Seeking HER!

I was four years old when I realized that I had no home. While kids my age were used to pampering, I learned the hard way round that some of us were meant to find our own stars albeit the journey might be clouded with darkness.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining and so it was for me. Growing up in a foster home, my mentor Shelley always told me that I was God’s child and God always had something good up his sleeve.



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She taught me a lot of things and showed me the world of endless possibilities. I knew that if I gave my heart to anything, I could achieve it. If I am anything today, the only person I am indebted to has to be Shelley ma’am. I was broken even before I knew what broken meant but she took it upon her to join every shard of mine and make a wonderful canvas.

She took it upon her to train me. I still remember the twinkle in her eyes when she told me, “Asha, there is a lot of me in you.”

I loved the way she could instill confidence in me and today, as I look back, I realized she did what seemed unachievable.

I was thirteen when she left the foster home care and I still remember her last words, “I am never away, you just need to look at the right place.”



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I was heartbroken when she had left and once again, I felt like I had been orphaned and lost all my will.  But, I channelized this negativity in the right way and soon began to paint. I painted a lot of things but somehow I never had the heart to paint Shelley. Her portrait was very vivid in my mind. I remember the exact way the lines on her forehead crisscrossed, but I could never get myself to draw her.

When I turned eighteen, I got my first commissioned job. A guy asked me to paint and he paid me a good deal of money. It was then that I realized that my hobby could also be my job and I started working more on it and in another year, I had established myself as a reputed artist.

However, I realized that there was something which didn’t feel right. I could feel an emptiness somewhere like there was a break in the entirety as if there was a hole which wasn’t getting filled.

It took me some time to figure out I needed to seek Shelley. She had gone out of the blue and even the foster care home didn’t say much. Maybe she needed seeking and I wanted to do that.



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I knew I had to travel the world. There was something out there which I needed to see. I would need a lot of money so I decided to first develop my career. It took me another year but I soon had my own brand out there. I became a well-known artist in my city and the paychecks kept coming, my work was exhibited at some of the top meets and there were plenty of buyers.

There were three of my paintings which always exhibited but I never sold them because they were very close to me. One of them was of the silhouette of Shelley and me when I was all of five years old. It was a candid moment; much like that of a child and a mother and one could feel all those emotions in the frame.

The other was that of three hands that entwined each ether and yet somehow they were all separate. It was a reflection of who I was. I had no clue who my parents are but somehow I could feel them within me. The third was that of the Eiffel tower. I had never been there but somehow the books Shelley read out to me was so vivid that I could feel like I stayed there for too long. When I had first drawn it even with my imperfect skills, Shelley had taken one look and said: “one day Asha you will grow to be the painter the world will admire.”

As I had been an orphan all my life, my worst fear was being alone. When I decided to take a trip to the world to seek not just my mentor but my inner soul too, I realized I would have to take this journey alone. It was unbearably hard for me but I had to do it as I felt my inner voice urging me to go ahead.

I still remember when I took my first flight to Dubai, I kept my eyes shut the whole time. I was not afraid of flights that I was afraid that there was no one there to hold me.

It took me seven days to adapt to my plan of going solo. I went to different countries, met various people, spoke to them, took their ideas, saw their perspective of life and in every country, I drew something; taking a part of theirs and making it mine.

I didn’t know where exactly to find Shelley. I had taken my first trip to France via Dubai because, in my heart, I felt it would be Eiffel tower where I would meet her, but when I stood there, in front of the Eiffel tower, I realized it wasn’t Shelley who was lost here. But it was me.

There was a part of my gypsy soul that was locked here and standing in front of the massive structure, I took out the canvas and drew the monument that somehow manifested my emotions.


I went to as many as fifty-seven countries and I haven’t found Shelley yet, but you know I kind of found her too. I realized what she meant when she said I am never away you just need to look at the right place.

As I stand in an exhibition with only my works and a tale that traverses from one country to the other, there is a little of Shelley everywhere. She is there peeking from behind the Burj Khalifa, she is there as a shadow beside the Eiffel tower, she sits with her back facing the camera near the leaning tower of Pisa. She is there on the white sandy beaches of Greece and she is there holding my hands in this auditorium where there is no one but me and my works.

She never left me. Shelley made me who I am. She gave me the wings that helped me fly the world and I found not just parts of her but even parts of me all over the world. I realized I was meant to be an explorer. I had a gypsy soul and it took another gypsy to find that out. I know she too is out there traveling, exploring, and helping another Asha open the eyes to her dreams. She is like one of those angels who are born to direct and then they fly into the world helping another lost lad.

I have art centers in all the fifty-seven countries now where I went. It is set to help people like me who feel they are broken but are stronger than strength. An artist lives even when he dies. Shelley lives in each of my painting and every person I met in my journey of traveling the world while being open minded, lives with me in my mind.

Being open-minded to the world taught me that in order to live, you must feel and love the world. Let the soul speak the language you may never understand and the canvas would be filled with colors that would make even the blinds smile – because the world is beautiful and so are you!

