It’s A Love Story, Baby Just Say YES!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, my mind and heart were already snuggling with thoughts of love. When I came across the prompt as to how I would propose to my crush, I came up with some really *amazing* ideas. Whether or not I manage to implement them is another thing, but these ideas are surely swirling at the speed of tsunami in my mind and leaving me with the kind of smile that says, “She has wicked things going on in her mind.”
So, are you ready to share the dare which I am about to bare!
Voila that was almost a mini poem.
Dear crush, you should be impressed by it already. Okay! If you are not, I am here with something smarter.
Now, those who are in long distance relationship are already aware of how painstaking it is to stay so far from that one person who makes you feel so close. So, when it comes down to proposing to a long distance crush, your ideas tend to get thinned but, thanks to my smart brain and creative idea, I came up with an awesomely wonderful idea.
My crush happens to be a chocoholic guy which gives me ample scope. I have a friend in the same city as his and so I have planned to get a cake booked for the “shy guy” of mine. As he was obedient enough to share his address with me, I plan to get a *ting tong* on his door right at midnight of February the 13th with a big cake, a bouquet of rose and a little tiny bottle, not full of wine but with a long piece of paper roll. No wine for shy guy because I am considerate enough to make sure that he doesn’t turns up drunk at office the next day! Whoops, February 14th is Saturday, but hello, once the wine is off the list, it stays off the list.
Now, curious minds might be wondering as to what would be in the paper roll inside a bottle of wine with apparently no wine. Well, it will have a long heartfelt letter that will also have snippets of our romantic conversations because I save all of them up. However, this seems too normal and boring and ordinary and blah? Right?
Don’t worry, I am not judging you. I am going to enclose *surprises*

Tickets to a midway destination enclosed in a paper that says, “its a love story baby just say YES”  so that shy guy and I can FINALLY meet on the day of love and let our love story take one leap forward. I already have plans of reservations in one of my favorite hotel in mind where I am finally going to tell him of how deep in love I already am and I will ask him if he cares to dare enough to bare his heart for me? A little opera speaking the tale of the two of us is on my agenda too. SIGH, my eyes are getting all the big blush today!

Okay, I had noticed that February, the 14th is Saturday which means that we get to spend two days together and maybe, I believe that when I finally let my eyes fall on the guy who made me believe in love, I would fall in love for the second time with the first guy all over again. (My eyes are blushing already, sigh!)
They say, it is easier to fall in love, but staying in love is the hard part. I believe when you fall in love once, you can never leave because your heart forever stays with the person you gave it to.
Shy guy, I love you. Always had, always will.
One day, we will meet. When, how, why? God will decide or may be, this post will come to life.
Woosssh! (Grammar Nazis, stay off because in my own mushy language, it almost means I love you)
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love of words

“May you fall in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”

-Michael Faudet

“I had practiced my goodbye too many times, perfected the art, learnt the lines, but every time you said “hello”, I forgot every letter I ever penned in the 377 goodbye letters I so far wrote.”

– Self

Star Dust

“When your world is enveloped in darkness, cling on to that single bright star that is your light because sometimes the memories you make in your “NOW” will stand by you in the darkness of your “tomorrow”.”

“But, what happens when the star too fades away?”

“If the star really belonged to your sky, it will forever shine; in the darkest of nights and the terrible of times”

“But, why can’t it stay with me?”

“Because the star belongs to the sky and you, like the dust, were always meant to be on this land. Poetry and verse don’t collide, yet on those rare occasions when they intertwine, the symphony puts the most beautiful music to shame.”


star dust

And Then She Cried

She sat there on her bed,

Hearing the sound of the clock

She was too tired to think

And the eyes still refused to sleep

She didn’t even realize

As tears dripped down her cheek

Her pillow was submerged

Not just by tears

But the pain

Which increased a little every day

Why is it so difficult?

Does every one go through this?

Who do I ask all of it?

No books ever wrote of this

haunting dreams

She silently tiptoed from the bed

She stood in front of the mirror

She looked at her own reflection

She turned around from right to left

Again, she turned from left to right

She inched close to stare at her eyes

Her puffy cheeks and the crooked nose

The trembling lips trembled again

And then she cried

She cried her heart out

Why God? Why was it so?

Why couldn’t she be happy for who she was?

Why was she cursed with so many questions?

Why did she have to over think?

Why did she take the blame for everything?

Why couldn’t she run away?

