Hate Growing Up

Why the rules need to change?
Why the world has to alter?
Why can’t I be just the same?
Why do I hate to grow?

hate to grow

I knew the road ahead would test me through
I knew I will be blinded by moments of pain
I knew the sun will still shine again
Yet, Why do I hate to grow?
hate to grow
I want to be the carefree child
I want to be forever young
I want to steer clear of worries
And so I hate to grow

The world brings down my whimsical wishes
The world tires me with its growing demand
The world ties too many shackles on my free spirit
Is this why I hate to grow?

Why should I do what others have done?
Why can’t I carve a league of my own?
Why are the rules so made?
Oh Lord, say Why do I hate to grow?
hate to grow
Everyday I grow a little more
Everyday weakens my resolve
Everyday brings me near to testing times
And everyday I hate to grow

I see life through my own lens
There are colors, deep and bright
May be the rules are not so bad
But, still I hate to grow

hate to grow

What if I refuse to be chained by rules?
What if I do not walk the chosen road?
What if I take a different turn?
Will I still hate to grow?

Jumbled and locked in all these thoughts,
I hear a laugh..hollow and coarse
It mocks at my foolishness and hisses
Alas you have already grown!

You may hate the roads ahead
You may not like the rules we made
You still can call your own cards
But you have already grown 
hate to grow
I smile as for the first time
The answer smoothly comes to me
Hating to grow served no use
So, I grow everyday to be a kid again 🙂

hate to grow

18 comments on “Hate Growing Up

  1. lisaelskerarvid says:

    Så nydelig😃


  2. lisaelskerarvid says:

    💞Blir tom for ord😃 veldig veldig vakkert😊💖


  3. bless you in your transition, you are learning something and reminding us….too…..thank you for your soft gentle heart…


  4. BeWithUs says:

    That’s the beauty of Mother Nature, my friend…without growing up, you will be losing a lot of other things…for example, the wisdom in how to still be ‘carefree’ in the process of growing up…hehhe…

    Enjoy your celebration…a few more days to go and one more year to be added…Cheers!! 😀


  5. […] you there In a place of mine, you will never be gone   Written by A Shade of Pen & Tryst Visit Shruti at A Shade of Pen by following the link provided   ***** ღ    ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication   […]


  6. I love the words you write… little darling… XOXO


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