Lufthansa Airlines recently launched a great video talking about #SayYesToTheWorld. Here is the beautiful video and here are more details about their campaign. 



Beach Please



I am more of a hill person rather than a beach but this one on Goa – The Morjim beach was a true beauty in ways more than one.


The endless blue water, the wide horizon, and the soothing sea – what more could one ask for.


More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of the zillion memories made on 
Nights short and long 
It takes you back to the time 
When you slept caressing
The pillow you called your own.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of the carefree times when you didn’t bother 
Thinking of the what ifs, why’s and how’s 
It makes you nostalgic of the times 
When you were still figuring 
How to figure the meandering 
Lanes of life.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of how life smiled even when it was pouring 
Of how you wore it all because 
Nothing looked gloomy, not even the murkiest nights.

More than a word, it speaks volumes 
Of those tiny starts 
The leap of faith 
The endless promises 
The little moments 
The eternal memories 
The eyes with a hundred emotions 
The lessons you never knew you would have to ace 
The people you never knew you would have to leave 
The places you never thought would become surreal 
The moments you never knew would become rare 
The words you never thought that would get stuck 
The passion you could never imagine would fade 
The poetry you never thought would once turn to prose.


Boss, Its Bose!

Hey you, my little 13-year-old self, how are you doing?

The future is exciting and so yay! S, even if you are feeling a little nay, be peppy and chin up because I have something so amazing to tell you.

Dude, you have to give in your hundred percent to science because technology truly is talking in our times. The future is here and it is mighty exciting for us music geeks who love to get lost in our own little world cocooned by the right flow of music.

Can you even guess what I am talking about? Well, dear 13 year old, I bet you can’t but boss, it is Bose! The power-packed quiet comfort 35 II wireless headphones from Bose is here and that too with a bang. You won’t even believe the features it comes packed with and it is surely going to blow your mind away like it might even seem sci-fi to you because it’s THAT good and advanced.


I know, you may be wondering how I can be so gaga over a headphone, after all, at the end of the day it is just a HEADPHONE! Oh wait, you judgmental prick, let me get down to the basics and you will be craving for that time machine (which sadly has not been made yet) to jump to my time and get hold of these monster of a technological wonder.

Fancy talking to a headphone and getting things done? I know, you may be rolling your eyes and wondering that the crazy storytelling art of yours hasn’t faded even in 2018, but, sad to break your bubble, I am not concocting tales here, my little 13-year-old self.

The Bose headphones actually come with a built-in Google assistant. If you are familiar with the Google assistant feature, you would know that how tech-savvy it really is to just chip in with commands and get the tasks done. Feels like having your very own personal secretary, isn’t it?


I know, because you are my little one, your curiosity might be at its very peak. So, I am going to familiarize you with my current obsession and make you jumpy with excitement for the big thing of tomorrow.

The best form-fitting features

The headphone has been built with a soft cushion ear cup. So, it doesn’t even make you feel that you have a headphone on. It also comes with Alcantara cushion which makes it fit for day-long wear. Not only this, it has been designed to handle high impact and rough use because it is made corrosion resistant too.

So, even for users like us who keeps it rough, the headphone is made to last.

Google assistant

This is by far the best feature of the headphone. It has been programmed to use the Google assistant. So, you can do a wide multitude of tasks like

  • Playing music
  • Receiving texts
  • Managing the daily tasks
  • Getting answers

All of these can be controlled merely with your voice. All you have to do is hold the action button and the assistant is active and ready to take orders.

If you are not a Google user (By the way, I switched to Apple 2 years back making all your iPhone dreams come true), you do not need to fret. The action button helps you adjust the noise cancelation level as there are three settings available which can be chosen based on what level of optimization you want.


The noise cancellation

So, you, my beloved 13-year-old cranky teenager need to know that it is so easy to tune out the outside world and get lost in our favorite tracks now. The rest of the world will cease to exist and you can do all of this and more with the flip of a single switch.

The headphone comes with an acoustic noise-canceling technology. This headphone will measure, compare and react to the outside noise and it cancels the outside contradicting signals. So, adjust your noise cancelation levels amidst three varying levels and enjoy the best of music.


Charge up

I know how hard it is to stay stuck to the charge point all the time. Guess what dude, the Bose makers have heard you. You can enjoy up to 20 hours of listening. Simply a charging time of 15 minutes will give you another round of 2.5 hours, but, if you are still caught sans the battery, you can use the cable to plug in and the music shall roll on.

The best of clarity

In the end, be all set to enjoy excellent charity at all volumes. For music lovers like you, there is nothing that can get better. You even get volume optimized EQ which offers the right kind of stunning performance.

So, even when you are running on a bustling street like you always do when headed to your school; plug in your headphone and enjoy your good time.


So, dude are you not craving to head to 2018 right away? Well, wait till I let you know of a time turner or the time machine. Until then, I am going to get lost in this amazing world of music with the perfect Bose headphones.

Love you,

Your older 26 year old self.

You can get more information about the headphones here

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You Know.

