The Stranger Friend ||30 Day Letter Series

It is no surprise that I love letters; all types of letters. The fact that I have written more than received is another thing. When I stumbled upon this amazing 30 day letter challenge HERE, I was jumping a bit too high for my own comfort. I might not write all of these, but I am definitely going to try.

The prompt for day 6 is a letter to your stranger.

So, I am going to jumble up the order of this letter series because frankly, some of the letters appeal to me more than the others I will however, try and write all of them.

The prompt I choose today is for day 6 a stranger. Such is my stranger that we are acquainted and that too pretty good and yet at times I think we’re a total stranger.

lletters to the unknown you

Dear stranger,

You confound me in ways no one else ever could. Do you know why? Because, I am supposed to know you, know you in a way I don’t know others and yet too often I fail. I am puzzled and confused and I don’t know what to do and I feel like shutting my own world and both letting me in and locking myself outside.

I always thought you were never a stranger and I knew you inside out; after all, we have been together since the day I opened my eyes and perhaps we will stay so till the time I breathe my last. So what is it about you that make you a stranger to me? Perhaps, this is one rhetoric question that shall forever be unanswered.

Some days, I look at you and the happiness and the eclectic vibrancy which you have makes me smile. we are entwined together in same synchronization and this allows me to enjoy your happiness. There are days when you are so happy that I can’t help but smile and then there are days when the whole word shuts down. I find t hard to breathe.

I thought you were strong enough to handle all the darkness the world had in itself; why then do you cave in when I need you the most? You forgive people, you make excuses for others when they are wrong; merely because you love them, but then why can’t you forget all of it? Why do you remember that one line which he told randomly and later did confess that it was false, but you just can’t escape that dread in your stomach because you are not sure what is true and what so false?

You know you’re not beautiful; never were and never will be. Why then does it scare you then one day, a pretty girl is going to take it all and snatch the story which was never meant to be? Why do you get scared of friendships because you sense that people are making more out of it? Why have you let so many friendships fail over the year and yet you want that one bond to work when you know the tomorrow is going to shatter you?

Why when you are supposed to answer all of it, you choose to keep quiet and give me a headache that shreds my peace to pieces? Dear stranger, will I ever know the working of your mind and why you feel things when you should not; why you forgive people you should not; why you still remember the liens you should not; why you keep murmuring the same words which you do not believe; why do you even believe that a forgotten will be remembered and why do I have so many whys?

The stranger in question is the shade of me I still don’t know. I am a stranger to myself because sometimes the things I do amaze me.

I have loved people more than I thought I was capable of. I made excuses for the ones I loved when I knew they were wrong in every aspect of all the rule book ever written. I have lied to myself when I knew the truth was needed. I have ended friendships when I knew, I needed it. I have hurt people when I had no intentions of doing it, but I knew I was doing so.

I remember a few lines which someone told and later confessed that it was false but I can’t let them go. I have tried running away from memories and rather collided head forward into them. I am my own mess and some days, I am too scared, if I and my stranger myself become friends, the chaos would burn my own sky.

All I want to tell you stranger is that, you’re a mess, but somehow, I’ve been the same too.  May be, one day, our voyage shall take us to a place where our rhetoric question shall be answered. I might not know all your shades and then there are days when I really do not know who you are, but I promise to love you more. 


Your Stranger .


5 comments on “The Stranger Friend ||30 Day Letter Series

  1. I actually read this, this morning. Sis, it’s a very lovely, and sad, post . . . Superbly written!! Thinking of you, Mayer!


  2. sentimentalbutterfly says:

    This was really beautiful and relatable somehow! ^_^


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