More Crushes Than There Are People ||30 Day Letter Series

It is no surprise that I love letters; all types of letters. The fact that I have written more than received is another thing. When I stumbled upon this amazing 30 day letter challenge HERE, I was jumping a bit too high for my own comfort. I might not write all of these, but I am definitely going to try.

The prompt for day 2 is a letter to your crush.

One of my friend told me that you have more crushes than there are people in this world. I thought how was that possible, well if you count cats, it might be feasible. Cats should be counted as crushes, I adore themmmmmm.. Sadly, they can’t read a letter so I would just say meeooow woossh meooow woossh 😛

forever pink

Dear Men of France,

Yes, I am hopeless, yes I am pathetic, yes, and I have more crushes than you can count. This letter is again going to be addressed to more than one set of people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE French people; sadly I hardly know any 😦 I don’t know what it is about me that French people don’t like me. I mean I am funny or at least I think it is so. One of my biggest items in my bucket list is to have a French guy teach me French and then tell me how he finds me to be the awesomest thing ever. Okay, no one is going to find me that awesome, especially a hot French guy, but heyy a girl can dream.

This letter goes out to all hot men of France who never ever care to speak to me once.

I know, I am not the fanciest face you will see, but hey dear men, it won’t hurt to once come to my blog, say something beautiful in French and let me know that you’re from France and possibly have some really handsome picture of yours on your blog so that I can stalk you down and satiate my curiousity and give my eyes the glitter which even my really costly mascara fails.

Dear men, I promise I will be the sincerest stalker you’ve seen because trust me, when I stalk; I mean business. I will like all your piccies, leave fat fat thick comments on them, praise you to a point that your girlfriends will be sure that you have nothing to do with me because frankly I know, a guy can only take things to an extent and I always over do it.

Dear men, I have no intention of making you fall in love with me, but I will love your pictures and your beautiful French language and the Eiffel tower of course to such an extent that you will doubt that I am the biggest patriotic ever born outside France. : P: P

Perhaps, this is the reason none of the hot French guy speak to me. I scare them with these thoughts. But, hey hot men of France… here’s what I want to tell you

Je t’aime

(I sincerely hope the punctuation is right)

One of my bestest friend had a French friend. I told him to tell him that I love all things French. He never told, the French guy never showed any interest. End of the love story. 😦 😦

I have a beautiful friend who has French roots. She loves me. I love her. What a beautiful love story. Sadly she is married and about to have a kid. 😛 End of love story again.

So, this is one segment of my crushes. Let’s head to another part now.

Dear hot accent guys,

Yeah, did you really think I would let that go? I’ve a thing for British accent. I mean who doesn’t have. Here, I have no morals. Girls, boys, guys, and women. Absolutely anything will do. Though I’ve written guys, but seriously, even if you are a gal, it will do completely. Please send me a clip of your voice and should I faint and even die with happiness, I will still leave my precious belongings to you and not list you as my cause of death; even though you will be one.

I am known to lose my mind every time I hear a really killer accent. Okay, people tell me I don’t have a mind to lose, but you do get the drag of what I wanted to say. I believe people with a really killer accent should be termed as criminals and asked to serve me… as in they can send me clips of their voice all the time. So, dear such men, if you are listening, please send me your clips and you can also sing and tell me how you have been waiting for me and how funny and awesome I am. Sigh, so many crushes. So less time.

Dear green eyed guys,

This is by far the most lethal of all crushes. If you have green eyes, I swear I can scream I love you and I will be totally shameless about it. Green eyes are my biggest obsession and if you tell me to fall off a cliff, I will. I absolutely, madly, deeply don’t know which adjective would be apt-est but whatever the word is, add “LY” to increase the kind of obsession it has to portray and that may times, I love you. If you’re a serial killer, still love you.

If you have green eyes, please come and meet me. I do not know what will happen next and if either of us will be alive, but please SEE ME. I swear you can have me as a slave. I hate cooking, but if you want, I will cook anything from stories to poems to my hand. Okay, may be food too… whatever you ask me. I can’t paint or draw. But if you ask me, I will paint you a Picasso, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER IT TAKES, BUT PLEASE COME see me. Some words and lines may be grammatically off, have typos, caps lock problem because merely thinking of green eyes makes me hyperventilate.

A friend of my friend had green eyes. I mean he still has green eyes. I followed him on Twitter. He has protected account. He never approved my follow request. I saw him on Facebook. I never sent him an addie, but I look through his pictures now and then. I’ve one of his piccie saved in my cell phone. He doesn’t knows I exist. End of love story.

I have more crushes… too many flames 😛 😛

Sadly, this is personal blog which is well ugh let’s say I’ve to keep decent.  😛 😛

This was such a wrong idea to write this prompt. I am so non coordinated at the moment.

If you fit any of the above lines, please please please let’s be friends and I swear I am psychic. I bring good luck with my words… you will end up so blessed, you will thank me for coming in your life.

Make an appearance.


WOOOSSSHHHH, I love you already 😛 😛


In dreams of the never ending crushes that never come true,





13 comments on “More Crushes Than There Are People ||30 Day Letter Series

  1. SB says:

    oh my god… this was one helleva post… ha ha! My crush post wont even be able to stand next to this. You are like the crush obssessive guru 😀


    • ashadeofpen says:

      hahha thankiie so much… yeah i get crushes without even seeing people which should be a record in itself.. damn, the record books, they never visit my blog 😛

      and noo, you will do equally wonderful after all it is the crush that matters 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bushra M says:

    Lol…Bachi bigadgayi 😛 Cute post Shruti! 😀


  3. Shivank says:

    Lol.. Nice… Green eyed, british accent and hailing from Paris.. Are you sure you don’t want Emma Watson with Harry Potter lenses? She was born in France and has a british accent and can always steal some of Dan’s custom lenses. But regardless… If I ever find a french guy I will send him your way! Bonne chance! And Bonne nuit Madamoiselle!


  4. Bendilyn Bach says:

    I too have a crush on French men, one in particular. The accent still gets me. Best wishes on these and other crushes!


  5. imperfectous says:

    too hilarious my dear and we have a few things in common, the British accent kills me too!!! I however somewhat have specific crushes…this was an awesome reading.I’m here laughing by myself in the office…:-)


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