Those Were The Best Days Of My Life- The Ugly Depp Story

Those were the best days of my life“!! How often do you hear a song and somehow it reminds you of some of the best memories always. 
I guess most of you must have heard the hit song by Bryan Adams, “The summer of 69″!

The opening lines are my favorite part of the song for the simple reason that it always takes me back to some of the best moments I have shared with my closest bud and confidante- my dearest sister. She is just two years younger to me and it is no surprise that being the good girl I am, I patiently waited for her to grow up a little so that we could have our own very first and unforgettable MAKEUP SESSION. What!!???!! Girls love and die for makeup, so yes it is THAT big a deallll for us.


Coming back to some of the best memories that flash everytime Bryan Adams sings in my ears( lol, how I wish I meant that literally!!), I have too many gooodd ones. Okay some of them are badly embarrassing too and swear to God, if I put some of those “weird crazy moments pictures clicked on impulse“, my post will GO VIRAL.

Don’t be mistaken, I am not saying so because I think we looked freaking gorgeous. I am telling so because the pictures are so embarrassingly and outrageously funny that a lot of people may fall off their chairs. No, don’t get any ideas.. I am not insane to share those where we’ve eyeliners on our lips and yes believe it or not, we did apply LIPSTICK as EYESHADOW!!! C’mon don’t get judgmental.. My sister was just ten years of age at that time. Okay, I was nearly headed to my teen days, but my mum doesn’t really wears a lot of makeup and we were just itching to see WHAT MAKEUP FEELS LIKE. So, no pictures of those epic moments which makes us burst into mad fits of laughter.

mad fits of laughter

Talking of epic moments, I remember distinctly how I had to dress up for the big school event. Back in the days, it was a huge thing for us to get the chance to wear colored uniform to school. It was one day where everyone wanted to look posh, stylish, funky, smart, elegant, classy at the same time. I was desperately trying hard to find the best “formula” that could help me steal the stage.

I had picked a wonderful pink( WHAT????!!! I was a teenager and every girl dreams, lives, eats, sleeps pink!) dress for myself and I was utterly pleased with the way it fit me, but God my eyes and my face… Couldn’t God wait another day before making wonderful patterns on my fluffy face.

My sister saw me dejected and proudly told me,  “there is nothing that a concealer and a foundation can’t fix!” I smiled but my heart throbbed. I remembered our “lipstick on the eyes” episode that hadn’t happened a long time ago and little sister sensed the same too. Before long, we were both clutching our bellies, singing Bryan Adams song and wondering if we should have a makeup session AGAIN!!

I would have asked mum to help but I am sure she would have thought I will be going for a date and I had no intentions of sowing the wrong seeds in my ever so suspicious mind of beloved Mommy. So, well I had two options- either go out with the ugly patterned face or make a quick prayer and have a makeup session 2 with the hope that I don’t end up with lipstick on my forehead.

The second option though dangerous had to be chosen because my little sister was making puppy faces and reminding me of how I had vowed to TRUST her always. So, we actually prayed and the makeup began.

make up


It took two hours for my sister to smear the right amount of mascara, choose the best shade of lipstick which this time she duly applied on my chapped lips and the “PERFECT” amount of concealer to hide what she termed “IGLOO SKIN”.

I was not allowed to see the mirror because she wanted me to realllyyyy SEE the effect!! Before she was done, she told me she thought she had done a remarkable job!! When I asked what I looked like, she commented something I can never forget.

” You look like the sooo drool worthy handsome Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean!!!”

Jack Sparrow

Now, don’t get me wrong!! I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and I even loved the way he looked as Jack, but it isn’t the kind of look you want a girl to look like. With a racing heart, I stole a glance at the mirror AND….

MY SISTER WASN’T WRONG…. Staring from the mirror was a version of what Jack Sparrow would look like if he was a little more womanish, had some bushy eyebrows, was suffering from a little acne and well a hundred other embarrassing adjectives could be piled up!!!!

My sister gave me a sheepish grin and told the only makeup video she had seen on YouTube of late was that of Jack Sparrow!! If she would have told me before!! NO, I AM NOT SHARING THAT PICTURE AT ALL!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 However, I will share a picture I stumbled upon the internet. I am not saying I looked like that, but it wasn’t too far off either. LOL 😀

bad makeup

Regardless, it remains one of my favorite memory. I had to wash my face with Dove as it washed off my Johnny Depp makeup and I finally saw a makeup video meant for girls and dabbed a little of it. No, I wasn’t the most gorgeous of the lot, but I was the most popular one because apparently my Johnny Depp story turned out to be the talk of the town!!!

laugh out loud

I have a lot of pictures of my UGLY DEPP look, but once again am not gonna share that because hello, I don’t want to kill people by making them fall off their chairs. 
Thanks to Dove, I didn’t had to head school dressed as UGLY DEPP, but yes I can proudly say,


Makeup sessions are always epic because they have so many moments sealed into them… Today, I no longer need help putting on a makeup but the thrill of wearing it the first time is still deeply etched in my memory…. 

What’s your makeup story?

The video embedded because I am reliving my epic “first” makeup moments all over again.

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3 comments on “Those Were The Best Days Of My Life- The Ugly Depp Story

  1. Ragini Puri says:

    This post was so much fun! Enjoyed reading every bit! And the photos you have added to the write-up just jazz the whole thing up! Brilliant! 🙂


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