I swear, a happy one is waiting to happen! This one is for all those who find the need to vent but just can’t because you don’t really know what you want to say! If you feel so, it’s okay to feel that way, I know, I do the same. If you don’t, its okay too. I know I am very weird 😀 This is the second poem this month, So I promise to write a third one this June with a happy sappy love!

The pen holds her hostage tonight

She tries hard 

Harder still

To let go off the mighty hold

Yet, the more she tries

The harder is the grip

Words on lips

Ink on page

A little grin 

Ah, the evil face

Don’t spit it out

Keep it in

Tries too hard


The pen holds her hostage tonight

Is it so tough?

To contain the thoughts

The wilderness cries

A little louder tonight

Nothing is amiss

The smile is in place

The mind has gone awry

Hunting for a prey

A loud cry

Is heard inside

RUN AWAY, says the heart

STAY, says the mind

Betwixt it all

The pen holds her hostage tonight!

Scared of the moon

Afraid of the sun

Oh Sky! Why are you so vile!

A billion stars

Shining in the light

Yet, the darkness engulfs

The happiness inside

Moments and memories

Unleash their hold

Wrapping like a blanket

On a cozy night

The pen holds her hostage tonight

Nothing has been told

She silently smiles

Words let out

Yet words stay inside

Don’t bare your heart

Don’t say the words out loud

A promise was made on one summer night


How much it had broken

The poet’s urge to write

The pen holds her hostage tonight

And yet

Strong she shines

Because she broke the pen

That once made her smile

So hard to tell,

If she won or lost

Because in the end

Silence reigned

Rightly said,

Silence is sometimes the loudest cry!

A shattered pen sobs

In the middle of the night

Unaware of how to vent

Not sure what is so wrong inside

Just that the little heart

Is wailing again

Asking others

Okay? Okay?

All the while, 

Silently knowing

It’s the insides

That have been crying

For reasons, it still doesn’t know

So, rather than tell

It learns how to hide

Let us smile


Sadness is so vile!

She now holds

The pen as her hostage tonight

Strangulaitng her words

Hiding the emotions

Because she is a pro

At faking a smile!

Maybe, some day 

Sadness too shall smile

Another night

A battle to fight!

She holds her pen hostage tonight!


Much lovies,




I personally believe there is nothing better for a person than being written for.This poem is not penned by me, but I LOVE it to pieces because it has been penned for me. It should have been posted long back, but like we say, it is better late than never.

I personally believe you can compliment a girl a hundred things and she would still be skeptical. Write her a poem and her heart asks no more. Who says, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Words, strummed from the heart seals the deal. Obviously, diamonds don’t hurt either and chocolates too!

*My SECOND BEST POEM of all time *

There are times when its tough to figure out my path

When, the world seems too big and my existence trivial.

I look at you!

Not because you are the most beautiful person I have seen, met or


Not because your wittiness is unparallel

Not because you have the most incredible smile

But when I look at you

I can see a part of my soul

And the world again seems to be bright and paths clear.

There are times when I am short of reasons

When the world appears harsh and ugly

I look at you!

And at the smile that have always

intrigued me;wide and blissful

Surely smile cannot find a better home

And in your glittering eyes

behind the shine

and beneath the perpetual mist of your eye lashes

I can see a part of my soul

And Its tranquil and beautiful..

There are times when I have nightmares

when the world is scary

and every shake of window panes

threats me of a hurricane

Every scar blister

I close my eyes

and think about the best things I have

Things that are sacred to me and

I think of you!

Remember how I have lived a dream;

A dream which still scares me

because its looks too beautiful to be real

A dream which I still pursue…

And when all the memories of You & Me

speaks and kindle to never fade away

a part of my soul smiles back at me

and in your eyes I forever rest!

I decided to post it here because all your favorite pieces must be at your favorite place. ❤ ❤ ❤

When my nights are dark, I revisit the poetry that not just talks of love but makes me feel loved enough too.


I know the guy doesn’t needs a thank you from me but sometimes, it is okay to say thanks! 

Some people shine so bright that you wonder if you will ever reflect even a part of their shine! You’re awesome!

Those who’re wondering why it’s the second best, it is because I believe that 


I’ve a favorite one too. Shall share that too shortly!

Much Lovies,



Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

~~In the shoes of uncertainty because sometimes life is not promised and the fear to die is very high; even though things on the surface look fine~~

I’ve tried sketching the feeling of someone who is scared that her tomorrow may not see a tomorrow and how she wants to bare it all and is still afraid of saying too much because you are never sure of the end, until it ends.


Nothing is promised

Not today and definitely not tomorrow.

If tomorrow never comes,

Remember; my today was good.

I’ve no regrets except for few.

I’ve loved, lived and loved some more.

I’ve laughed, cried and laughed some more.

I’ve hurt, been hurt and healed some more.

I’ve seen, felt and lived some more.


Yes, there are unsaid things;

Pretty secrets hidden in half lies.

Little complains sealed in love rhymes.

Incomplete wishes wrapped in thank you lines.

A desire for few more days,

Some more moments,

Much more memories

And a lot more answers.


Yet, I choose not to fret

Scared, I may be

But, a smile shall stay



I got more than my share


Look out for the signs

The footprints I left behind

May be, there is more to say

May be, I am here to stay

But, a tomorrow is never promised

So, the moon smiles and the stars shine

And I sing my own lullaby.

Far away in some corners,

Some near, some too far

I send the love and share the smiles

Regardless of the length of life

Love lasts a lifetime

If my tomorrow has no tomorrow in fate

It will still be worth the wait

A life is to be measured by moments

Big, small, life changing and sad

I’ve had it all

A few more words I would have said

But, it all sums down in words only two


Because, too often I thought

I am a forgotten

Remember me, for some days

And may be a little more

I might not shine like a star

But, keep me locked in your heart

Until someone comes along

And once again stirs the same old song 


If there’s more to this story;

I shall one day add to it

Because, books and stories 

Never lie

Because they live;

Even when people die.

You Started My Middle

~~In the shoes of a happy, contented lover. Ah, the shoes are dazzling, beautiful and RED~~

There are things we will never know because tomorrow is always a little too late. However, you gave me a today that is beautiful in ways no poetry can explain.

Even when we’re miles apart and the stars don’t shine anymore, I occasionally smile at the thoughts that my mind conjure and then I realize, how deep I’ve fallen and there’s no way back. For the first time, I whisper to myself, “I’m not scared of falling and so I tumble deeper.” There is no bottom and the fall keeps continuing. 

 good old times

Whoever told that “Love happens once in a lifetime” was perhaps never in love because if the love is true and sincere, you fall a little more in love every day, every moment, ever week and every month. You don’t need “dates” to have a “date”. Sometimes. it is the remembrance of THAT one compliment which lights up the night sky like no star ever could.


I’ve been too scared to love, but what I never knew is regardless of the way it ends, regardless of the lanes we walk, regardless of the things you feel, regardless of the fate we’ve sewn, regardless of the pain in store; the best memories of my life have already been lived. Sure there will be more; some will feature you, some won’t; but 

When I look back at my life and I’ve to paint the picture of what it was like, you would be THE rose that shall stand out because sometimes HAPPINESS HAPPENS. the picture would never be complete without you because

You started my middle and there never was an end.