Sunsilk Natural Recharge- How It Helped My Bestie Stump Her Date

 I am not the prettiest of the lot, neither I am your chic stylist who will make you droll with her fashion sense, but somehow God gifted me with the knack of picking the good stuff and if there’s one thing about me that well is something I think is good enough, it has to be my long long hair. Okay, it isn’t really long, but it was looking good to write like that.


One of my dearest friend who is by the way superbly hot had a date. Well, she is one of those girls who has a date every weekend. So really nothing new about it, yet, this time the guy was a real cutie.. you know he looks like a hunk, even with his unshaven look… now, there are a very few guys who can pull that…


So, she called me up and told …look girlie, I need to tame my wild forest… got something to get me hair like you? The rest of me beats you badass, but I need your hair… figure you could cut yours and make me a wig?


Now, you really need to now my hottie friend to understand that she isn’t a bitch even when she is bitchy… so I called her at my home…


Being the generous one that I am, I gifted her my all new Sunsilk natural recharge shampoo along with the conditioner. I had received it from Indiblogger as a part of their review contest and though a part of my heart was a little agghh, but you know what best buddies are for…


So, gave it to her and told her to use it thrice a week until its date time.


Now, this friend of mine is very pretty… she will make men go weak in her knees but her Maggie curls… well, they get tangled, I asked her if I could post a pic of her wild knots, but she was like

“NOOO, you’re gonna toil with my social image… my photoshopped pictures on Facebook make me look like a princess 😛 and if people see my untamed forest, how many myth gonna break” 😀 😛


So, I cannot give you a real piccie here, yet nonetheless imagine yourself eating chowmien which isn’t cooked fully and thus they are a tangled mess going haywire and oh yes, don’t forget to add a stormy weather where things keep flying 😛 sorry bestie.. You know I just was giving the right picture.


So, she used my shampoo and the natural components meant there was no side effect… I was awaiting her call on Saturday morning and this is exactly what she had to tell to me

“Babbbyyyy, you won’t believe… I looked myself in the mirror and I would say the guy is gonna die today because of the way I look. I mean I alone can be arrested for global warming… so soo hot and my hair… I have practically been kissing them all the time and they are stained with my lipstick which means I am gonna wash it again… I owe you big time… fat fat kisses for you… hang up now bye.”


Yep, not a word from me apart from hello, but job well done.

Thank you Sunsilk.

This is a part of Sunsilk natural recharge review contest held at Indiblogger.



6 comments on “Sunsilk Natural Recharge- How It Helped My Bestie Stump Her Date

  1. Gill McGrath says:

    That’s pretty good!


  2. Karly says:

    That’s totally awesome!! You were an awesome friend to your bestie!!! And like you said, you may not be the big thing, making guys droll where ever you walk, (me neither lol) but you are still a masterpiece from God, and there’s no one else in the entire world like you!!!(unless you have an identical twin…lol😂)
    But hey, even though I only know what you looked like as a baby from your blog, “forever healthy” (such a cute baby picture by the way!!!), I think you are beautiful, because in your blogs, you show that beauty and kindness that comes from inside, and that’s all that matters in a person! 😉
    Keep smiling!! 😄


    • ashadeofpen says:

      aww mannn.. you’re such a sweetheart.. totally sweet ❤
      you're a blessing for your friends because you can make anyone feel pretty.. i will share a picture of me someday 🙂

      and i am so glad you enjoyed this post.. i am sure you would love helping out your friends too.. for someone so young, i love the vibrancy and love you have in you..

      so glad to have you over at my blog.
      you're the bright sunshine that makes me smile all the time 🙂


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