Why couldn’t she pack all her stuff

And walk away to an unknown land

Where she could be with her dreams

And may be sing herself to some sleep

But, alas it was not to be

So, here she sits all alone

On her bed, staring in the dark night

Wondering if ever things will be alright

May be, the memories of yesterday

Are all she ever deserved

May be, she will never be 

Someone’s true confidante

May be, even the guy who professed

To love her too

Couldn’t trust her enough

To share it all

And so she sat

Wide awake

When the rest of the world

Buzzed to sleep

She stared in the dark abyss of her own eyes

the dark moon

Photo courtesy: Al Forbes

Her demons then started to rise

The times ahead are going to test

The demons won’t leave her away

She trembled in her own bed

She had no one to hold her close

And then she cried

Like she had never cried before

A daddy’s girl

And yet no one came

The clock chimed

She shrieked

The demon growled

The nightmare came

She broke.

Tears fell.

She shivered.

No one came.

She sat alone.

The demons won’t leave

She is scared

Scared of too many things

The questions are raging

They will not stop

She is drowning

No one comes to rescue

May be, it  is all too late

May be, the times are gone

May be, the memories are all

And she recollects the good times

When she was carefree as a child

When she first felt alive

When she grew up big

When she felt pretty from within

Amidst all the raging turmoil

The memories were her lullaby

She fell to sleep

But, in her dreams

Again she cried

Too much pain

Too many questions

The storm was intense

And no one came

Alone she was

Alone she felt

She didn’t row

She gave up the fight

A final force

Washed her away

And for the final time

She gave a cry

And then she kissed

Herself a goodbye


An Exception, Not A Rule

On cold wintery nights

With a quilt to keep her warm

She stays awake like an owl

Her mind wandering in

A hundred different directions

She goes back in time

To find that one moment

When things really changed

That single moment of time

When she grew

As she learned

That not all answers

Were true

Not all gifts 

Were delivered

Not all men

Are good

Not all stories

Are fulfilled

And she was chosen to

Be the exception

And not the rule

Ever since then,

She has been trying

To find the clues

That could tell her

If being an exception

Was the right thing

Or is it the wrong

That will crash her world.

It’s 2 O Clock again

It’s been 9 years today

Too many nights

Too many cries

And yet she stands there

Elusive of the answers

Unaware of what her

Question was

She got lost in her own maze.


Once In A Lifetime Love

This is a dedication post. It is not every day that people ask me to write something for them. So, when I received this, I knew my heart had gotten tremendously fat and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE writing this.


This one is only for you precious princess ❤




I wandered alone for too long

Looking for love in the forlorn walks

I believed in long lasting love

And I knew it would one day come.

However, it seemed to take too long

I was getting anxious every morn

And suddenly, I met you

And everything was bright and new.

Your eyes were the shade

I so effortlessly loved.

Your smile made me quiver

As I craved to be the reason for it.

You looked at me the way

I have often read in books

That people smitten in love do.

How I wished that it wasn’t a dream

Because if it was,

I would crave to forever sleep.

For once, my reality looked to me

A hundred shades prettier than my favorite dream.

You’re not the perfect prince

You didn’t come on a white horse

And yet, I would not have it any other way

Because you’re my truest hero

You completed the song of my life

Which I didn’t even knew I loved.

You filled the harmony 

In my life

That seemed to be  lost without

The touch of your music.

Every time I heard you speak

I defied the logic that

Love happens only once.

Love is NOT meant to happen once

Because every time I see you

Every time I hear you speak

I fall in love all over again.

We will ride through the testing times

Together we will sail through stormy nights

I shall lie beside you and gaze at the sky.

We will count our blessings and smile at the stars

And make memories when the world looks afar.

Together we will roll on ocean waves

And create a symphony from the sound 

That the river makes as it meets the sea.

Like the birds that fly so high,

We will smile in tiring times

Nothing shall stop the love we have

And forever we will stay the way we met

With love that multiplies every day

We will write our own stories

That may not have fancy rhymes.

Our poetry may not be immortalized

But, in your eyes, I shall drown

And live longer than forever lasts.

Because when love is true,

There are no demands.

Regardless of the roads we walk

Together we shall march

And once in a while

I will look up at the sky

And thank the Gods

For the endless smile


Love makes the ride




P.S. May you forever be happy with your man ❤ I send my warmest regards to you and your husband to be. May the best times roll on your life and you make memories that will last a lifetime and more. I love having you here 🙂

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