Home Is Where The Heart Is

“Home is where the heart is.”

“Can home be a person and not a place?”

I have a beautiful collection of some of the best home quotes coz come to think of it, it is one place where I stay 24 x 7 and I don’t complain. I just love the feeling of being home and even the very thought of being away gives me the creeps. Yeah, am a big girl, independent and that, but talk of home… I feel three again.

Coming to the point, we all want to beautify our home. Don’t we? Imagine calling your friends for a pretty pink party (yep, we worship pink… it is THE GIRL SHADE after all) and when they compliment your beautiful home and the lovely decors, my height increases by a full four inches!! Lol definitely not literally or else I would be a ten feet giant by now because hey, I am not here to boast but my home is a little piece of wonder…!! ❤ ❤

Some pictures from my kingdom J







Okay, this isn’t really my home.. it is a”home model”.. clock-house as it is called.. gifted to my sister by her friends.. completely hand made.. but this is what the ideal home looks like in my opinion. Vibrant, full of colors and life!! 

When I talk about my home, I just tend to go astray as I am thinking of all these wonderful feelings and the emotions are the cocoon that spread all over me. But, I am a determined man… Once again, not literally… just to clear the doubts, I am a 23 year old girl, but it was just falling with the flow and it is a “home oriented” topic. So I could pretend to be Bradley Cooper or any other handsome green eyed man I may never meet! (Whispers. no cut that screams to herself, “could you for five holy minutes, stay on the topic.” Whispers back, “I can try but only if you could keep the conversation outside this blog… “okay, I will scratch the whole thing and just get started REALLY)

So, talking of home ideas… I suck at drawing, I suck at painting. I cant draw a straight line with a scale. Yep, pats on the back… lordy lordy achievement, I personally believe I should have a seat reserved in the Guinness book of records just because I can’t draw a line with a ruler (okay, I admit defeat, this is not going to be a full “home décor” post.. my mind is off to a thousand different directions)


Despite my ridiculous and pathetically sorry state of affairs with drawings, I am remarkable at home decor. What is that saying, when you lose something, God compensates with something else? It looks like it was God’s way of saying, “Child, I’ve got a little gift for you… play with your home and you’re gonna rock it”. Being the good kid that I am (yes, 23 years old, but sooo what!! Is there an age for being a kid?), I took up the gift and I make sure to use it in the best way I possibly can.


Now that I have finally realized that my words are not going to be much of help today, I will thrust some pictures right away.


Colors speak

I love the color splash by Asian Paints.. They have such a complete finish.. My entire home is splashed in their eclectic shades. Okay. Boys, If you’re reading this, take a step back… like literally a step back from your computer coz I am going to drench it in pink…. Pink, red, yellow and orange- these are all THE shades. I just friiging love colors… It just makes me happy. When you’re feeling down and out, you should enter a yellow, orange or even a pink room. I feel like the light opens inside your heart and makes you glow.

Okay. Boys you are probably going to feel the same way about blue or if you are lucky to have a girl with you, you can feel the glow just seeing her glow. So, take back that step again and be happy with pink, red, and yellow and orange.

bedroom colors

bedroom colors

bedroom colors


The common theme

We all love a theme, don’t we? It just makes us feel better about ourselves. It just feels good and I “pat myself on the back” as I have had numerous themes on my home and got accolades for all of it.

If you love “memories” you can put a stack of neatly arranged photo frames all across your home, in the rooms, on the stairs, in the hall, in your corridor and wherever it fits.  You can so choose family theme and have those absolutely gorgeous trees painted everywhere that can once again have pictures in it. I love it and I am planning to do it at my home… I have 21 people living under one roof so I might just have a garden instead of a tree.


Pamper it with love

Nothing is complete without the touch of love. Is it? Hell no. whatever theme you choose, make sure to kiss it with the kiss of love. Okay, grammar Nazis… use of the same word in a single sentence looks a little off. But, it is love and I can say, “I am in love with how lovely love is” and I would still be right, so back off all you little Nazis watching me with steely eyes.

