Love Happens And Stays

A part of Sunday Photo fiction hosted HERE

I looked 

You smiled

I smiled

You looked

We kept



In words

That others

Couldn’t hear

I looked 

You smiled

I smiled

You looked

We walked


For miles


Unaware of the roads,

We went on

And on

Until we reached

The place

Where there was 

Nothing ahead

I looked 

You smiled

I smiled

You looked

I said

You repeated.

We knew

What it meant


Till the VERY END


And we stayed

Right there

The sun rose

High Above 

The Mist spread


We looked at 

The horizon

And smiled

Our smiles


Even when you don’t want to



P.S. It isn’t the most graceful piece I have written but somehow this is what came from the pen as I saw the picture.. it felt like there were two people looking not at the sky and horizon but at the certainty of the uncertain future.


51 comments on “Love Happens And Stays

  1. Angela says:

    This is beautiful, and I do believe it is graceful. It speaks to me in footsteps – as if I am walking with the poem, with the people, on their journey and it’s rhythm reflects the heartbeats of love. “I” loved it 🙂


  2. Mitch says:

    I love how the short lines capture like you say the certainty of being together, whatever the future brings. Especially liked the part about ‘whispering in words that others couldn’t hear’, it’s brilliant.


    • ashadeofpen says:

      aww thank you.. i wasn’t sure about it.. i am verbose when it comes to poetry.. i like using a lot of words.. so i was sceptical if i did enough justice.

      so, many thanks for your wonderful compliment ❤


  3. I thought it had a beautiful see-saw melody to it and worked wonderfully.


  4. the guru says:

    Graceful is an understatement friend… This piece is GREAT!


  5. Al says:

    That’s a beautiful poem Shruti. I like the way you used the fog as two people looking at each other. Looking at each other and smiling says a lot in this 🙂 Great poem


  6. JMC813 says:

    This is wonderful Shade. Much better than you give credit for. I loved it.


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