Frozen Splendor



I absolutely love writing with Hasty Words.. Apart from being such a gifted poet, she is a brilliant photographer and this picture is her click.



The beauty surrounds me

As I fall deeper within

The snow on the trees

Slowly melts

Warming my heart within


Each morning I walk by

Soaking up the beauty

Easily, peacefully offered

Speaking into me

Creating a soul of beauty


I stare at the surroundings

The heavenly falling snow

Creates the perfect picture

Of love and memories

And I crave to buried in the snow.


The sun shines its smile

Upon frozen water clinging

On every blade of grass

Upon every tree branch

Splendor leaves me clinging


How could you not smile

At such a stunning sight?

All my worries slowly evaporate

Into a thin mist of “nothing”

And all I do is behold the splendid sight

6 comments on “Frozen Splendor

  1. hastywords says:

    You sure have a way with beautiful words and acts of kindness. Thank you for being such a beautiful loving friend!!!!


  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Beautiful collaboration.


  3. Leah J's Word Trips says:

    Nice, yours and photo made the perfect blend of art


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