The falling drops
Are here again
The sky is painted in lilac
The heart draped in red
The shining stars seem
Lost in singing the dreamy lullaby
Inching closer together
Never to drift apart
Two banks of a river
Crisscrossing the stones
The collision is beautiful
The union shall amaze
Even the stars will say
I wish I lived this story too!
Not every plan permits
Not every smile has a reason
Not every poem speaks
Not every line rhymes
Yet, all falls in place
When the tiny fingers entwine
Perfectly they fit
Perfectly they remain
The rain pours again
French delights
Memories infinite
Here to stay
Forever the same
One step more
A lot awaits as
The rain reigns again





In this era dominated by funky phones, stylish laptops and technology crazed world, I often feel that we have lost the true touch with nature. If somebody asked me, what real togetherness means, I would like you to sit with me along with a cup of smoking hot coffee and I shall pour my heart out.

Real togetherness means waking up in the morning to catch that perfect way the sun rises up and ends the darkness of the day.

Real togetherness means taking that occasional leave from office, calling up your long lost friends and taking that hike up the mountain so that you feel connected not just with your peeps but with nature.

Real togetherness means taking a break from your stressful schedule and planning a perfect romantic getaway with your partner and letting them know why they are the most beautiful thing to have happened in your life. Often, we get so busy with our work that we forget that life is so much more than one big fat paycheck. Sure, I love my six digit monthly salary but it took me a long time to realize that in my bid to pile more money, I was losing out on the real meaning of being together.

If you mean the promises you made, if you want friendship to stay, if you aspire that your love stays young, you need to go out more often. Don’t lock yourself up in that 4 x 4 cubicle and rely on those little texts and random calls. If you love someone, make an effort that matters. Write them a love letter and read it out loud in an open forest. Scream their names at the top of the cliff and watch the smile when their name reverberates in the open air.

Take your friends for a surprise vacation and enjoy the way they would hug you tight and say, “Man, this is what was really missing.” I am not asking you to abandon your work life, but being together is a lot more than chatting over a Whatsapp group! It takes two to tango and be willing to carve quality time.

Distance can be a cruel thing and sometimes you need to cut down the miles because being together is about entwining the fingers in each other’s hand and finding that perfect closure, about hugging the one person you would want to spend the rest of the life with, ruffling the hair and letting the wind play its magic.

Real togetherness is about making I and you as *us* 🙂

Watch this *aw* advert by Kissan to get a feel of what real togetherness is! Surely, Kissan hits us right in the feels! How would you define what togetherness means to you? Let me know your take!

My Journey- From an IT engineer to a Freelance Writer!

Getting settled in life can be an extremely challenging thing to do. When you have a well settled career but you somehow feel like you do not really belong in that line of work, it can be seriously upsetting for your rhythm, isn’t it? Trust me; I know this feeling all too well.

I had just graduated from college and ended up with a really great job at one of the leading MNCs in India. The pay was good, but more importantly I had my friends working together. The corporate world is known to be mean as a bitch because everyone is going to be so sugar sweet, but deep inside, everyone plots the others’ downfall.

Somehow I felt like I am in a stranger’s skin and regardless of how secure and great the job was; every day I felt like I was sabotaging my own soul. I used to work as a freelance writer back from my college days and though the writing job had nothing to do with my engineering degree, it kept calling on to me.

I wouldn’t say it was the easiest decision I took because working from the confines of your home still is relatively foreign to most people in India. Back in our country, a lot of people call them as freelance writer even when they do not really have much work to do. The reason is that you are your own boss when you freelance and so every time I would tell people that I am working as a freelance writer, it was likely that people would think I am sitting at home and doing nothing.

I had a huge dilemma and I didn’t know what would be the best way to handle all of this. I wanted to work as an IT engineer, but it wasn’t for my satisfaction; it was merely to let the world know that I was capable. However, after too many sleepless nights, I finally realized, I had to make a move, a bold one.

I should not work to please others. I am only accountable to myself and this is why I took the boldest decision in my life so far. I filed my resignation letter and decided that the job which doesn’t enriches my soul, which brings me sadness rather than happiness isn’t something I should work on.

I knew that regardless of what people will think, my calling was as a freelance writer and not an IT engineer. Yes, I have an engineering degree and no I don’t work as an engineer. Today, it’s been nearly 2 years since I left my IT job and I can’t tell you how happy I am for the choices I made.