Nothing is better than cozy home that is filled with the aroma of love. You can use any of these tips and if you have something better, please do no forget to tell me here. I will use it at my home and may be I am going to love it equally. I am desperate for new ideas as you must have already understood that my mind is a sorry state of affairs… so, gimme ur ideas and I will love them… even if you are not looking to share some, you could tell me how awesome I am… okay even how pathetic I am,. If you feel so… sob sob L I am not really a cry baby, but ouch feelings… today, something is definitely wrong with me… while I plan a visit to the doc, you can feel free to decorate your home kingdom and share with me, how you felt J

Some pretty pictures coz I am just THAT generous 😀



Till I addict you with another round of silly madness.


Shade (I was given this name by a very dear friend and I love it so much that I want to change it to my real name. Today, I am drugged. No, I don’t do drugs, just that I can’t stop. Thank god, no one can see me blogging.. I think I am soo funny and I’m cracking up and I know you didn’t even move your jaw once, but hey, I bet your home looks good. Mine does. Okay, STOP.. not you, I was telling that to myself!)

This post is a part of great ways to create a beautiful home blogger contest by Asian paints hosted in association with ripple links.



69 comments on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. Line says:

    Hihi, I love this post 😀 First of all it seems like you are high on caffeine and chocolate (like I am now), and secondly I feel like you are talking, not writing, like you are just saying everything you want without thinking that it should look like a good article, be grammatically correct or full of the right adjectives. Love it! I also love the photos, and yes, I am also one of the pinkies! I just adore pink! I was recently told by my mother and husband that I needed some different colored clothes, I have tooo much pink! My house is full of angels (figurines), colored glass, books, pink pillows and other colorful treats! 🙂 But recently I have been more into decorating my own interior, as in inside my head and heart. I think it is so important to also keep our inside beautiful, with colors, wonderful artwork, inspirational poetry,happy words and thoughts, special memories and secret dreams. I can literally close my eyes and see the most wonderfully magical world ever, and you know, that is the world we get to take with us when we go, so we should always keep it clean, tidy, beautiful and shining! 🙂 Such a lovely post this!! Thank you! And yes GO PINK! GO LOVE! 😀


    • ashadeofpen says:

      thank you so much for taking out time to type so much loveeee.. I love it whenever i hear from you.. it makes me feel.. I don’t know.. just so goood i guess,.. and yay we are the pink sistersss.. I worship pink.. I want to put more pictures in my home.. but my dad says it will be overdoing.. I have more than five in my own room..
      and thankie thankie for understanding why i was talkin so much to myself.. I want to get one chocolate NOW 🙂 🙂


  2. Kikibee says:

    Awesome! I love the vibrant colors 😀


  3. Reblogged this on snehafatehpuria18 and commented:
    seriously funny and yet wonderful 🙂


  4. Lol.. was funny.. and yes, the pictures and the colors and even the theme is cool 🙂


  5. Very nice..the home model was really inspiring ;)..liked it


  6. SS says:

    If I am going to paint my room any time sooner..I will consider bright colors and Asian paints 😀


  7. nikhil says:

    loved your post and Asian paints ..these pictures are really wonderful


  8. Lekhu says:

    Home is where the heart is..indeed..and the colors and themes seems to reflect just the same..:)


  9. VB says:

    liked the post..you are good with colors and so do Asian paints 🙂


  10. The Writer says:

    Goodness, I like to crack up like this too.. I could never fathom so much of humor in a home decor topic.. the ideas are good.. might just implement the tree concept 🙂


  11. Alex A. says:

    I am still laughing.. I think I am one like you.. talking more inside than outside and sometimes doing both.. I am not really much of a decor person, but I will take your ideas are pretty okay.. ha kidding.. more than okay 😀


  12. Irina, The Fashionista says:

    There are a lot of ideas swirling right now in my brain. I am not badly obsessed with pink, but I like it better than dull shades… No doubt, baby dolls love pink.. I just think it is a happy colour. My personal favourite is orange.. it is tangy and so in. Chic. good post.


  13. I’ve been away from blogging since a long time and now that I’ve come back.. I got treated to some really nice posts.. I seriously loved this post.. Home decoration is something I love.. so i can understand your enthusiasm.


