again melted in a pool of nothingness as the memories of her sweet yesterday washed over her.



Why was it so hard to believe that her love would last?

Why was it so hard to believe that someone could see beyond the ordinary?

Why was it so hard to pretend that she was smiling?

Why did she question even the things that were answers?

Why did it hurt to feel incomplete?


Perhaps, she was meant to be like this. she would have insecurities even if she were pretty. Some people are destined to have their life chained in questions that shall forever be unanswered. She will have to learn to let go.. let go either of the insecurities and cherish the now which could be her brand of forever or let go of the love that was eating her up like cocaine.. she died a little every time she got high.

The choice had to be made. but what did she pick?

Could she even pick? That was the problem. She took, she never picked. She fell with the flow because she was never strong enough to stand for her own. 

One day she will leave but she will leave after instilling so many memories that no matter where you go, she will haunt you. She will be the worst nightmare in your most beautiful dream because the cocaine which kills is also the drug that haunts.


She was having her final goodbye today and she would be the worst goodbye you ever had. Her goodbye will wreck your hello’s. The sound of her smile shall drown your tears. You’ve let her down, she didn’t cry, but now when she will let you down, you will realize that every time you did what she did to you, she died a hundred times and more.


She will leave today and when she does, you will look for her but she was never going to come back. Her hello was always a goodbye, but her goodbye will never be another hello. She came to love, but she went to destroy you.


Never hurt a girl who loved you because when they leave, they damage you in ways even God shudders to explain. They will slice your heart and you won’t even know how. Don’t love me, she had whispered and he didn’t. However, he had smiled and told he did. She had thanked him but never believed he did because how could she when she knew he never had ONE reason to be in love.


She was a disaster waiting to happen and she happened, but sadly the disaster was HE and the storm was SHE. She came, conquered and moved away. He stayed, witnessed and was lost. She is more powerful than you will ever know. Don’t burn her, don’t fool her.. you will never come out safe. She is simply tearing you apart and you’re a fool not to know it.


She loved you, she did but when she waved her goodbye, she knew you were never hers. You’ve never been and you will never be.  She wasn’t meant to be someone’s. She came to hurt and she did.


Some storms are meant to kill, she was the cocaine she was having. She was a poison. She killed the part of her that made her alive. She killed with goodbyes.



P.S. Partly inspired by the characters in White Oleander.


If forever lasted forever, would it still end?

If promises were never broken, would broken hearts mend?

If love never ended, would hate never stay?

If memories never died, would we always smile?

If our thoughts were reality, would failure die?

If sanity was insane, would madness be wise?

If, “if” were not full of doubts, wouldn’t all wishes come to life?

letters to the unknown you

Shadows From Within

I had to coaxx a lot to make sure that Al wrote with me, but yessss the wait was worth it. He is currently one of my fave person at the moment because HOLY GOD, I’ve got a BIRTHDAY card from him.. Yes, yesss I will share picture very shortlllllyyyyyy… Here’s a duet that we two strum together and I hope, I’ve been too good a poetry partner for him so he won’t be scared and won’t run again 😛 I suck at humor, but heyy what’s wrong in trying 😛

He’s British.. that’s reason enough 😛 😀 Here it goes… the much awaited duet FINALLY!

The nights sometimes do not end
Even though the sun shines
Your sky still remains starlit
As the darkness will not leave

The shadows linger still
The moon your only light
Inner turmoil eating away
Silent screams no one hears.

Alone in the room of people
For times longer than eternity
A shadow is haunted, tormented and it cries
Seeking death, but staying alive

Sadness rips away at the soul
Tears creating streaks on the face

Nothing, no one can help
Solace, a joy long past and forgotten

But the shadows cannot stay forever
Hope ever on the horizon
Unseen whilst darkness surrounds
A glimmer, mistaken for a star

Reality is but an illusion
Nothing lasts forever
What is born, must die
The pain too must subside

Strength comes from within
As friends aid recovery
Life once again turns around
A light for all to see

brightness of light


My Myth Broke

So, I am supposed to be on a break and I tried the whole of today not to write. I nearly succeeded, but now I was itching bad and so I thought it’s good to write if I want to. It’s not like I am breaking a promise or something. Whatever, Thank you for ALL the LOVE. WordPress is DEFINITELY FAMILY ❤ ❤ ❤

This poetry is based on a picture, but it served better to have the picture at the end. You would know why.

My Myth Broke

You ain’t what I thought


My Myth Broke

You ain’t the RED shades

I dreamt of

My Myth Broke

You are not as beautiful

As I felt you WERE

My Myth Broke

You are not as true

As I wished you WERE

My Myth Broke

As you are not meant to be

The ONE I wished you COULD be

My Myth Broke

As you will never be

The ONE I wanted you to be

My Myth Broke

As I stood there

Looking hard

Staring deep

In the mirror

That stared hard at me

My Myth Broke

My reflection isn’t me

I am not ME

I am trapped

In a place

That killed who I was supposed to be

It was always a false facade

So, I shatter the mirror

As the glass breaks

And splits in a million pieces

Every broken piece screams

My Myth Broke

I am not ME

But, I could be

I don’t need another person

To regain who I am

I will fight and run

To infinity and beyond

Until I am again


My Myth Broke

And So did I

But, I will tear the clouds

That hide my shine

And the world will see

The LIGHT burn in the SKY

Though, My Myth Broke

I will FIGHT and free ME

And the SKY will SMILE

‘Coz I will FLY

Picture belongs to Al Forbes… his pictures.. Damn, its hard not to write on them 🙂 🙂