I have a really good salary, a secure job, too many clients and above all, a career which I made from scratch. I am proud of who I became. It was one bold decision which shaped my life and if given a chance to replay, I wouldn’t change one damn thing about it. I managed to #StartANewLife.

This post is inspired by Housing.com. Take a look at their awesome video to seek inspiration and #StartANewLife.

You Started My Middle

~~In the shoes of a happy, contented lover. Ah, the shoes are dazzling, beautiful and RED~~

There are things we will never know because tomorrow is always a little too late. However, you gave me a today that is beautiful in ways no poetry can explain.

Even when we’re miles apart and the stars don’t shine anymore, I occasionally smile at the thoughts that my mind conjure and then I realize, how deep I’ve fallen and there’s no way back. For the first time, I whisper to myself, “I’m not scared of falling and so I tumble deeper.” There is no bottom and the fall keeps continuing. 

 good old times

Whoever told that “Love happens once in a lifetime” was perhaps never in love because if the love is true and sincere, you fall a little more in love every day, every moment, ever week and every month. You don’t need “dates” to have a “date”. Sometimes. it is the remembrance of THAT one compliment which lights up the night sky like no star ever could.


I’ve been too scared to love, but what I never knew is regardless of the way it ends, regardless of the lanes we walk, regardless of the things you feel, regardless of the fate we’ve sewn, regardless of the pain in store; the best memories of my life have already been lived. Sure there will be more; some will feature you, some won’t; but 

When I look back at my life and I’ve to paint the picture of what it was like, you would be THE rose that shall stand out because sometimes HAPPINESS HAPPENS. the picture would never be complete without you because

You started my middle and there never was an end.


I Won’t Be Forever Here

This picture has been captured by my beautiful Irish friend, Elaine Harte. She is awesome with pictures and I have a series of her clicks saved on my machine. You’re sure to be mesmerized by her candid shots. She is Irish, need I say more?

i won't be forever here

When you fall,

I will lend my hand

When you’re hurt,

I will heal

When you’re broken,

I will sew you back


I won’t be forever here

I will stand by you

When your days are darker than night

I will bring you the smile

When you’ve quite forgotten how

I will relive the memories

When you feel dead inside


I won’t be forever here


You seem trapped in 

Your own world

You don’t know who

You truly are

I will be your guardian angel

I could be your forever friend

We could be the story the world would read


You’re lost to all these thoughts

You’re caged to the

Yesterday that has died

You still bleed of the pain

You still kiss your own cuts

While I am there

And I will be

To help, heal and bring the smiles


I won’t be forever here

I have a long road ahead

I will have to walk

I too have a destiny

Sadly, I shall walk alone.

When I will fall,

No one will lend me a hand

When I am hurt,

No one will help me heal

When I am broken,

No one will sew me back


I won’t be forever there

I will rise, I will smile

And you will perhaps realize

You could have a FOREVER

If you ever opened your eyes

Sadly, we were not to be

And the tale shall not complete

I G.R.E.W. Up

The picture belongs to Al Forbes and it is stunningly beautiful. I am bewitched by the look in the eyes of this crow. Sometimes, we need to see deeper than the surface reality of things.


There are a gazillion things on my mind..

Infinite questions in my eyes..

Unspoken promises tied inside

And yet I would trade it all

For a FOREVER promise that I won’t grow up..

How I wish I could FOREVER be..

The little kid with little dreams.

Sadly and ironically,

The reality is…

By the time,

I made this wish..


I am like the LONELY CROW

That has the whole field

To fly and sleep and be forever free

And yet, look into his eyes

And you will see

The broken hues of false promises

Why do we AT ALL GROW?

When a bird sings

It stirs the emotions in your heart

But, a crow!

Ever heard a crow give out a cry?

 Even if a crow caws in love

People repulse at the sound

But, children.. they love

Every single sound

They question stuffs

They question things

But, they LOVE the dreams

They believe what they are told

And even the forlorn crow

Looks happy to their eyes

I am no longer the kid

I can see the crow’s eyes

The big field that it has

And still all it wants

And all it needs

Is to feel little again

There are a gazillion things on my mind..

Infinite questions in my eyes..

Unspoken promises tied inside

And yet I would trade it all

For a FOREVER promise that I won’t grow up..

How I wish I could FOREVER be..

The little kid with little dreams.

Sadly and ironically,

The reality is…

By the time,

I made this wish..