  14. Reblogged this on exploringbeyondyou and commented:
    After a long time.. I loved reading this one SERIOUSLY.. 🙂


  15. I love this post.. I am going to reblog it.. Awesome colours.. I wonder how your real home really looks like 🙂


  16. Reblogged this on creativeexcellence and commented:
    This one is cool.. for all those who love colours, you are going to like this one


  17. rohit says:

    Lol.. I am laughing.. But there are a lot of ideas worth implementing.. I must do something to my home.. Paint it maybe..


    • ashadeofpen says:



  18. Amit N says:

    I love talking to myself.. It helps me get good advice.. Home decor is a healthy activity and I love asian paints.. They have good colour choices


  19. findemyself says:

    God.. So much of pink…. ?? I loved the orange shades.. I am gonna pick some ideas.. Good luck to you.. 🙂


  20. Alina says:

    I live away from home… And it sucks.. 😦 I keep looking forward to vacations… Yes, my heart yearns to be back amongst my loved ones..
    You know what i am soooo much in love with the orange and the pink theme…. Its gorgeous… Inspired by the awesome pictures.. Definitely going to consider Asian paints when i revamp my room back home 🙂


    • ashadeofpen says:

      awww.. I am sorry.. you’re a little sad because of it.. but I hope when you get back, you will love the feeling even more.. Orange, pink and yellow happen to be my fav shades too.. and yes Asian paints would jazz up your home 🙂


  21. ashadeofpen says:

    Reblogged this on A Shade Of Pen and commented:

    I’ve been getting a lot of responses by people asking me if i m sane.. Lol it makes me happy.. Here’s another ogf my post wher ei am pretty insane.. i want to know and hear from you as to what home decor ideas you use, and if I ma up to any good… With a heavy heart, I have to say.. you can also say if you don’t like pink.. 😉


  22. seanbidd says:

    Chāyā… Yellows, reds, oranges, and the more blue aspects to turquoise, their tints, their shades, the colours I find magical within lights, and dyes, their reflections. Home, might it be a relationship, a mix of relationships, all symbiotic in nature, connected in conversation, and belief. More than just a building, a place, person, or people, with so many states of change, and variables, an entity sometimes beyond description. For the most part, each of us is part of such a being in constant change, and perhaps growth. 🙂


    • ashadeofpen says:

      awww you are one person who never fails to amaze me… your imagination is so vivid that I am drawn so immensely../ A home is definitely much more than a piece of buildings.. it holds all our memories effortlessly for eternity 🙂


  23. Freaking awesome.. I am a fan of all shades.. even the dull ones.. the subtle ones and every freaking color… I can’t imagine life without color and your ideas ain’t half bad.. reblogging it right away.. thanks for sharing.


  24. Reblogged this on breakfromoffice and commented:
    I love this brilliant colorful post


  25. Anthony S says:

    Seriously? no, i mean so much fun. am i making sense? probably not. that’s what your post is.. but hey i mean in a good way.. the right spice of humor that makes even a home decor post soo soo exciting… I rally did like the ideas but for me the real winner was the picture of “your” home


  26. Chick Lit says:

    after a long time, I finally found something that made my day. Heading to my home and implementing some of these ideas right away. Great job done chick!


  27. Adam Sands says:

    I love it… love it so much… I am laughing real hard and I love the colors.. I am a fan of pink too but i even love dark shades and I AM A MAN


  28. P.T. Sana says:

    I love this post a lot. I am not a big fan of colours, but you make me wish I could try some.. Perhaps, I will like it too.


  29. Pooja says:

    I am delighted to see someone with the same love for colours as I do!. for a moment I thought, I am the only brainless one here. lol kidding. good points.


  30. Ankit says:

    I am so delighted I stumbled here.. I am in serious need of tips for my home and I am gonna pick few from here… will consider Asian paints too.


  31. Joe says:

    I really loved reading this.. it makes me happy to see such blabbering.. And definitely good choice of colors


  32. Prav says:

    It is good to read a light post with so many bright colors. lol. Nice pictures, I must say.


  33. laxmi says:

    i did like this one and that home of yours which isnt yours..god i love it soo muchhhh….


  34. ushakumari kandalloor says:



  35. ushakumari kandalloor says:

    SUPPARB അതിമനോഹരം


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