The Train

A duet by Jen Lefever aka Think Speak Tryst. She is a charmer and she came up with this amazing concept of moving ahead and having a story cum verse..Do head to her wonderful site to take a slice of mesmerizing and artistic writings.
Blinded by a blur
Of many shades of green
With my heart left open
For all to see
Moving forward, not looking back I am leaving the town
For my next chapter
I boarded the train
Leaving my tears on the street
Looking out beyond what my eyes can see
Something different, time to breathe I have left happy times behind
I look back at those times
With longingness rooted in my eyes
I loved to be what I was
But, how long could I live in the past
So, bidding goodbye to all regrets Here, I am walking ahead
I have hopes and yet I am scared
Will a new step take me to places I would love
Or will my soul remain locked in lanes of yesterday?
Crushed, like the
Velvet in the seats
I hold my regrets
This one last time
Perplexed by the reality
I am leaving behind

Forgiveness, oh, how I wish

Things could only be so easy
As the train pulls me forward
One by one, I release my memories
Looking out the window

I touch my finger tips to the cold glass window

With the blur of the world
Moving behind the palm of my hand
endless summerBack and forth in time I go
As the train lurches me forward
I try hopelessly to free myself from the shackles of yesterday
Tomorrow a new sun will rise
And with it, the endless nights would end
Unaware of what my future would be,
I can’t help but smile
Because the thrill of a new ride
Was always enough to keep me alive
Finally, I have reached a new land
As I step down, I am amazed at the view
So many things are same..and yet they all feel so new

Β a new start
Looking ahead
Elements surrounding me
Laughing at my fear of yesterday
Embracing the fact that
I am here for a reason…
I am here for a reason…
Leaving you with things left still
To the imagining mind.
dreams turn real
Written by A Shade Of Pen & Tryst

33 comments on “The Train

  1. Oh I just love this one!! (( running around… crazy morning… can’t wait to post mine!!)) I β™₯ you!! Xoxo


  2. New background…new poem…but one thing stays the same-the awesomeness!! πŸ˜€


  3. […] Miss Tryst. We hope you enjoy… and take something from it, as we did writing it. Visit A Shade Of Pen to see more from my darling Shruti. I am truly grateful that my life has connected with hers β™‘ Β  […]


  4. lisaelskerarvid says:

    πŸ˜ƒ Du skriver sΓ₯ nydelig kjΓ¦reπŸ’– mitt hjerte banker. Jeg lever meg inn i det du skriver og det er bare fantastisk vakkertπŸ’– blir tom for ordπŸ’

    You write so beautifully \ud83d\ude03 kjΓ¦re\ud83d\udc96 my heart throbs. I live for me into what you write, and it’s just wonderful being vakkert\ud83d\udc96 out of ord\ud83d\udc9dπŸ˜ƒπŸ’–πŸ˜ƒ mange klemmer og kjΓ¦rlighet sender jeg degπŸ’–

    many hugs and love I send you;)


  5. lisaelskerarvid says:

    Har nominert deg til shine on awardπŸ’–


  6. […] A Shade of Pen and Think.Speak.Tryst. – The Train […]


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