The “Platinum” Moment(s) Of Love

As I stare at the morning sun,
I absently put my hands on the bed
Hoping you will entwine them in yours
And murmur words that will tingle my heart
Yet no hands entwine my lonely fingers
No touch tingles my throbbing heart
Silently, I pray for your safety
Slowly, I slip down to relive the beautiful past

sad alone love true love cute girls missing waiting wallpapers (3)

Standing amidst thick lush of green
I was a total mess
I was lost in the meandering forest
And I was scared to even look ahead

From the clearing, I heard a voice
I sprang up and screamed louder than I could
Fearing that an animal was on the prowl
I thought I couldn’t escape alive


Fearing an extremely dangerous animal
I kept screaming, shrieking and shouting
However, the sight that appeared in front of me
Silenced and stunned me even more

Such a beautiful face was never seen
I was speechless and shocked from within
My world came crashing and I tumbled hard
I couldn’t hold to my senses anymore

Too many romance books I had read
Too many dreams I had lived
I had a hundred versions of my moment of love
And yet nothing came close to what I felt

My heart wasn’t just beating anymore
It blasted and then missed a few beats
I couldn’t care if an animal devoured me now
Because all I could do was stare at the man
Who was now the reason of my smile


You measured me from top to bottom
You didn’t know what to make of me
My hair was a complete mess
And looked like a riot went wild
My eyes were smeared and looked puffy
As so many times, I had cried that night
And yet, my eyes were popping and staring at you
And you failed to understand what is amiss

You came near and told me to calm down
You spoke something that my ears didn’t hear
I was so busy planning our future times
I didn’t even hear what the present told

I gave an extremely sheepish smile
And I looked at you with my puppy eyes
Finally, something stirred inside of you too
As I heard you exclaiming, “Geez Trouble begins”

I whispered, “I am not always such a mess
I too have my own prime
My hair is generally smoothly combed
And my eyes, well they have seen better times”.

You smiled and then laughed out loud
You stared at me like I meant the world
My foolish heart started thinking of things
That made me sigh dreamily

free fall

“I am on duty and I never entertain
Things that mess my heart
For me, nothing comes before the duty I perform
And yet, I am finding it hard to stick
To the rules I am so proud of following always.
I badly want to talk for endless hours
Although, your eyes have seen better times
I somehow love the mess they are
Although, your hair is generally combed
I love the wild tangles and the forest they are
I have never seen someone take over my heart
So fully in such a short time
I have never met someone who 
Made me crazy even with wild hair and messed eyes
Your face will be the one I will
See when my eyes close
Your laughter will be the sound I will
Hear when I am dreaming in the night
This conversation is the one I will
Repeat when I am lying alone in my bed

I do not know when I will meet you next
I have to leave for my assignment today
I do not promise to be with you till endless times
But I promise to be there for you as long as I am alive

I will leave now
But I want you to have these
They are a part of my heritage
The ring shall bind me to you
I always carried them with me
Because they were given to me by my mum
She told that a day I will meet the one
Who will capture my heart instantly
And yet when duty calls and I won’t have time
It is the ring that will seal the bond
That connects one heart with the other


I hereby propose you to be mine
And I shall be yours for all my life
My duty will take me to places dark
And yet your love will push me back
I want to walk with you the rest of my life,
I know we’ve just met, but will you be my wife?”

I pinched myself not once but twice
Could dreams so easily become alive
I had been dreaming of a perfect prince
And you are the dream that I always dreamed
With platinum rings to fulfill my wish
I truly want to be your wife

I will wait as long as I can
The ring will speak of the only time
We have ever met
And yet it shall speak of the promises
We’ve made to each other

Now, when you are at places dark
Fighting terrible times and saving souls
The love sealed in the contour of our rings
Will breathe life in your veins 
And give you the much needed push
Love conquers the deepest valleys
And my love will always be with you
I will be your mate in all walks of life,
Yes, baby I will be your wife.


Alone in my little bed,
I touch my platinum ring
The ring shines and so does my love
A smile curves on my lips
I feel your heart throb inside of me
And I know you are thinking of me too

As I silently wish to see your face
I wonder of the good times ahead
Unaware of when and how, I fall asleep

A huge noise wakes me up
Startled, I open my eyes 
To hear you screaming, “I am back, my wife.
With my final duty rightfully served,
I am here to stay with you
Today, once again, I will gift you our rings
And now I promise you forever
Nothing will separate the two of us
Forever united, we will stay
I’ll be yours, come what may


Singing the songs of love yet again
We exchange rings and seal our vows
I smile and thank Lord for gifting me a tale
That makes me fall a little more in love every day

I tightly clasp my ring
I breathe my love into it
With two beautiful moments of love
They now shine with a glimmer
That wets my eyes with joy

It has been truly said..

Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairytale… 🙂


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16 comments on “The “Platinum” Moment(s) Of Love

  1. Praveena says:

    Sruti,It’s an awesome poem,very beautifully written !!!!


  2. Rahul Ranjan says:

    Beautiful poem and its decorated lovingly !!


  3. Rekha says:

    Very beautifully penned. 🙂


  4. bhumzdan says:

    WOW! Amazing poem, amazing colours and amazing photos! 🙂
    All the best for the contest!
    Do read and vote for my entry too! 🙂


  5. ashadeofpen says:

    Reblogged this on A Shade Of Pen and commented:

    I just feel so connected with this one.. 🙂


  6. This piece is very detailed and epic Shruti. My favourite bits were the interludes with the messy hair. This has a very powerful underlying story and it is told in a relaxed, confident way – I enjoyed it right to the end. Touching and magnificent.


  7. sudharsan says:

    Reblogged this on Sudharsan @ viruvasan and commented:
    Another epic from A shade of pen. Loved it 🙂


  8. sudharsan says:

    WoW! this is too romantic & beautifully penned. Loved it from top to bottom. can’t resist myself from reblogging it.


  9. Sejal Parikh says:

    Its beautiful!!


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