Her Heart – His Heart

“My heart is yours now”


Five words and an eternity of happiness.

She looked at those five words for the umpteenth time and smiled yet again. Some messages are more powerful than others. 

She looked up at the sky and whispered

God, I don’t know what is written in my tomorrow, but all I know is I am not going to be with the guy, I so deeply love. But, I still want to thank you for bringing him to my life because if it weren’t for him, I would never know what love feels like. Falling in love with my husband is something I am supposed to do, but falling in love with someone I knew was out of my league feels like 

A feast for the hungry

A victory for the lost

A ray of hope for the desolate.

I sometimes cannot believe my own luck and the amount of love I am capable of. It all looks even better than the endless romantic books I’ve read.”

Regardless of the roads we take and how divergent they may be, a part of her heart is always going to be his because she never returned gifts EVER.

Some stories are different, like everyone else.

Two hearts were exchanged and love happened all over again.

God smiled and the stars; well they did shine.



Together Forever

If there’s one person, I never get tired of telling ow much I love her, it has to be Angela@ Hasty Words. She is the one who got me back to poetry again and for that I will always be grateful. any poetry written with you feels so soo special 🙂  
This one, more so because we both meant our words here. Love and friendship is such a mighty feeling and it happens across boundaries and with people who may be entirely distinct and in different age groups. Be my right in the world of wrongs 🙂
It’s been forever
Since we last spoke
And such is the tug of this bond
That without words, we speak
I feel you are near
Although you are far
Because you my dear
Are simply
A very important part of me 
Even though there are
Uncountable miles between us
The smiles I so often wear
Have a lot to do with you
And when the world spins
Far too fast for me
I know you are there
To help slow it down for me
Proof that two can exist
Without a word or a nod
And still be as close
As if born side by side
We are connected in ways
Even the most beautiful
Words cannot explain
Because some people simply are
Meant to be
beautiful friend

And Then She Cried

She sat there on her bed,

Hearing the sound of the clock

She was too tired to think

And the eyes still refused to sleep

She didn’t even realize

As tears dripped down her cheek

Her pillow was submerged

Not just by tears

But the pain

Which increased a little every day

Why is it so difficult?

Does every one go through this?

Who do I ask all of it?

No books ever wrote of this

haunting dreams

She silently tiptoed from the bed

She stood in front of the mirror

She looked at her own reflection

She turned around from right to left

Again, she turned from left to right

She inched close to stare at her eyes

Her puffy cheeks and the crooked nose

The trembling lips trembled again

And then she cried

She cried her heart out

Why God? Why was it so?

Why couldn’t she be happy for who she was?

Why was she cursed with so many questions?

Why did she have to over think?

Why did she take the blame for everything?

Why couldn’t she run away?

Why couldn’t she pack all her stuff

And walk away to an unknown land

Where she could be with her dreams

And may be sing herself to some sleep

But, alas it was not to be

So, here she sits all alone

On her bed, staring in the dark night

Wondering if ever things will be alright

May be, the memories of yesterday

Are all she ever deserved

May be, she will never be 

Someone’s true confidante

May be, even the guy who professed

To love her too

Couldn’t trust her enough

To share it all

And so she sat

Wide awake

When the rest of the world

Buzzed to sleep

She stared in the dark abyss of her own eyes

the dark moon

Photo courtesy: Al Forbes

Her demons then started to rise

The times ahead are going to test

The demons won’t leave her away

She trembled in her own bed

She had no one to hold her close

And then she cried

Like she had never cried before

A daddy’s girl

And yet no one came

The clock chimed

She shrieked

The demon growled

The nightmare came

She broke.

Tears fell.

She shivered.

No one came.

She sat alone.

The demons won’t leave

She is scared

Scared of too many things

The questions are raging

They will not stop

She is drowning

No one comes to rescue

May be, it  is all too late

May be, the times are gone

May be, the memories are all

And she recollects the good times

When she was carefree as a child

When she first felt alive

When she grew up big

When she felt pretty from within

Amidst all the raging turmoil

The memories were her lullaby

She fell to sleep

But, in her dreams

Again she cried

Too much pain

Too many questions

The storm was intense

And no one came

Alone she was

Alone she felt

She didn’t row

She gave up the fight

A final force

Washed her away

And for the final time

She gave a cry

And then she kissed

Herself a goodbye


Letters To The Unknown You: Part 19

Dear Unknown You,

letters to the unknown you

I know I’ve been so erratic and I also know that this is the exact line with which I started my last letter 😛

I do not know if you’re happy with the gaps in my  letters or you’re sad. The thing is life is both good and bad. There are so many crests and troughs that I often do not understand my own voyage. However, if there is one thing that is certain; it has to be that I feel blessed.

I feel blessed for a lot of things, for meeting the right people, for having the right job, for making the best memories and knowing that when so many things have been right, I should not fret for a few wrongs.

As of good news, a couple of my stories are getting published. Yeah, it is a big deal for me, especially because one of them is particularly close to me and the other one was a dream come true as I wrote it with someone whose writings I have loved immensely and yes stalked shamelessly too. Further, on the work front, I got some excellent contracts at the moment and I am knee deep in work and still writing to you, so you must appreciate this letter. 😛

My main aim of this series was to let you know the wreck I could be and the awesomeness that comes along with me and I do not know how successful I’ve been.  I have been as true as I possibly could and I know that more than half of the 19 letters so far has shown me as depressed and hurt. However, what I want to let you know is that yes, I feel sad without a reason and there are days when you will be inclined to lock me in a  room and throw away the key so that you never have to deal with my hormones again. but then there are days when I am happy and I laugh like a waterfall and those are the days I believe when you will itch to find the key because happiness, I believe is a virtue that makes people happy.

