In Search Of My Soul…

I hum a pretty song..I call your name…
Its been a while since I was so happy before..
There have been a lot on my mind of late..
And yet every time I think of you, a silly smile escapes…

You make me do things I never could..
You own the very beat of my heart..
You have the key to my soul..
Every moment I long to be with you..because you make me whole…

Its been a year since you bade me goodbye..
I have been waiting you for you at the same path…
I know one day you will be back..
And the hope of the day makes me smile..

dreams turn real

I will play with the locks of your hair..
I will study the lines on your face..
They say it hurts to be broken in love..
But I do not understand how love breaks…

There is no undoing of falling in love…
I loved your face even when you bade goodbye..
I smiled even when you were leaving..
Because how do you hate the man who taught you love…
Dare I
Every day, I wish you would come back..
I would ask no questions..
I would take you back the way you left..
We will start right away..smiling, laughing and being together…

I have no complains..
Love has given me the power to hope
No matter whom you meet…
My love will bring you back…

With my heart tucked closely with yours…
You will feel the echo of my happiness..
As the clock keeps ticking by..
The love shall only grow strong..

As I chirp our happy songs..
A name calls me out…
I turn around and fly through the woods..
Falling for you
Standing at the end of the road..
I see a hazy outline..
Skepticism and shame plays around in the eyes I loved…
I bridge the gap and marvel at the love of my life…

“It has been one year since I left you…
Never did a day pass by..when I could drive you from my mind..
I was crowded among a world of pretty faces
and yet my eyes scanned the crowd for you…
A million beauties threw themselves at my feet..
And yet daily I devoured on the memories I had stolen
From the times that we spent oblivious of the world..

I was a fool to stay apart so long..
I went out to find my own soul..
Unaware..unknown that
I was walking the wrong path…

I had given you my soul…
And I was searching it everywhere…
Every step that Β I took away from you…
I only added to my woes…

It took me so long to find my soul…
The time that we spent apart..makes me love you more…
Will you take me back..will you make me whole..
Can you help me recover my soul…”

love you

I do not bat an eyelid..I do not speak a word…
Caught in the words…lost in the moment..
Yes, I always knew I had your soul…
I kept it close to me..I loved you even more..

I waited every single day..I hummed your name..

I knew you would come to fulfill the song of my soul..

Here you are…making me whole..
Ask no question…claim that which was always yours…
i love you
I never believed in heart breaks..
My heart never broke..because it was no longer mine..
When you bid me goodbye..I wrapped it for you..
And kept humming the tone of happy times..

My song reached out to you in faraway land..
Our heart beats in symphony today and will do so forever…
Leave away the skepticism…I am always yours..
Break my what you will
And still nothing can change the way I feel

I would have waited for a lifetime..
For one moment of togetherness…
And now that you have called me your soul..
I seek no more…

“How can you love so deep..?
Don’t you hate me for breaking my vows..?
I left you wandering alone in the woods
And yet you love me more than you should..!”

once again
I hum a pretty song..I call your name..
Love is always meant to last…
I am elated that you found me back..
However, if you have found some other soul…
I still would have been in love with you…

always in love

The love you gave me in days we were close
had enough power to keep me whole…
I have no regrets…I have no pains…

Because every time I look at you…
I helplessly fall in love all over again…!!

In love

Give love a chance to grow

37 comments on “In Search Of My Soul…

  1. Delighted to be following your blog. Clarabelle


  2. BeWithUs says:

    Awwww….beautiful, my friend…keep up with all these good writings~ Cheers!!!! πŸ˜€


  3. Rahburt says:

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award here: No pressure on completing the requirements. It’s more about me letting you know I appreciate your blog and you supporting mine πŸ™‚


  4. ajaytao2010 says:

    Shruti again you have done it, beautiful exceptionally beautiful yet so simple.

    natters of the heart are always simple


  5. ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you in for an award,
    please choose any one of them

    please accept and oblige


  6. mkesling63m says:

    I nominated you for the dragons loyality award. PLease see my post on it.


  7. I cried, that was so good….


  8. How wonderful to have a happy ending, instead of another sad poem. Good show!


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  10. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Best Moment blog award. Congratulations, and keep the great posts coming!


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