Answering Questions

For the first time, I am doing a duet with Shaun Gibson…A Scottish who rolls his humor time and again and his poetic brilliance left me dazzled. He is the one who can inspire a lot of folks. Do head to his blog. Also, this post is a part of blog anniversary celebration for a dearest blog buddy Hasty Words. She is an angel too.


Like many I came and went

I made a promise I should have not

I will only try my best to give this a shot

So I write this, I hope you say you got

As friendship grows through words and hope


You said you came and went

But why didn’t you come to me?

Were you scared of seeing me in the eye

Or is this another one of your lie?


Space and time keep us apart

Time came and went and here I am

In our hearts the truth does lay

For this I know I need not pray

 waiting for you

Yes, it is my heart that I trusted;

when it came to you

It is my heart who told;

someday, he will be back for you


So, now that you are you here, will you stay?

Or, once again, you would go back to your way? 

 girl in pain

My ways are mine and cannot change

Your way are yours and are not strange

I try my best to stay in line

For you  I hope I do just fine


Never the one to bend the rules,

You are shady with the words you use

The heart urges me to trust again

While my mind whispers “it’s all in vain”


Through all my troubles and my pain

I always try to give to others, the same

Love is love, it truly is. Really it is that simple

So I guess for now, I will refrain from pain

And live my life like you, always the same

 thinking alike

This time your words touch me deep

My heart is urging me to take the leap

No matter where the roads take us

No matter, what the end would be 

I will choose the beautiful “now” to be with you

Let’s start our story-fresh and new

new start


21 comments on “Answering Questions

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    Like it..
    Pictures add to it..

    And Hi to Hasty Words

    Shaun x


  2. hastywords says:

    I really loved this!!!! Thank you for celebrating with me beautiful friend!!!!!


  3. Great work dear. Its very deep and thoughtful too. So sweet. Keep up the good work ok.


  4. seanbidd says:

    Like the weaving of word and imagery, and the place the lines travel… A top piece..


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