We all grew up listening stories, didn’t we? Remember the nostalgic times when our granny huddled us close and sang us some wonderful lullabies and all those tiny tales which made us smile? Things have changed a great deal and these days, kids do not just want to hear stories, but hey they do the telling too!

So here I am going to take you on one such remarkable journey wherein the tiny tots at my home, made me a little toddler as they narrated me a story in their own little vocabulary which mind you comes packed with a lot of slipped words and cute errors!

It was a dark night and the thunder was blazing like a hot unruly mess. I came back home late and I was dead tired I was mentally wondering at the chores I still needed to do and I really wanted to untangle myself and de-stress and sip one cup of smoking hot coffee and get to bed.

However, as soon as I opened the doors to my home, I was greeted by a huge flashing projector. On the projector were some cute little pictures. I didn’t really know what they were; I tried to adjust my vision as the rest of the room was dark.

As I slowly tried to process what was happening, I saw all the tiny tots lined up near the projector and one by one, they came and told me the tale of one heroic mom who fought like a valiant soldier just to make sure that her kids were all safe and sound.

They had made use of some of the 3D pictures which were played on the projector and each one of them came up and told something about how women are the true fighters and why we need to appreciate them.

Mind you, the little kids at my home span all age group and they are from 3 year old who can barely whisper to the tantrum queen 16 year olds who often bury themselves in piles of makeup. Regardless of everything, each one of them came and narrated cutesy tales and I could see how vivid their imagination was.

I turned around and I knew that it was my sister who had planned the whole skirt but it was the kids’ who painted their imagination paint wild. The story finally ended with the message, “we love you” and I knew that I was in tears. There are moments that become memories and there are memories that define the life we live.

Often life rewards us with a lot of small and big moments that are made precious.  So, do your bit and spend time with the ones you love. Storytelling is an art and you need to excel in it. Let the little children be expressive and enjoy how their imagination gets vivid. With the Colgate magical stories, kids can do a lot more than simply listen the stories. There is a lot of magic in actually narrating them too.

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Gold Mornings!

I strongly believe in the saying that morning shows the day. I love beautiful mornings and I have a few habits which I adore. Like most technology crazed people, I too start my day by peeking a look at my phone.
I have a routine of first thanking God for gifting me a wonderful day and then I meticulously check my texts.  Some people start your day with a smile and add that extra touch to it just with their mere presence. I believe it is this special jazz of having the group of special people which turns a good morning into a gold morning. I have always believed that it is people who are precious and who make us happy.
Every morning, I believe it is upon us to make things pretty, to add that extra jazz, the touch of golden glimmer to what would otherwise be a mundane morning. I make sure to go that extra mile and pick my favorite people to start the day with. I always begin my mornings with a smile as it is one of the best ways of kick starting a day.
I believe that if you can get on with gold like morning which infuses a lot of positivity in you, you are sure to proceed to have an even better day.
I grew up reading that every time a guy texts a girl “hey beautiful”, it makes our day.
While I do believe in this dreamy romantic world, but I also know that it is upon us to make our mornings beautiful too.
So, I relive good times, talk to my favorite people, and thank the good God and start a new day on a high to have a truly gold morning.

When your morning is crappy, there isn’t much of a chance that the rest of the day is going to be any good. Being an advocate of good beautiful mornings, I love the new concept of #Colgate360GoldMornings.

We all need to have a pretty smile because a smile is one of the perfect curves which set all things straight. So, if you too are looking to have a gold morning and may be bring in the best smile in the life of the people you know and the peeps you love, it is time to grab the new gold toothbrush from Colgate.

I have managed to make my mornings beautiful so far. Now it is upon you to embark the same change too. Turning things into gold needs a little happiness, lots of love and the right decision. Colgate really got it right with their campaign. You should too!

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Final Reveal

So, finally the wait is over. This is what came up for the what the black activity. The product actually is the Activated charcoal toothbrush. hmm.. so it has to do with the morning activity as I had guessed and it also has to do with the fact tat the supposedly white things are turning black. It was so much fun trying to guess the clues and activities and the final reveal did make me happy.

Hope you had fun playing too.

Than you BlogAdda for this awesome activity