Love Finds Its Way

This is a very special poem. I had long back promised a friend of mine that I would write a poem for her as she fell in love. The friend in question is extremely beautiful, she radiates vibrancy and reads like the books are her world. This poetry s a dedication to the type of love the two must share. I’ve tried etching her perfectness through the eyes of her love.

May the two of you live your own HAPPY EVERAFTER. Sejal Parikh, this one is exclusively for you :*

A hundred stars in her eyes

Dreaming with eyes open wide

Some loved stories, some adored poetry

But, she was the poem I had learnt

Every word so rhythmically poised

I wondered how God must have felt

To create a creation so dynamic

She looked at the sky

Like she belonged

Not just on earth

Every constellation I had ever known

Showed glimpses of the beautiful face

The expressive eyes that seem drunk

With the beauty of the world

The curved lips that smiled

The smile that told a tale

Of how things change

She was the novel

I had never read

And yet I could never part

One day, maybe we could fill

The song that the birds begin

As early as the morning sun

And our song will last

Not just for the day

We shall make the sky our own

Scatter memories that will glitter

With the shine of the brightest stars

All these dreams, I had kept

Locked in my little heart

Unaware of what would happen

If ever I let them slip out in the dark

What I never knew was

Apart from having the bond called friends

We shared the same dream

She saw in me, what I never thought

I too was her forever dream

She too felt me; in those song

She played too many times on loop

I too was her favorite book

She read once then again and again some more

She too ached to share

Memories, moments and even the life

When finally, we both shared our dreams

We looked at each other and smiled

So much we knew and yet so much we didn’t

Like the stars which we so often see

We think we know them

And yet they are so far, in a world of their own

We smiled and in that moment

Our smiles though separate

Shared the same dreams

Told the same story

Recited the same poetry

Ached for the same feeling

And we knew, this is the start

And for once, there will be no end

She was my favorite novel

And I was her favorite song

Together, we shall rock

The boat of each other’s world

Sometimes, love happens

Not like lighting

Neither like a blue moon

Nor like a wild flower

But, it grows a little every day

Until your garden is filled with

So many precious flowers

That you can’t help but

Fall in love with the goodness

Our story lives and grows

And the song plays like never before

We stare together at the sky

And all the fears melt away

A forever was written for us

And every day is a dream

That we see with eyes open wide

We’re together till the end

I will be by your side

And together we shall sail till the end of times

Your gorgeous face

Your beautiful heart

The starlit soul

And a hundred wishes

I may make

Yet, I thank the lord

For giving me the wish

I never thought I could have

With fingers entwined

We shall walk

And tie this bond

And seal the love

Until the big day finally comes

Let’s dream and walk along

in your eyes


9 comments on “Love Finds Its Way

  1. amity4 says:

    This is so beautiful!


  2. aayeshahakim says:

    This is awesome. Shruti :*


  3. The lucky guy in the poem says:

    Lucky to have found the love of my life. Thanks Shruti for this beautiful poem. 🙂


  4. wonderfully written !!!! your friend is indeed lucky 🙂


  5. georgeforfun says:

    Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:


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