I LOVE Emails

Some people believe that email is very out of fashion, especially when you have social networking sites and even mobile apps. Now, I am not a 70’s kid, heck I wasn’t even born at that time, but there is something special about EMAILS. While I tend to delete my chat logs, I NEVER delete emails. 


I had the blessing to receive some of the most heartfelt emails ever since I started blogging. Here, I am going to share some of them.. not to show off the LOVE I’ve so freely received, but because most of them are things, we all can relate to. It is just a way of thanking each one of you, I’ve communicated with and the message is mostly applicable to each one of us, who doubts our own excellence or is sometimes trapped in a gray cosmos and robbed of the pink beauty. Trust me, I mean the words for you.. they might have come to my email, but such is the beauty of the souls, they would say it to everyone.. after all,

I too am just another SHE in this MILLIONS 🙂 🙂



“I hope everything is alright with you. Facebook is NOT the same without you. I wait everyday for you to be back there”


“Beauty is one of the most subjective words known to mankind. You may find endless guys telling you, you’re beautiful. DO NOT trust them ever. We are mostly jerks. I don’t mean to say, you are not beautiful. What I mean is that beauty is simply in the eyes of the beholder. If you do not perceive yourself as beautiful, I am sorry to break it to you, but it means your eyes lack beauty. We are all beautiful in our own ways and you do not need any makeup or the opinions of others to prove it. I know you define beauty; we all do because beauty isn’t a pretty face, beauty is a glowing heart and the ability to make others feel loved. Never tell again….you’re not pretty because beauty is HEART and yours is BIG and RED, the color of LOVE, the color of BEAUTY.”



“Hey beautiful. Miss you on fb on hope you are doing ok.  Find me if you need to talk. “


“I am hoping that this weekend gives you some respite and that it clears your head. What I do know though, is that any man who gets you, is going to be a very lucky person. I am here whenever you need me.”


“I have absolutely no words to tell what I felt. I read a lot and then I come across something that makes me tell my tale. I might have wondered, if you would like to hear it or not, but reading your words, I know, you WILL. Before, I start, I want you to know that I haven’t shared this story with ANYONE and when I say ANYONE, I mean ANYONE. I am sharing it with you- a random stranger because I believe in God Angels. We just meet some people, they are as human as the others, but for you, they are God Angel meant to resurrect our lives and you must tell them your story.. the story you NEVER told anyone else. As I tell you my tale, remember you must do the same with someone. You will know, you will juts know who the ANGEL will be.. Trust me, it JUST HAPPENS”


“For someone not even 25, you’re insightfully brilliant. You’ve written countless times that you’ve not been in LOVE, but that’s an outright lie because dive deep inside you, you’ve fallen in LOVE more times than you can count. LOVE isn’t all about having a boyfriend, beautiful… there’s more to love and you, of all people should know that. Be in LOVE and be happy to be in love.”


“Not possible that you ain’t 30 yet. Ouch, that looks bad.. No, I don’t mean you look old, but you seem to have LIVED a life greater than your age and that, my friend, is a wonderful thing. You’re one day going to light some dark life in such a way that God will be forced to smile.”


“If words could sing, you would make a best selling music album. Yeah, tried hitting and failed miserably. May be, you could teach me,. how to hit on people smartly. Oh, wait, I could just use a few lines of the endless love poems so beautifully penned”.


“You’re one of the most beautiful shades of the best pen ever known to mankind.. I am not talking about the brilliance of the verses.. I am talking about the LOVE you have in your writing and your heart”


“We’ve never met  but, it’s NOW in my BUCKET list because I want to see the one who has so much of free love to offer”




I can’t share some coz they are personal stories of people who trusted me enough to tell their tale… but what I really want to say is that



I often revisit my emails, when I find the need to. You all should. surround yourself with happiness and happiness shall come to you.

Feel free to email me ALWAYS and ANYTIME. 🙂




Learn How To Manage Email


Most of us tend to get irritated if we have useless emails filling our inbox. Further, if you use that email for business purpose, the problem increase manifold. So, to sort these problems, the right thing to do is to learn the different concepts like how to archive email.

Archiving is a very useful feature as it ensures that you can get rid of the useless clutter and keep your emails organized. There are a lot of email archiving software that can help you in making the process easy. So, by opting for this software, you are sure to help your own case.


So, if you have been troubled with the problems of email management, make sure to seek the best professional help at the earliest. When you have a business to attend, the importance of business emails is immense as it shall help you in attending to your clients in the best way possible.

Thus, if you want to learn the rigors of how to manage email, make sure to find the best agencies and platforms that can be of help. Email management has become the need of the hour because a lot of important information is delivered via email. So, if you miss out on the important ones, you may end up facing a lot of issues. Thus, to avoid these problems, keep your emails stacked in the right place.

Archive the emails, make the right labels and store it in separate folders so that you can access important ones efficiently and quickly.


The Importance Of Email Management

When you are setting up a new business, configuring your business emails is one of the most important points as you should have your own business email. If there are multiple partners, you should try to combine and merge the different private emails so that you can have all the required information under one head.

So, you can opt to share gmail account as there are various platforms that help you in combining emails from different accounts and then assembling them together to get all the important emails under one address. You can selectively choose the labels that you want to amalgamate as well.

There are a lot of different software that provide the facility of archived email as well. When you are archiving the emails, you can ensure that they would not flood your inbox and thus you can have them in a separate folder. Archiving has a lot of benefits as it helps to keep important information separate from the unwanted cluster.

So, email management is one of the most important steps when you are setting up a firm. Without an email account, your firm would fail to impress the customers. So, explore the different platforms that can be used. After you have found the right platform, you can make full use of such software and thereby extract important emails and have them under one single head.

Thus, if you are looking to manage all your business emails, the perfect thing to do is to look out for such helpful software and thus use them for best results.