My Chocolate Love Affair

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

It was the umpteenth time the line came knocking to my mind with sheer force. At that time, if I knew the genius who had quoted it and if the genius was in front of me, I would strangulate him without as much feeling a little speck of guilt.


Yeah, this sums me up.

Cooking… The word looked tormenting, leave apart actually cooking thing. I still remember the day I had boiled water for the first time… It had felt like I had climbed mount Everest!!

I and cooking were born to stay apart, but don’t we say how life, fate and destiny is a bitch!!

Bloody bitch!!


I might stand still farther

Boyfriend is a connoisseur… He worships food. I murmured to myself… Why on earth are you even trying?

There may be a hundred reasons for this date to be perfect but cooking is not going to be one of it.

Now, I have known him for an excess of 6 months and he knows fully well that I can barely cook water, but this is our first real date and traditions call for cooking. Who the heck ever made traditions, God knows.

Cursing my helplessness, I started surfing the internet and wham I landed on one of the hottest dessert the world would see.

Now, I am by no means a foodie.. As I don’t know how to cook, I learnt long back not to crave for food either… But holy God, the dessert I found is sinfullllyyy (i don’t give a damn about the spelling and neither should you because the picture…..) delightfully yummmmmiiie!!


For a moment, it made me wonder how it would feel to be blessed with the ability to actually make some dishes that are so drool worthy. I am a big fan of art and for the first time in my whole life, I saw food as art.

If I could make this, my boyfriend would ditch Jennifer Lopez, Anniston and any other hot chick because holy God…. Sinful bliss of sheer delight…

The one who coined the saying that a picture speaks a million word was definitely spot on… This picture brought the dead cook in me alive and pulsating with life.

If words were enough to cook a dish, I would have made the most frigging delectable dish ever.

When you love someone or something, the world conspires to help you live your dream. I believed in this saying and I set out to break the tradition of cooking a big fat large meal for my first date because to be very honest, dogs sniff my cooked food and go away. So, I didn’t want my date to puke.

But, chocolate has been my first love… So, I could twin date… Sounds fun? I prayed to the God to let it be fun and not a disaster.

What I truly made was a floating flood of chocolate bathed sinfully in strawberry ice-cream. The hot lusty choclate touched the curves of the tall sender shapely glass as you could spot nothing but the black dark forest of chocolate love when you were holding the glass. Not only this, there was a big fat red cherry sitting like a hot handsome hunk on the top of the lusty ice cream that was bathing and kissing the chocolate.

There was no coffee, mind you. This was what made my first date dish special. I had melted thick Ferrero Rocher and dipped it straight in the glass letting the thick jet velvety chocolate take all its sweet time, kissing the rim of the glass. I had carefully sprinkled the wafers and the chips, yummmm, I had a hard time not licking the glass when decorating it and when the strawberry ice cream entered this sinful paradise, I all but melted in love with me.

Food had never looked so sensuous before. As two thick glasses stood in front of me, I looked at them like they were the definition of what paradise felt like. Sure, it s great to fall in love, but holy God, you should never underestimate chocolate. My boyfriend had some really stiff competition. Who can turn these down. Heck, who needed to be a cook. I could eat these damn things for breakfast lunch, after lunch, pre snack, snack, pre dinner, dinner, post dinner and yes I would get 30 may be 40 pounds fatter, but hey isn’t love supposed to be blind.. Shouldn’t my love love me even when I look like a hundred pounds muddled in one?

As I finally made the dish and stared at it, holy God I nearly kissed myself… I deserve self kisses… Smoking good and I could earn the master chef tag maybe because for someone who barely could cook water, I did an awesome-ly brilliant job.

Do I really need to tell you how floored my date was? He gobbled up my five hours of effort in a single bite but boy the expression on his face – he looked like dessert himself!

I did it finally… I had opened the lock to his heart and I had won over his stomach.

Chocolate, I will forever love you.

He told me later, ” I know you can’t cook a thing… So, even if you didn’t, I would have still loved you. However, if you promise to make me these, I am going to have to beg you for a first date every day”

And just like that, my tiny little heart grew three sizes fat and I licked the left over chocolate and whispered

First date with chocolate love, topped with strawberry delights and mighty wafers.. I think I couldn’t have asked for more because if you can have both chocolate and love together, you’re practically living a dream.

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19 comments on “My Chocolate Love Affair

  1. Santulan says:

    Waaait.. where is the pic of that dish? Where? Where? 😦


  2. Karan Sampat says:

    I could eat this daily…and I still wouldn’t gain the weight 😉 😛
    Great post..but yes..would love to taste your cooking sis (and hopefully not die too 😉 :P)


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