The Choice


There are a hundred reasons

For me to leave

Not a single reason

Forces me to stay

And yet I look at 

The lanes 

The memories they hold

The dreams I saw

The promises I made

And the hurt I felt

And a smile curves on my lips

Because there was never a decision

That I had to make

In my heart 

I always knew

I am forever

Going to stay

20 comments on “The Choice

  1. Chit chat …..yes relieves me a lot…..there is no bigger pull and push in life than memories, very simple to read and understand, lovely piece.


  2. lisaelskerarvid says:



  3. seanbidd says:

    Where the trees unfurl their leaves by the water’s edge 🙂 where the boats of plenty, gather on the ebbing tide 🙂


    • ashadeofpen says:

      now this is a befitting line to begin a duet.. 🙂


      • seanbidd says:

        Where the trees unfurl their leaves by the water’s edge, where the boats of plenty, gather on the ebbing tide. You can hear her song, A voice to the water’s music, as she sits upon the sun drenched earth, Penning lines clothed in a watered silk verse, While small breezes swirl their dance just beyond her feet, Where the final page, it catches on the wind, Taking flight lifting up above the rippling air, Out across the water as a sail to the sun, Her giving chase as her feet stumble through the water, To catch the paper sail as she slips beneath the blue, Holding high aloft her words to the morning weather, When her feet raise her up above her reflection, Clung close to by the liquid blue, To wade her way to the warmth of shore, Once more to pen, rest, wait to dry, a few final words to the morning’s rays 🙂

        Share how it begins, show us what happens between the lines above, and take our hand to deliver us a close, beyond the sight above. 🙂


      • ashadeofpen says:

        you amaze me Sean always… will you mind if i copy whole of it.. add some of my lines in b/w and post it as a duet after running it by you..?


      • seanbidd says:

        Sure, go ahead..


      • ashadeofpen says:

        will do it SOON 🙂


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