Her Heart – His Heart

“My heart is yours now”


Five words and an eternity of happiness.

She looked at those five words for the umpteenth time and smiled yet again. Some messages are more powerful than others. 

She looked up at the sky and whispered

God, I don’t know what is written in my tomorrow, but all I know is I am not going to be with the guy, I so deeply love. But, I still want to thank you for bringing him to my life because if it weren’t for him, I would never know what love feels like. Falling in love with my husband is something I am supposed to do, but falling in love with someone I knew was out of my league feels like 

A feast for the hungry

A victory for the lost

A ray of hope for the desolate.

I sometimes cannot believe my own luck and the amount of love I am capable of. It all looks even better than the endless romantic books I’ve read.”

Regardless of the roads we take and how divergent they may be, a part of her heart is always going to be his because she never returned gifts EVER.

Some stories are different, like everyone else.

Two hearts were exchanged and love happened all over again.

God smiled and the stars; well they did shine.



Spring – Y.O.U.

So, I don’t normally post things in my handwriting, but this one just happened 🙂 🙂


the springYeah, you could tell me how handsome my handwriting is 😛 😛 😛


You Started My Middle

~~In the shoes of a happy, contented lover. Ah, the shoes are dazzling, beautiful and RED~~

There are things we will never know because tomorrow is always a little too late. However, you gave me a today that is beautiful in ways no poetry can explain.

Even when we’re miles apart and the stars don’t shine anymore, I occasionally smile at the thoughts that my mind conjure and then I realize, how deep I’ve fallen and there’s no way back. For the first time, I whisper to myself, “I’m not scared of falling and so I tumble deeper.” There is no bottom and the fall keeps continuing. 

 good old times

Whoever told that “Love happens once in a lifetime” was perhaps never in love because if the love is true and sincere, you fall a little more in love every day, every moment, ever week and every month. You don’t need “dates” to have a “date”. Sometimes. it is the remembrance of THAT one compliment which lights up the night sky like no star ever could.


I’ve been too scared to love, but what I never knew is regardless of the way it ends, regardless of the lanes we walk, regardless of the things you feel, regardless of the fate we’ve sewn, regardless of the pain in store; the best memories of my life have already been lived. Sure there will be more; some will feature you, some won’t; but 

When I look back at my life and I’ve to paint the picture of what it was like, you would be THE rose that shall stand out because sometimes HAPPINESS HAPPENS. the picture would never be complete without you because

You started my middle and there never was an end.


When Ordinary Felt Pretty

She had the hints of nothing. Her eyes were not special. She looked ordinary –  average. There was nothing special about her, but that didn’t mean, she didn’t dream, she couldn’t dream. There was a world she chose for herself.


She dreamt of the wild woods

Where there were to many flowers,

Where the wild roses bloomed,

Where it snowed in summers

Where it rained in winters

Where beauty wasn’t a pretty face

Where love was a forever bond

Where promises meant everything

Where broken hearts was an oxymoron

Where even the ordinary felt pretty

Yet every day she dreamt of it all

She woke up to the reality

That dreams are not real

But, then a day finally came

Someone saw the hint of love

Even the ordinary stood apart

Even prose felt like verse

The unsung song came to life

dreams and reality started to collide

As the ordinary too felt pretty

May be, just may be

This isn’t just another dream

For if this too was a dream

She would love to FOREVER SLEEP

i won't be forever here





If forever lasted forever, would it still end?

If promises were never broken, would broken hearts mend?

If love never ended, would hate never stay?

If memories never died, would we always smile?

If our thoughts were reality, would failure die?

If sanity was insane, would madness be wise?

If, “if” were not full of doubts, wouldn’t all wishes come to life?

letters to the unknown you


love of words

“You smiled at the stars like they knew all your secrets”

-Source: Facebook pictures


“I hadn’t known how much I have been in love with you, until I knew you felt the same about me. Love isn’t the easiest rides, but the euphoria it offers is so strong that the strongest drug will fail. Love is an addiction.. but it makes you stronger rather than weaker. Love changes you.. and the change GLOWS. Thank you for being my cocaine.”