Did I just beat my own trumpet? Yes, I did, but hey that’s a part of me too. I do not always like bragging, but sometimes I want to tell myself that I am good, better than good, better than best also may be and what is the harm in telling it out. If I demean others with my awesomeness, that is where the problem should begin. Right? okay, you can tell me that I am wrong. One of the best thing about me is that I will tell you sorry even when you are the one who is wrong. That is so not a GIRL thing to do right. I wonder if that’s the reason, some of my very good friends tell me DUDE 😛

This is one thing I thought to work upon but I have finally decided that it is probably a good thing rather than bad. Surely, it makes me a little more easy to be emotionally conquered, but then it’s okay to be so. I am letting you on one of my biggest secrets which you could exploit ruthlessly if you are a monster, but here I am hoping that you would be at least better than a monster 😛 (another revelation: I suck at humor, but I always think I am funny)

When I love, I will forgive you every single thing. When you wrong me, I will cry and I will feel like I am standing at the edge of a cliff and how I would wish to dive, but all I would really do is turn back, recollect the times, you’ve been good to me, smile, say you sorry and hug you back.

When I love, I will not let go; even when you’re one of those pricks who bring me more tears than smiles.

When I love, I will stay by you even when you tell me to go away and let you be alone because I personally believe that it is when people ask us to let them be alone that they need your company the most.

When I love you, I will probably be the biggest emotional fool the world has ever seen because people say love is blind, but I am dumb, deaf, blind and a hundred more adjectives too.

I think when I love, I would never be strong enough to say a goodbye and this is something which does scare me a lot. I’ve tried, trust me I’ve tried too many times to change these habits because the world is a dangerous place and there are too many dark demons waiting to pounce but it looks like I have always believed in the saying that

A goodbye is just another hello and even so I love my hellos more than the goodbyes.

If I love you once, I love you forever.

I hope, I will love you.

My heart knows no undoing, regardless of what you turn out to be.

So, here you have – my biggest weakness or strength – whichever way you intend to put it and use it; right in front of you.

Chained in my own thoughts,

Much lovies



Unknown You. 

You Started My Middle

~~In the shoes of a happy, contented lover. Ah, the shoes are dazzling, beautiful and RED~~

There are things we will never know because tomorrow is always a little too late. However, you gave me a today that is beautiful in ways no poetry can explain.

Even when we’re miles apart and the stars don’t shine anymore, I occasionally smile at the thoughts that my mind conjure and then I realize, how deep I’ve fallen and there’s no way back. For the first time, I whisper to myself, “I’m not scared of falling and so I tumble deeper.” There is no bottom and the fall keeps continuing. 

 good old times

Whoever told that “Love happens once in a lifetime” was perhaps never in love because if the love is true and sincere, you fall a little more in love every day, every moment, ever week and every month. You don’t need “dates” to have a “date”. Sometimes. it is the remembrance of THAT one compliment which lights up the night sky like no star ever could.


I’ve been too scared to love, but what I never knew is regardless of the way it ends, regardless of the lanes we walk, regardless of the things you feel, regardless of the fate we’ve sewn, regardless of the pain in store; the best memories of my life have already been lived. Sure there will be more; some will feature you, some won’t; but 

When I look back at my life and I’ve to paint the picture of what it was like, you would be THE rose that shall stand out because sometimes HAPPINESS HAPPENS. the picture would never be complete without you because

You started my middle and there never was an end.


Once In A Lifetime Love

This is a dedication post. It is not every day that people ask me to write something for them. So, when I received this, I knew my heart had gotten tremendously fat and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE writing this.


This one is only for you precious princess ❤




I wandered alone for too long

Looking for love in the forlorn walks

I believed in long lasting love

And I knew it would one day come.

However, it seemed to take too long

I was getting anxious every morn

And suddenly, I met you

And everything was bright and new.

Your eyes were the shade

I so effortlessly loved.

Your smile made me quiver

As I craved to be the reason for it.

You looked at me the way

I have often read in books

That people smitten in love do.

How I wished that it wasn’t a dream

Because if it was,

I would crave to forever sleep.

For once, my reality looked to me

A hundred shades prettier than my favorite dream.

You’re not the perfect prince

You didn’t come on a white horse

And yet, I would not have it any other way

Because you’re my truest hero

You completed the song of my life

Which I didn’t even knew I loved.

You filled the harmony 

In my life

That seemed to be  lost without

The touch of your music.

Every time I heard you speak

I defied the logic that

Love happens only once.

Love is NOT meant to happen once

Because every time I see you

Every time I hear you speak

I fall in love all over again.

We will ride through the testing times

Together we will sail through stormy nights

I shall lie beside you and gaze at the sky.

We will count our blessings and smile at the stars

And make memories when the world looks afar.

Together we will roll on ocean waves

And create a symphony from the sound 

That the river makes as it meets the sea.

Like the birds that fly so high,

We will smile in tiring times

Nothing shall stop the love we have

And forever we will stay the way we met

With love that multiplies every day

We will write our own stories

That may not have fancy rhymes.

Our poetry may not be immortalized

But, in your eyes, I shall drown

And live longer than forever lasts.

Because when love is true,

There are no demands.

Regardless of the roads we walk

Together we shall march

And once in a while

I will look up at the sky

And thank the Gods

For the endless smile


Love makes the ride




P.S. May you forever be happy with your man ❤ I send my warmest regards to you and your husband to be. May the best times roll on your life and you make memories that will last a lifetime and more. I love having you here 🙂

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