I Explored.. To Conquer

I vividly recall the times
When I walked for endless miles
I wanted to see what lies beyond
The realm of my reach
I never thought I would go so far
I didn’t knew what I would gain
Will I be happier to know
What it feels to travel such lanes

To faraway lands I reached
The place had an eerie bliss
With blossoming flowers that spread
The casting glow on the roads
I was caught admiring
The beauty that the place evoked


The journey remains the best I had
The high rising mountains and the peaceful land
The deep gorge that ran in between
Never before I had seen
What it felt to feel the peace
And to be in sync with harmony and bliss

With no more worries to cloud my mind
The journey has cleared my sight
The break of dawn brings the light
That ends the darkness of the night
No truth is truer than life
What is born has to die
The beautiful flowers have withered now
And the place both smiles and weep

It smiles at the sight of new life
And weeps for the ones it left behind
Standing in the cradle of life
I trace the journey so far
So many lessons I have learnt
Yet so many remain
I will walk till the end of times
To explore the one that lives inside
The biggest journey that we ever take
Is the one where we reach the soul

Nature touches the deepest chords
For the journey, I thank the Lord

I have traveled numerous miles
And every mile brings a smile
Β melody flows inside

This post is a part of I Am Explorer contest atΒ Indiblogger. The contest in turn is inspired by Tata Safari Storm Explorer, one of the most stunning power driven car. Follow the link to reach the same.

Image source: Google Images


10 comments on “I Explored.. To Conquer

  1. Wonderful! You find inspiration in your journeys πŸ™‚


  2. Elizabeth Mendiola says:

    I loved reading this, thank you ~


  3. raginipuri says:

    Lovely verses…beautifully composed. πŸ™‚


  4. Bushra says:

    Lovely poem Shruti… Loved reading it!


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