You know how they say 
The night is for the quiet 
The stars speak of solitude 
The sky is the canvass 
Of thoughts that traverse the mind

You know how they say 
Fingers entwined never part 
Hearts conjoined always last 
Little smiles are meant to stay 
Dreamy eyes tell a tale

You know how they say 
A hundred words fall short 
When the mind is a Happy mess 
Everything is perfect yet
Everything was left when you went 
Locking the little doors where you grew 
Oh how I wish I could fly 
To the land where I learned to smile 
Amidst the arms that first held me 
Because two worlds, one soul 
Oh foul treacherous destiny 
You know how they say 
One heart, two halves
One character, two tales 
One story, two lives 
One person, a million miles


Is an RO purifier best for pure water?

Water purification technology has come a long way. The initial purification methods were just simple hacks like using a filter to eradicate the impurities.

But with time, many improvements took place, paving the water for RO water purifiers.

 RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. It is something we learned in high school, but never thought how it could make your home water fit for consumption.

It can eliminate various dissolved and suspended species from water, including bacteria. It is employed for both industrial as well as domestic purposes. RO technology differs on the basis of the level of product testing and the quality of filters used to assemble the purifier. Prices along with the quality determines how should one select the best RO water purifier in India

Livpure has an extensive range of RO purifiers that give you pure drinking water and keeps your family away from diseases spread via water. You can check the RO water purifier price from our website and compare the various features in order to choose one for your home.

With an RO purifier, you can rest assured that the water you are drinking won’t lead to several health issues. In today’s times, when the population is on a boom, it is really important to do something to filter the water because more the number of people, more waste is generated. Owing to the excessive waste generation, the waste dumping is many a times done without the right treatment. In developing coteries like India, it is even more common to find open dumping of waste. This waste can seep into the rivers and lakes and this in turn contaminates the whole water body.

So, the need has been felt to purify the water thoroughly as this will help you get the best form of purified water. Livpure as a brand has managed to make a great name for it. The company has achieved great heights and they have managed to put forth a tremendous record too.

Their RO water purifiers are designed to handle almost all possible impurities. They make it a point to cleanse the water thoroughly by stripping it off unwanted chemicals. Owing to this proper treatment, they have become one of the trusted brands of water purifiers.

If you wish to live a healthy life, it is really important to drink fresh water which has been treated well. If you can do your bit and want to ensure that your family lives a healthy and long life too, explore the wide range of water purifiers by Livpure and choose the ones which seem to be apt for you.

You can check the features, the price and even explain your requirement to any of the salesguy who would be more than happy to assist you.

So, go ahead and install the preliminary line of defense against infection from contaminated water.

Why one cannot ignore the need for water purifier?

Basic hygiene matters above everything else. If you are not healthy, having a social life, interacting with people, having a successful career is simply impossible.

Water is a basic component to survive for anyone. If it’s not clean, it’s not the same water. Purification standards across India are not uniform, which is also due to the different sources of water. Hence, a water purifier becomes all the more important in Indian households.

Let’s try to understand the source of your domestic tap water. It is either a nearby lake or river; or the seawater. Although the government tries its best to ensure the safe passage of water through extensive pipelines and advanced treatment plants, there is a high chance of water undergoing contamination until the time it reaches your house. That is mainly due to weather, quality of pipes and various other factors. This is why getting the best water purifier is of extreme importance.

Choosing a purifier for your tap water depends on what type of technology you are looking for. That is where the water purifier price comes into the picture. Our range of purifiers not only give you competitive pricing but make sure that your family stays healthy with no presence of water-borne diseases.

Health is wealth

We all know how important it truly is to stay healthy. Not all the wealth in the world can be of use. If you are not healthy enough to enjoy life, water is one of the core elements of survival and at the same time, if contaminated, it can lead to loss of life as well. This is why if you are the kind of person who is concerned about their health; you must have the best water purifier in India installed at your home. Choosing to drink purified water will help clean your body and keep you away from a lot of ailments and germs.

Is Livpure the good choice?

Livpure is one of the premier brands when it comes to water purifiers. They have a wide range of products that come packed with the best features. The company emphasizes a great deal on the kind of quality standard it adheres to. They believe that it is the best quality which will bring them finest reviews which in turn can help them reach greater heights.

Also, when developing products like the water purifier, there is no scope for compromises because if people drink contaminated water, they can fall ill and this can spiral into a chain reaction. So, all those looking to secure and safeguard their health and even those of their family, they should check out the different water purifiers by Livpure because it surely is one of the best water purifier in India.

When you have the best purifier installed at your home, you can rest assured that you will be drinking water which has been thoroughly treated and so it won’t end up adversely impacting your health. With the rising rates of air and water pollution in the country, the need for water purifiers is more than ever now. It is important that you filter the water and get rid of the harmful impurities. If you have kids at home, there is no way you can afford to take the risk of exposing them to such hazardous chemicals in untreated water. So, water purifiers have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

By drinking healthy water, you can surely prolong your life and avoid too many ailments easily. So, will you do your bit for your first line of defense?