Importance Of Color Play In The Bedroom

bedroom colors

I LOVE colors- all of them. Well almost, except for gray. I don’t know why but gray seems to be so colorless to me- it looks like someone just snapped life out of the color whenever I see a gray undertone. However, this is my own personal opinion.

When it comes to colors in bedrooms, I get so excited because I believe that it is the colors that will truly jazz up the room and give it the right touch of personality and your own special tinges. I would love to have my bedroom drenched in tangy pink (What?? Some men get so scared at the mention of pink bedrooms. C’mon “man” up, it is a COLOR after all!!)

bedroom color

Okay, if you have to share a bedroom as you are married and you really do not want your man to feel uneasy (I still don’t get it what is it with men and pink :-P), I believe you can use red. What, at least red is classy and not TOTALLIE girlie? Look at this red room? Which man will not like to stay here (what, did you just say NO? 😀 )

bedroom colors

Well, different people have different opinion and I am not here to force mine. I have a wild taste when it comes to color and I like shades like red, pink and even yellow. My own room is beautifully draped in yellow. Unlike what you may believe at the moment, I do not stay in a pink room, but hey I could, I’ve got no objections.

bedroom colors

Colors are extremely crucial in a bedroom because they truly set your place apart and give it the touch of finesse. If you believe in color therapy, you will find that the type of colors you surround yourself with can impact your behavioral patterns.

It is believed yellow and orange keeps away depression. Red can increase temper and comes in handy for those who suffer from troubles of low blood pressure. Blue on the other hand acts antagonistic to red and soothes down increasing levels of temper.

Regardless of whether or not, you believe in color therapy, you should color your bedroom. If you have flair for colors and like me, you love almost all shades (except gray, okay you may love gray too :D); you can opt for a color splash. It looks fabulous and the next time, my room will be painted, I am going to stick to this theme.

bedroom colors

I can never have enough of colors. What color is your bedroom? Tell me, may be I will love it too much and color mine the same too. Okay, even if you have a gray room, you can still recommend. 😛

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11 comments on “Importance Of Color Play In The Bedroom

  1. the guru says:

    I like this post, detailed and you still remembered to bash me.. Thanks shade, I’ll also make you a post… and by that I mean you should be calling the cops.


  2. Barbara352 says:

    Grey is a bit dull and is for sadistic pleasure! You look cheerful and lively so I understand why you don’t like grey 🙂
    I went for red after my marriage ( not PINK) because I think it is a color for love and passion: romance for certain. Well thanks for sharing this post. Lovely and detailed!


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