Trust Me… I Love You

Written by Hasty Words and myself. She is so pretty that I dedicated the first set of lines to her and it flew from there..

When I gaze at the depth

Lying in your beautiful eyes

I am overwhelmed by the power

That your beauty has on my mind



Your soul dances forward

And gently takes my hand

Leading me into the sunshine

You find me a warm place to stand


I keep beholding your perfect stance

As my heart jumps in its place

I connect with you on various levels

I wish we could always together travel

 together travel

I hold on to you for dear life

Afraid of losing my own

I trust you to carry me

In the comfort of your arms


Your trust I shall forever keep

I promise not to let you down

Even when your world is enveloped in darkness

I will be the star in your every night



Close your tired eyes, rest your weary body

I will keep close watch over your entirety

Trust me to love you until the end of days

Because we mimic light and darks loving ways


19 comments on “Trust Me… I Love You

  1. Beautiful, you two! and the images are beautiful too. (:


  2. Alastair says:

    I love what you two have done together with this


  3. Hollie Boyson says:

    I love this.


  4. ClownPonders says:

    This is brilliant!


  5. seanbidd says:

    In the times high above the snowline, where the mountains venture up above. To the valleys deep with their darkest dells. Trust flows fluid as a mountain river, cool, and calm flowing fast. Seeking out the sun warmth of valleys, down through the forests of green. Making life in connections, the love of the River to the Sea. That’s what came to mind, Shade the River, and Hasty the Sea, where love resides in harmony, within the lines passing by, where life dances in the dappled sunlight, brave so full in peace, so full of life…


  6. eleni says:

    Congrats to both of you…! Lovely.


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